What Are The Different Types Of Moving Insurance?

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What is Moving Insurance

What Are The Different Types Of Moving Insurance?

May 14, 2020

Whether you are moving for the first time or have moved before, the process is always stressful and challenging. Most people agree that relocating to a new place is among the most significant events in their lives, as it involves moving all their belonging safely and within a stipulated time.

Therefore, for people who are planning to move soon having moving insurance is a must besides hiring professional removalists in Brisbane. Want to know what the importance of purchasing moving insurance is and what are its different types? Here is your complete guide with answers to these questions and a few related ones as well.

What is the Importance of having Moving Insurance?

The primary aim of acquiring moving insurance is to get cover for your property contents that may or may not incur damage during handling or transit. Having moving insurance is wise whether professional removalists in Brisbane are hired to manage the movement, or you plan on transport your belongings using a moving company.

Here are some reasons why obtaining this insurance is necessary, especially for tenants who relocate frequently.

• It will help cover the cost of damage that may happen to your insured items by you or the professional removalists
• Provides peace of mind because moving is stressful and having insurance that will cover costs of repair or damage during movement is assuring
• It can cost you more to pay for broken or damaged items than submitting the premium for the insurance if you don’t have a policy cover

What are the Different Types of Moving Insurance?

There are different types of moving insurances offered by insurers in Brisbane that can be purchased according to requirement and budget. Each insurance type provides a different range of cover and costs more or less depending on the services. Broadly, there are three types of moving insurances, and their details are mentioned below.

1. Basic Carrier Insurance

This moving insurance is the most elementary and commonly offered by reputed removals companies in Brisbane. It provides the least amount of cover compared to the other types and usually is included for free when removalists offer their services.

Upon hiring a licenced removals company, the basic carrier insurance policy offered by them covers only a small portion of the cost in case of property damage or loss. Having this type of insurance is suitable when moving locally. For those who don’t want to have limited coverage for their property contents, obtaining other types of insurances will be better.

2. Declared Values Protection

Another moving insurance offered by insurers is the declared values protection that covers the cost of the damaged or lost items according to its current depreciated value. It requires creating an inventory of items for coverage and declaring their value to provide the insurer with an idea of how much the property contents will cost.

Most companies are willing to offer 1.25% of the inventory, providing a medium coverage policy. The amount provided by the insurer in case of damage or loss of property depends on a variety of factors such as moving distance, type of shipment, combines the weight of your belongings etc.

3. Full Coverage Insurance

For those who are moving interstate or for long distances should consider getting a full coverage moving insurance also called full replacement liability insurance. Purchasing this policy is expensive than the other types of insurances, but the cost of loss or damage of property contents is the most.

People who have valuable items and want full security of their belongings should opt for this policy as after the first part of the coverage is provided by the hired removalists in Brisbane the insurer covers the rest of the cost.

How to Obtain Moving Insurance?

Reputed and licenced removals companies in Brisbane can help clients obtain moving insurance via the third party as they are not allowed to sell policies. Another way to get a policy is to contact a reliable insurance providing company personally and inquire about their policies. Whether you obtain insurance via a third party recommended by the removalists or through personal contact, the policy should provide coverage according to your requirements and budget.

If necessary, you can even get the policy customised and even get extraordinary value items insured along with general property contents. Before purchasing a policy from insurer research about the company, know their market reputation, check its reliability, and see how fast they provide reimbursement.

Note: Report any moving company that advertises or confirms they sell moving insurance directly because that is against the laws. No removals company in Brisbane is legally allowed to sell insurance policies to clients and can only provide them by giving reference to a third party company.

Wrapping Up

Besides hiring cheap removalists in Brisbane to help manage the shifting process, having moving insurance is an assurance that most people planning to relocate to a new home seek. It provides peace of mind and cost recovery of items lost or damaged during movement depending on policy terms and conditions.

Hence, people who are moving soon should go through this guide to find an answer to what are the different types of moving insurance and other commonly asked questions regarding it.