Top 5 Packing Strategies For A Smooth Move

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A women packing items in a cardboard box

Top 5 Packing Strategies For A Smooth Move

Aug 22, 2018

Have you ever prepared for your big moving day? There are plenty of tasks that need to be taken care while moving valuable belongings from one home to another. Packing expensive and delicate items is one of those chores. You need time, money, and of course, professional support from trusted removals companies in Brisbane to carry out all the tasks with extreme care. But when it comes to packing, most of the people do it themselves and then end up with an inextricable mess.

If you really want a safe and smooth relocation, then you need to get down and understand the importance of quality packing. You can ask your friends and relatives to help you out in this overwhelming process voluntarily. Ask them to assist you while wrapping delicate or bulky items because these need extra attention.

But, before all this, make sure you create packing strategies to simplify your move. To make that part of your relocation easy, here are some five super-fantastic strategies or tricks for your packing chore:

1. Start Early

Packing is one of those processes that always take plenty of time. If you want to ensure a safe and smooth relocation, you have to begin to declutter two to three weeks before your final moving day. This not only reduces the stress level, but also gives you time to arrange quality packing supplies depending on the sizes and types of household belongings.

Go room by room and gather all the items that are not in daily use. Start with bedroom and pack your kitchen last. Since you are shifting your house, make sure you have a lot of boxes and packing materials. Whatever your budget is, try to invest in the best quality of materials that can protect your belongings from damages during transit.

Tip: Buy the high-quality packing materials from Better Removalists Brisbane at the most reasonable price.

2. Custom Packing Supplies Work Wonders

Layering precious artwork or any other delicate item with packing paper isn’t enough. You need custom supplies to ensure they remain safe and secure throughout the moving process – from lifting to loading, moving to unloading.
Use specialised padded and cushioned materials to pack fragile items such as antiques, wall art piece, and glassware.

Also, look for special crates, bubble wraps, packing tape, furniture/mattress protector, heavy duty plastics, quilted pads, picture packing kits, paper pads and custom moving boxes to secure your household items.

Tip: Never forget to use bubble wrap while packing your fragile items such as glassware, dishes, antiques and electronic items. Also, take a notice of the current weather conditions in Brisbane when making the choice of packing material.

3. Arrange Multi-sized Packing Boxes

Whether you are moving next to the street within Brisbane or relocating to the new city, it is essential to have multi-sized packing boxes for the safety of your belongings. Instead of putting everything in a moving box, it is good to use different sizes of boxes to pack a variety of stuff you are taking along with you to your new residence.

Use the smaller size of boxes for heavy items and bigger boxes for fragile items. Provide extra cushioning using crumbled newspaper while putting your delicate items inside the boxes. These are used to fill empty spaces in the box.

4. Take Professional Assistance

If you are not comfortable with packing, you can hire reliable Brisbane Removalists to handle this complicated task for you. They know the right tricks and always use the best quality of supplies to give you a sense of relief throughout the moving process – from start to end.

It is advised to hire professionals while packing heavy items such as furniture and electronic appliances. Since they have years of experience in packing hefty belongings, you should ask them to assist you for safe relocation.

Tip: Compare at least three to four removal companies in Brisbane and their quotes to find out the best pick for your house move within your estimated budget.

5. Label your Packed Boxes

Though most of the people forget about labelling, it is one of those tasks that can keep your unpacking process organised. Once you are done with packing your boxes, make sure you label each box with relevant names (or add the name of the contents) to make things easier for you.

For example, If you have packed all the kitchen items in a box, label it with ‘Kitchen Items’. In case, you gathered all the fragile items in a box, name it with ‘fragile items’. Isn’t it simple?
This will save your time and help you organise your new house with ease.


Packing an entire house for a safe and smooth move can be stressful and overwhelming. However, with the help of these packing strategies, you can sort out the things without any hassle. For professional support, you can hire experienced Brisbane Removalists who can handle all packing and moving chores with utmost care and responsibility.