Pros And Cons Of Renting An Unfurnished Property For Tenants

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Pros And Cons Of Renting An Unfurnished Property For Tenants

Aug 01, 2022

When you decide to relocate and start looking for a rental house, you basically come across two types of properties – furnished and unfurnished. People often prefer to move to an unfurnished place because it is always more affordable, but sometime it might not be the correct choice for the tenant. So you need to be very careful when taking the decision.

Many people hire professional removalists Brisbane to make the relocation easier. However, moving into a property that doesn’t match your requirements can lead to chaos after the relocation.

So, before making a decision, you should know the advantages as well as the drawbacks of moving into a property that is not furnished. Then only you will be able to make the right decision. Knowing the difference becomes even more important when your move out of the home for the first time.

Read on to know the pros and cons of renting an unfurnished property for tenants.

Pros of Renting an Unfurnished Property

Many tenants prefer to move into an unfurnished rental property for the following reasons.

Rent is Affordable

Despite the fact that furnished houses can be convenient, landlords often charge a higher rent for them. Additionally, since landlords want to reduce the costs associated with potential tenant damage, the security deposit for a furnished property is also likely to be higher. So, opting for unfurnished property can help you to save money on your rent, particularly when you are on a tight budget.

You Can Personalise the Space

Sometimes, the interior design tastes of you and your landlords could be poles apart. So, if you rent an unfurnished property, you can arrange and position your belongings the way you want.

Do not forget about the peace of mind that comes with having your own furniture. After all, you don’t know how the previous tenants have used the couch or the mattress. It is one of the common things people forget while relocating.

Increase the Chance of Bond Money Refund

There is less possibility of damaging belongings when there are fewer of them in a rental house. If you break a chair accidentally or your dog wrecks a sofa, the property owner will hold you responsible.

As a result, the cost of any repairs or replacements will be deducted from your bond money. So, renting an unfurnished apartment will guarantee that you get your security deposit back with the least amount of concern.

Appropriate for Long Term

Tenants who want to start a family or settle down in a city prefer unfurnished properties because they plan for the long term. If you own your furniture, you know how stressful it can be to move them.

Therefore, renting for an extended period of time is more convenient. As most property owners like the consistency that comes with dependable tenants, this is also an excellent method to save a little extra money when renting. You can always negotiate for cheaper rent. If you are planning to relocate economically, look for a budget removals company in Brisbane, QLD.

Cons of Renting an Unfurnished Property

Renting an unfurnished property can be economical, but it also has some disadvantages. Always keep in mind the following drawbacks:

Furnishing is Costly

If you don’t already have your own furnishings, you’ll need to stretch your budget for this extra cost. For first-time renters, this might be particularly expensive since you already have to submit deposit money.

Although you can find affordable furniture at local markets, finding a good deal can be time-consuming. Even if you already have the necessities, you can discover that you still require additional chairs or a sofa.

It Might not Have Appliances

Unfurnished apartments frequently come with carpets, curtains, kitchen and bathroom fittings, and significant equipment like a fridge and oven. Appliances, however, aren’t usually the standard, so you might find that your unfurnished rental is also missing necessities like a microwave or a washing machine.

So, when selecting a property, make sure you check what is truly included in the rent. Overlooking it is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving house urgently.

Lack of flexibility

If you are a student or a professional working somewhere temporarily and need to move frequently, unfurnished apartments are not the ideal option. If you need to leave quickly, it may also cause problems. The furniture itself may be a further problem.

Even if you find a cheap place in an excellent location, there is no guarantee that the place will have enough room for all of your belongings.

Relocation becomes complicated

Moving furniture while relocating to a new location might be difficult. If you are unable to move on your own, then you will have to hire the best removalists Brisbane, which will raise the budget.

If you live in a high-rise building and have to carry your couch up the stairs, setting up your home can be difficult. Additionally, you must decide whether to sell your furniture or retain it in a storage facility. Your moving budget and timetable will both be impacted.

Take Away

Deciding whether to move into an unfurnished property or not can be very stressful for a tenant. However, you can reduce your stress a lot if you know your requirements and your budget. So, the next time you decide to move, consider the benefits and drawbacks of renting an unfurnished property that is mentioned above.