The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving To A New House

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving To A New House

Feb 02, 2021

Moving for the first time is a life-changing experience for most people and often a very exhausting one. Understandably you can feel overwhelmed and stressed, considering a swarm of moving-related information is available on the internet, and many people around you give unsolicited advice.

Moving is not easy, and it requires you to perform a variety of tasks simultaneously, even if you hire the best removalists in Brisbane. Thus, the chances of making mistakes are high, and you can forget to do necessary things due to stress. To manage your move smoothly and without any delay, it is important you are aware of the things to do and mistakes to avoid.

Outlined below are the do’s and don’ts of moving to a new home, have a look to make your relocation process easier and faster.

Don’t Pay the Bond without Lease Contract & Original Condition Report

Renting a new house or apartment is exciting and a new start, but you have to pay attention to certain things to avoid getting scammed or have problems while ending your tenancy. Ensure you only pay the bond when the landlord gives you the lease agreement and shares the original condition report of the property. What’s more, don’t hesitate to edit or correct the original condition report if you have paid the bond and the landlord shall accept them after consideration.

Book Removalists Early

To avail the services of the best removalists in Brisbane, it is imperative to shortlist the companies you wish to hire and make the booking early, especially if you are moving during the peak season. Book removalists in-advance to get an early-bird discount and get the company’s most experienced removalists to move your belongings on your chosen dates.

The later you book the removalists, the less will be the availability of good removalists in Brisbane, and you may have to pay extra.

Don’t Procrastinate Decluttering and Packing

Packing is a gradual process that can take weeks if you aren’t taking the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane. Therefore, don’t procrastinate decluttering your belongings and packing them. Any moving-related task performed in a hurry causes stress, and there is an increased risk of mistakes.

Start the process of packing as early as possible by wrapping/boxing and labelling things according to usage and importance. Also, get the right packing supplies to manage this activity without any hassle or delay.

Create and Follow a Moving checklist

Streamline your moving-related tasks and perform them as per urgency and importance by creating and following a moving checklist. It will help you remember tasks, avoid delays, and reduce a lot of stress. Following a checklist is a practice even experienced removalists in Brisbane implement to get things done quickly and avoid the hassle.

You can get a pre-made moving checklist online, use an application or create your checklist using any traditional or digital medium of choice.

Don’t Be Unprepared When Removalists Arrive

Make sure you are ready to move your belongings and go to the new house/apartment on the day the removalists arrive. Being prepared on the moving day is necessary to avoid delays and cause problems for your hired removalists in Brisbane. Do the following things to have everything sorted before the professionals come.

• Keep your essential kit on hand
• Inspect packed boxes and labels a day before to ensure nothing is missing
• Keep your landlord informed about the moving day
• Ensure the booked end of lease cleaners are set for coming after you move out
• Remember to return the keys as discussed with your property manager.

Get Rest and Sleep before the Moving Day

Getting your belongings transported without any damage or loss of items is a big stressor for most people. It can cause headaches, tiredness, irritability and many other physical and psychological issues. Therefore, it is essential you get proper rest and at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep before the moving day to be fresh and ready for the journey.

Moving when you are sleep-deprived causes cognitive problems and even makes you sluggish. You can feel overwhelmed and worry unnecessarily when you are exhausted and don’t have proper relaxation.

Ensure Utilities are Set Up at New House

Make arrangement for electricity, water, gas, and internet at the new house before you and your family arrives at it. It is easier, comfortable and faster to settle in an establishment that has basic amenities set up.

Ensure you have updated your address with your preferred utility service providers or gotten new connections as per requirement. Additionally, make sure your previous home’s connections are discontinued, and you get the last bill at your new address.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a hectic and draining process that causes physical and mental exhaustion even when you take the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane. Often people feel confused and overwhelmed as a host of tasks must be completed within a stipulated time. Therefore, it helps if you know the do’s and don’ts of moving to a new house, as mentioned above. Follow this guide to manage your move without any hassle or stress.