What To Expect From Full Service Furniture Removalists?

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What To Expect From Full Service Furniture Removalists?

May 13, 2021

Moving furniture is among the most challenging and backbreaking tasks for tenants or homeowners shifting to a new home. The activity requires strength, expertise, and skills that most non-specialists lack. Therefore, if you are relocating and need to move furniture, the best option is to hire professional furniture removalists in Brisbane. The experts can handle and transport your furniture items as you take care of other moving related tasks.

Consider availing full service furniture removals while booking the specialists, as moving these home décor items is difficult. You can sustain severe injuries, as topping furniture is a serious issue that causes about 2600 Australians to seek medical treatment.

Thus, here is a complete guide outlining things you can expect from full-service furniture removalists in Brisbane, have a look.

Create an Inventory

Before packing and moving furniture, your hired removalists will create an inventory to understand how many team members would be required for the job. Additionally, they inspect the items and note details to:

• Get an idea about packing supplies
• Select the appropriate moving equipment
• Provide an upfront cost for packing, handling, and moving your furniture.

Source Packing Supplies

Furniture removalists in Brisbane offering complete removals solutions, source the packing supplies required for securing and wrapping every item. They have high-quality boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, foam wrap, moulds, pallets, and other materials that ensure your furniture doesn’t get damaged during handling and transit.

Dismantle and Pack Furniture

When you hire professionals for managing every aspect of your furniture removals, you can expect them to dismantle large and heavy items. They have the tools and skills to disassemble wooden home décor items without losing or displacing parts.

Additionally, they will pack everything securely, ensuring the boxes are labeled correctly, and pieces of furniture are stored properly to avoid misplacement or confusion.

Load and Unload the Truck

Besides packing the furniture, your hired removalists in Brisbane will carefully and safely load the truck, ensuring items are placed first or last according to importance. Plus, you can expect the removalists to unload the truck upon reaching the new home.

They use proper techniques and adequate moving equipment to ensure items are not lost or damaged during these handling activities and everything is stored in the vehicle securely. For example, they will place light furniture items over heavy ones and ensure the wall or the floor supports flat pieces.

Transport Your Furniture

Once the professionals have packed and loaded all the items on the truck, they will transport them to the specified destination. Hence, whether you are moving short distance or long distance, expect the removalists to safely and securely deliver your furniture to the doorsteps of your new home.

Plus, the professionals will give you an idea about when they can reach the provided address depending on moving load, distance, weather and traffic conditions.

Unpack, Reassemble, and Place Your Furniture

Upon reaching the specified location, the professionals will unpack items room by room and reassemble large or heavy furniture that they had dismantled before packing. Plus, you can expect the specialists to place the furniture inside your new home with your assistance.

Note: If you have arranged for a contact-less move, you can provide a floor plan in advance or talk to the removalists on the phone or conduct a video call.

Responsibly Take Care of Packing Materials

After unpacking and placing your furniture in the new home, most professional furniture removalists in Brisbane will dispose of the garbage. Additionally, you can expect them to take care of reusable or recyclable packing materials responsibly, meaning they could reuse, dispose of or donate them according to company policy.

How to Find Good Furniture Removalists?

If you plan to avail a complete furniture removals service, you should hire reliable removalists in Brisbane who can manage the entire process smoothly and professionally. Here are some tips that can help you find suitable specialists.

• Check whether the removalists are members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).
• Only consider companies registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
• Ensure the removalists have a good market reputation
• Inquire about their service inclusions and exclusions. It is imperative to know what the removalists do when you avail of full-service furniture removals.
• Ask about experience and qualifications of removalists to book ones with training, expertise, and skills.
• Get free and no-obligation quotes to plan your budget and choose the most affordable removalists.
• Lastly, don’t get lured by scammers who advertise to provide complete furniture removals service at dirt-cheap rates.If the service pricesare too good to be true, then they probably are.

The Bottom Line

Relocation is a hectic and stressful process that requires you to manage a variety of tasks within a stipulated time. Among these tasks, packing and moving furniture is a significant one, and it is best if you hire professionals to manage it. If you are booking full service furniture removalists in Brisbane, you can expect them to do the things mentioned above. By hiring professionals, you can have your furniture moved smoothly and without any hassle.