What Is The Cost Of Living In Brisbane, Queensland?

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What Is The Cost Of Living In Brisbane, Queensland?

Aug 27, 2020

The capital city of Queensland has proven itself to be a perfect amalgamation of business precincts and residential developments. Brisbane is best known for its sunny and pleasant weather. It has everything from skyscrapers to luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants to new-age shopping complexes. The close proximity to Asia and the Pacific region, as well as its profusion of top-class hospitals and universities, make this city a perfect place to live and study.

With the total population of more than 2.5 million, Brisbane has become one of the ideal hotspots for potential property investors and homebuyers- thanks to well-developed infrastructure developments and economic stability.  It is in the heart of South East Queensland and can be a fantastic city for those who want to relish high-quality life with easy access to mountains, beautiful landscapes, beaches and wineries.

If you are moving to this beautiful city, you should do thorough research about the area you are planning to move for better clarity. It is important to know the cost of living in Brisbane along with the median price of a house or apartment and other key factors. This will help you move without a hint of stress. For a safe and secure experience, you can hire certified Brisbane removalists who can take care of your belongings throughout the journey. This will also give you plenty of time to know more about the city.

Being 4th most expensive capital city in Australia, you will definitely find obstacles in finding a perfect home at affordable rates. If you know more about the average cost of living in Brisbane, keep on reading the article.

The Accommodation Cost in Brisbane

According to some studies, Brisbane is much more affordable than other capital cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne. The median price of a house in Brisbane is $524.000. However, it is still the 4th most expensive cities in the country, especially if you want to live close to the city’s CBD. If you are looking for affordable housing options, then moving to the surrounding suburbs, such as Kangaroo Point, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, etc can be an ideal decision. For better clarity, have a look at these points:

Cost of Living in Inner City

For those who are planning to live in Brisbane’s inner city, then you will need to spend around $565 per week for a shared house and $620 per week for a one-bedroom unit. If you are moving with your family, you need to do thorough research about the housing market and create your budget for good options.

Average Living Cost in Suburbs

The median price of a one-bedroom unit in the surrounding suburbs is $330 per week, while a room in a shared property is around $205 per week depending on the number of bedrooms – which is quite affordable as compared to the inner city. If you have a restricted budget, then opt for a well-developed suburb in and around the city. Here is a list of top suburbs where you can move with your family:

1. Strathpine

It is one of the best suburbs in Brisbane for a great living. It has everything from a shopping mall to a local market, top schools to medical facilities, public transport to restaurants, etc. The median price of a house is $421,500- which is affordable than the median price of a house in the inner city.

2. Ferny Hills

Ferny Hills is an excellent place for nature lovers and those who enjoy peace. It is a friendly suburb of Brisbane where you can find a perfect balance of residential as well as the commercial sector. It has spacious parks, affordable housing options, schools, hospitals, a gym, yoga centres, restaurants, and other entertainment centres.

3. Kedron

If you are looking for an affluent residential property in and around Brisbane, then Kedron is a perfect place for you. The median house price in Kedron is $735.000, which is quite expensive as compared to other suburbs. However, the suburb has everything you can expect in any metropolitan city. The top amenities are top schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, retail stores, best dining scenes, and a lot more.

Which One to Choose?

It is important to think about every possible factor while moving to this highly-developed city. Whether you need a house close to the CBD because it offers great nightlife, finest culinary scenes and easy accessibility, but the residential properties in the suburbs are affordable and can give you more space along with basic amenities.

Depending on your living standard and other aspects, you can decide where you want to live. For a safe and sound move, do not forget to hire the best Removalists in Brisbane. They will assist you in packing, lifting and transiting tasks with precision and extreme care.

Public Transport Cost in Brisbane

There is no denying the fact that Brisbane is a comfortable place to get around. It offers various public transport options that are affordable and easy to access. You can use buses, ferries and trains to get around the city. Purchase a TransLink Go Card for easy and cheap convenience. This card can be used on TransLink network all around southeast Queensland. It also includes services from Brisbane to other cities such as Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

The rain network in Brisbane is vast. It allows you to visit key attractions across the city and reach the surrounding suburbs with ease. If you are living in an outer suburb and work close to CBD, then train services are best for you. It runs daily from early morning to late at night.

When it comes to public transport, you can’t overlook the buses. The city offers a huge bus network which makes it super easy and affordable for you to hop around the city and its suburbs on a daily basis.

In short, travelling in and around Brisbane is quite affordable as compared to other big cities. You can use public transport for day-to-day activities, such as office, college, etc.

The Cost of Food

Brisbane is renowned for fine dining scenes, great food and stylish cafes. The city has various restaurants, bars, clubs and cheap eateries. Breakfast at a cafe in Brisbane will cost you approx $15/per person, but be sure to budget a bit extra if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee. For lunch, you will need to spend around $17-$20, and Dinner will be around $25 a meal.

Fitness Cost

People enjoy a healthy lifestyle and gym has become an integral part of lives in metropolitan cities. Everyone wants to stay fit, and you may also want to join a gym. So, the membership at Goodlife or Anytime Fitness will cost around $15 per week. You can check the discount options before joining the membership plan.


Brisbane is one of the most developed cities in Queensland. The cost of living is also affordable as compared to other capital cities in Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney. If you are moving to this beautiful city, then do complete research about the residential market, accommodation facilities, public transportation, schools and other aspects to know the cost of living. For quick and easy relocation of your belongings, you can hire professionally-trained Brisbane removalists at the most affordable rates.