What’s It Like To Move From A Major City To A Rural Area?

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What’s It Like To Move From A Major City To A Rural Area?

Jan 29, 2018

The congestion, crime, long commutes and high house prices etc. are making city life displeasing. You may hear many young people complaining, ‘Why am I putting myself through the difficulties of living in a city?’ Hence they are deciding to move to rural areas or small towns. The minute you decide to move to the countryside, you know that your life is going to change.

All you imagine is exploring ponds and fields, organic gardens, fresh and free eggs; relaxing at the beach after a long day of gardening with a cup of tea. Although it sounds great, still you must check all the pros and cons which surround it. If you have lived in the city for a long period or even for a while, you get used to the kind of facilities and ease you get there. But if moving to a rural area is the only option you have, you will have to manage it. Things might get tough, as you don’t know how to relocate to a rural place.

Although if you take the help of  reliable and experienced interstate removalists in Brisbane, then you can do it with much ease. They have experience and training in moving to rural areas; they know what kind of difficulties may arrive while doing so and hence have the solutions too. The lack of knowledge of country life can get you into trouble. It’s better to take professional assistance to avoid any unwanted strain which is likely to come.

The right and friendly removalist like Better Removalists Brisbane will not only help you with the relocation but will also assist you with the lifestyle to be followed. No matter how much enticing country life may seem but it has its advantages as well as disadvantages. So it’s better advised to go through this article to get a better picture of what moving to a rural area in Australia may have in store for you.


Cheaper housing

Australia’s soaring property prices and congested cities have come up as a big reason for people moving to the countryside. Not all the people can afford such high prices for the property, and hence the best solution they find is moving to the rural areas, where housing is much cheaper. While you pay a considerable amount of money for the same price to share a house in a city, you pay a lesser amount for an entire property with a garden in the country. Thus finding an ideal house will be on the top of your moving checklist.

No traffic

It’s true that nobody wants to get stuck in traffic, not when in a hurry and not even if you have time. This is one thing that will make you feel very much relaxed if you live in the country as there is almost no traffic. However, in cities, there will be a lot of traffic jams. It’s not possible to reach your destination without getting stuck on the road.

Less smog and pollution

This is one of the primary reasons why people move to small towns in Brisbane. If to earn more money you are losing your health then there is no point in doing it. After all, if your health is all right, then anything else seems irrelevant. Today in all of the cities, the pollution is increasing to such a level that it is becoming almost impossible to survive. The widespread pollution, smog, unclean water, food etc. is leading to a lot of diseases. While in a rural place, you will get cleaner and fresher air and you will feel healthier like never before.

Closer to nature

On the countryside, it is needless to say that you have easy access to wilderness. There are more wildlife and greenery all around. While in big cities there will be no closeness to nature. If you are a nature lover, moving to the countryside will be proved as bliss for you.

Not Noisy and chaotic

City life is mostly boisterous. It is often said that a big city never sleeps. So if you are a peace lover, you will love it in the country. The city is overcrowded and hence noisy. And all this crowd and noise brings chaos, which is unavoidable. However, in a rural place, there will be no such chaos.

Everyday expenses

No matter how much high you earn but the kind of lifestyle in a big city, eats up all the money you are making. Whereas in a rural area, you can save a lot of money as the daily expenses are much lesser than that in a town.

Better Relationships

While living a country life, you can nurture a healthier relationship with yourself, with family, friends, work, and social media. People are less status-conscious, and they have time to meet and greet. People are friendlier in the country, and they tend to socialise more. Whereas in a city, people are so busy with their lives that they hardly have any time to socialise.


No next wall neighbours

It is a fact that country is less congested, but sometimes these areas can be so less occupied that you may not find any house around yours and you may get scared in the middle of the night. However, this also serves as a boon as in cities your next door neighbours can wake you up any moment with sounds.

Little to No public transport

There will be scarcities of public transportation in the country. You can get it but either at a longer distance or after having to wait for hours for a taxi. Hence you need a car for sure to go from a place to another. And if it breaks down, you may not be able to go anywhere until it is repaired.

Lack of emergency services

Just like transportation, there is a shortage of emergency services. Limited access to immediate transportation makes life hard. As in cities you just need to dial a number, and you get the service at your doorsteps within minutes. But this facility is not available in the rural settings. So if an emergency occurs, you will have to manage all by yourself.

Harder to get a good job

A minimum wage job is still easy to find in the country, but when it comes to building a career, it’s tough. There are fewer opportunities and hence fewer jobs. That’s why in a rural area, it will be difficult for you to build a career and be independent.

Not many places to roam around

In a city, you have options and variety for everything. You feel like a global citizen, due to the availability of specific products. However, in a rural area, there is no diversity. There will be one gas station, one restaurant, one grocery store, and it all becomes very fundamental. There are not many places to roam, and life will become monotonous.


Now when you know about the advantages and disadvantages of moving to a rural area, plan and calculate everything before you make a move. It’s best to take help of experts like Better Removalists Brisbane as they have immense experience and talented team who know all the repercussions of moving and settling in a rural place. To avoid unnecessary stress get in contact with Brisbane removalists today. It’s not easy to cope up, but if there is no other option, then you must start loving the perks of living in a rural area also.