What To Wear On Moving Day?

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What To Wear On Moving Day?

Oct 29, 2019

The moving day is one of the most stressful events a person can experience. You have so many things to manage and the tension and anxiety disorders can take a toll on you. Thus to accomplish the task in a hassle-free manner, you need to pay attention to every minute detail including the moving day outfit. It may sound a little vague, but if you dig deeper, you will realise how vital it is in the moving process.

Even if you have hired professional removalists in Brisbane, you need to get involved in all the activities. And for that, you need to wear the most suitable clothes so that you can perform the task perfectly. Here are some tips that will help you to understand what to wear on a moving day. Let’s have a look.

Why It Is Important To Wear Appropriate Clothes?

When people talk about clothes, they usually refer to fashion and looks. However, clothes have a much bigger purpose than making you look appealing and presentable. They protect you from the harmful effects of the environment, make you comfortable to perform the daily tasks and keep your body temperature balanced during extreme temperatures.

Relocation is a complicated process, and a person gets involved in numerous things. That is why wearing the appropriate clothes during the move is something that gets the least attention. However, things should not be this way.

Whether you are moving in summers, winters or the rainy season, right clothes play a crucial role in protecting your health. If you hire professional removalists in Brisbane, you will see that they wear a uniform that is suitable as per the weather.

What to Wear on the Moving Day?

It is essential to wear the right clothes on your moving day. The relocation process requires a lot of physical exertion, and the last thing you want is to get a cold, get wet or have problems like sunburns and dehydration. While deciding what to wear on your moving day, keep the following tips in your mind.

1. Your Clothes Should Be Comfortable

Even if you hire removalists in Brisbane, you need to do a lot of moving, walking, lifting, and carrying. Thus, you must wear something that is comfortable. Otherwise, your outfit can become a major distraction factor, which will ultimately affect your entire moving process. So, pick your clothes wisely on the moving day.

2. Select Close-Fitting Clothes

People often wear loose clothes that get caught on something or get in the way while lifting the items. Thus, you should wear something that fits you closely, but make sure that you don’t feel suffocated. For instance, if you are wearing a jacket, zip it up so that it doesn’t get stuck anywhere while lifting the furniture or other similar things.

3. Do Not Go For Branded or New Clothes

Wearing anything expensive, new, or branded clothes on your moving day is a bad idea. This is because you will get involved in a lot of physical activity and you will have to cover the entire house, including places like the kitchen and the garage. So, the chances are high that you will get some grease or oil stains on your clothes. Hence, do not go for any fancy clothes and stick to some basic comfortable outfit.

4. Go For Breathable Materials

If you are moving to Brisbane in summers, you must select cotton as your moving day outfit. As this particular day involves a lot of lifting and moving around the house, the last thing you want is to have a material on your body that doesn’t allow the air to pass through which increases the temperature of your body. As a result, you sweat more and feel exhausted. Breathable clothes like cotton don’t irritate you and naturally cool down your body.

5. It Should Be Appropriate For the Season

Whatever you are wearing, should be according to the season. If it’s summer season, go for a cotton t-shirt that helps you cool down your body. Also, make sure that you are wearing a cap and sunglasses to prevent the heat of the sun. Similarly, if you are moving during winters, put several layers of clothes. And if it is the rainy season, you must have raincoats with you all the time.

6. Your Clothes Should Be Disposable

No matter how watchful you are, expect your moving day clothes to get dirty and even damaged during the entire procedure. So, if you want to be on the safer side, don something that you won’t mind disposing of. Do not wear any expensive clothes that are important to you. Anything old or near the end of its life is good enough for the moving purpose. If you don’t have any old clothes and you don’t want to take any chances with your new clothes, hire experienced removalists in Brisbane.

7. Always Keep an Extra Set of Clothes with You

It is always good to have an extra pair of clothes with you when you are moving. This is because you never know when you might need to change the clothes you are wearing. Prepare a moving kit with all the essential things in it, including an extra set of clothes in it.

What Kind Of Shoes You Should Wear On the Moving Day?

Like clothes, your shoes also make a significant contribution to your comfort on the moving day. Appropriate shoes ensure safety during the move and minimise the discomfort that comes with the physical exertion. While choosing the shoes, keep in mind the following factors.

Comfort: The shoes you are wearing on the moving day should be comfortable enough.

Fully Enclosed: You should wear fully enclosed shoes on your moving day. This will ensure that you don’t suffer from any foot injuries.

Good Grip and Ankle Support: Wear proper shoes that provide excellent grip on the floor and support your ankle.


People usually do not pay attention to their moving day outfit, but they should. Everyone needs to know why they should wear the right clothes on the moving day. Here are some tips that will help you to understand the criteria behind choosing an appropriate outfit for such a day. Every right step will help you accomplish your task perfectly.