Where To Donate Food In Brisbane When You Move

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Where To Donate Food In Brisbane When You Move

Aug 31, 2020

While moving there are certain things which should not be packed and transported because they are delicate, dangerous, or perishable. Among the most common things that should not be moved is food as it may get spoiled, crushed or damaged during the process.

Even professional removalists in Brisbane advise against or have policies that prohibit the movement of eatables for a variety of reasons. Therefore, if you are planning to move to a new home, whether locally or domestically, here is your complete guide to learning where to donate in Brisbane.

Donating food is not only logical when relocating it is also humanitarian as thousands of adults and children in Queensland require food relief, and you can contribute.

How to Prepare for Donation?

At least 2-3 weeks before moving, inspect your pantry and refrigerator to create an inventory of all the food items. Out of these, keep aside the things that will be used in your household until a day before the moving day. Review the rest of the items to divide items according to shelf life.

For example, vegetables, fruits, and other organic food materials don’t last long and should be consumed rather than donating. However, dry, packed and canned items with longer shelf lives can be donated as they are easier to store. Here are examples of things you may donate.

• Packed cereals, grains, flour, pasta, pulses, etc.
• Milk powder, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, bread and nuts
• Canned vegetables, fruits, meats, soups, juices etc.
• Instant foods, food mixes, chips, biscuits, and other ready-to-eat items

Conduct a Food Drive

Take this opportunity to do good for the community by hosting a food drive where not only you but others in the neighbourhood or known to you can contribute and donate food items. Set the date and time for the drive and invite family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. to donate items which they can.

In case you lack the time or energy to conduct a food drive, then search about local food drives where they accept food items from individuals. Inquire about the items they are collecting and see if you have them listed for donation in your created inventory.

Contact Local and Domestic Charities

Ask friend, family members, and neighbours about local charities that take food donations in addition to searching online. There are many charities in Brisbane you can search about like FoodBank, FareShare, OZharvest, Givit, Secondbite etc.

Most charities have centres where surplus food is collected and then donated to people in need. Get in touch with the charity of choice to know what food items they take as donations and whether they are willing to take items from individuals. Many charities only get food items from retailers, shopping centres, and major food corporations. Still, upon research, you can learn about local food drives and other events where individuals are allowed to participate.

Reach out Via Social Media

Post on your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram accounts that you are interested in donating food items which are not used and in good condition. In addition, search online forums and groups where you can get a post about the same or get in touch people who may be conducting events to collect food for locals in need.

By reaching out via social media, you can meet individuals or groups looking for food relief. What’s more, your family members, friends, and acquaintances can help spread your message by sharing your post and details regarding the donation on their accounts as well.

Why Donate Food When Moving?

Most people moving to a new home discard food items a few days before the moving day because they are usually advised against moving by their hired professional removalists in Brisbane or the things will get spoiled, crushed, lost, or damaged during handling and transportation.

Thus, a lot of eatable items get thrown away, which is not the right solution because there are thousands of people in Queensland who need food relief. In addition to it being a humane thing to do, donating food is also an excellent way to reduce your moving load if your booked removalists in Brisbane agree to move them.

Professional removalists in Brisbane charge you according to the weight of all the items that need to be packed and transported. Therefore not only do you perform a good deed by donating food, but you also reduce the cost of your relocation.

The Bottom Line

Donating food while moving is an excellent idea to help the community, reducing your moving load, and responsibly getting rid of surplus food items in your pantry. Therefore, if you are moving to a new home soon, follow this complete guide to learn how to prepare for a donation, contact charities, and much more.