Useful Tips For Moving House During Christmas Time

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Useful Tips For Moving House During Christmas Time

Dec 21, 2020

If you have decided to move house during Christmas time, then you may face a lot of challenges throughout the process. The level of stress doubles when you are packing and shifting household belongings from one place to another in the festive season.

This festival is all about enjoying delectable meals, music and carols with family and close friends. People clean and decorate their homes, prepare delicious dishes, bake cakes, and spend quality time with their loved ones. These thinks keep you busy, and it becomes quite difficult to move home.

You need to streamline the entire process to avoid last-minute chaos and personal injuries. It is always good to hire a professional Removalists in Brisbane who can manage everything so that you can complete other important tasks.

However, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind for a seamless experience. Have a look at the following tips and move safely to your new house during this Christmas.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Create A Complete Moving Plan and Timeline

Staying calm is the foremost thing you need to do while planning your home relocation. You are getting a golden opportunity to prepare for the move during holidays. So, it is good to create a detailed plan and timeline to keep things organised.

Whether you are moving to a nearby suburb or across the new state, planning plays a crucial role in keeping you on track –which alleviates stress and increases concentration.

It is good to create a complete checklist and add all the tasks related to sorting out household items, arranging packing supplies, packing heavy furniture, hiring removals company and much more. Also, prepare a rough budget to keep a close eye on your expenses and spend accordingly. This will also help you choose the best removalists at the most reasonable price.

2. Purge Unwanted Household Items

Holidays are the best time to check all rooms and sort household items so that you can toss unwanted or unnecessary stuff to reduce the moving burden. You can sort items into three categories: Keep, Donate and Toss.

Keep: Make a list of things you need to take along with you to your new house. Create an inventory for better management.

Donate: Items that are good in condition can be donated to the local charity. Christmas is the perfect time to do this great deed.

Toss: Purge out broken or damaged belongings.

Tip: You can also organise a garage sale and give festive discount to get rid of items you don’t want to take. This way you can earn some extra money.

3. Book Trained Removalists

Most people move to their new homes during this time of year. So, it becomes quite difficult to book a reliable moving company at a reasonable price. That’s why it is good to do it at least 4-5 weeks prior to your move.

Do research about the best options in your city and look for the most trusted removals company in Brisbane. You can shortlist at least 5 companies, compare their quotes, check customer reviews and talk directly to the customer care executive before making the final decision.

4. Arrange Packing Supplies

After evaluating what you need to pack and what you need to toss, you can arrange all the necessary packing supplies for the safety of your household belongings.

Due to the festive season, it is difficult to arrange everything at the last moment. Whether it is about buying packing paper or cardboard boxes, make sure you have all the supplies for the protection of your valuable items.

It is important to have:

• Packing tape
• Packing paper
• Bubble wrap
• Blankets
• Moving boxes – different sizes, etc.

You can ask for used cardboard boxes for a liquor store or supermarket. This way you can save your money.

5. Pack Your Belongings Ahead of Time

Do not leave packing on the last two days of your move. It is good to start the process at least 4 weeks before the final day. First, wrap those items you do not need on a regular basis, like seasonal clothes, jackets, extra shoes, etc.

Pack fragile items using high-quality supplies to protect them from damages. You can also disassemble large furniture before packing them. If you don’t have enough time, hire professionals for a proper packing service. They will wrap all types of belongings with extreme care and attention.

6. Keep Documents and Valuable Items at One Place

Nobody wants to lose their home loan documents, birth certificate or other important items while moving to the new house. It is the time when you have a lot of things to do. So, make sure you keep documents, such as birth certificates, passports, insurance papers, school certificates, etc together in one place.

You can put everything in a file and keep it with you on a moving day.

7. Change Your Address

Do not forget to change your address before the final move out. You can set up a post re-direction solution with the Post Office. Also register with a new doctor ahead of time, especially if someone is suffering from a serious disease.

8. Label Your Boxes

This is one of the most useful tips that will keep you stay organised even after you move in to your new house. Write the names of content on each box so that you know which box has what item(s). Label your packed boxes using a permanent marker and streamline your unpacking process as well.

9. Prepare An Emergency Kit

Moving during Christmas time is a draining process. Your kids might want to enjoy the festival with their friends. So, it is quite hectic for you to manage everything along with your children while relocating a house.

For a stress-free experience, make sure you pack an emergency kit which includes a first-aid box, toiletries, hand soap, sanitizers, snacks, water bottles, toys, blankets, two bedsheets, night suit for your kids.

10. Decorate Your House

When you move into your new house, make sure you decorate it using beautiful lights, scented candles, bells, a Christmas tree to give a festive touch. This will make your kids happy and you will also feel relaxed.


These tips will help you organise your entire moving process during Christmas time. You can plan things ahead of time and move hassle-free to your new house with the assistance of the best removalists in Brisbane.