10 Big Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

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10 Big Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

Mar 14, 2022

Moving house is a time-consuming and back-breaking process during which you can experience tremendous anxiety and pressure. Also, you can unknowingly make mistakes during this time, especially when moving for the first time. To reduce the challenges and stress of moving, you must plan and prepare for everything as soon as the date for shifting is set.

Also, avoid confusion, delays and hassle on moving day by hiring professional removalists in Brisbane to manage some or every aspect of your move. Since the professionals have expertise, experience and training, they can help you vacate a property smoothly.

However, hiring professional removalists is not the only thing you must do to relocate smoothly. Avoid making the ten moving day mistakes mentioned below as well. Have a look.

1. Book Removalists With Minimal Research & Instant Quotes

Over the years, more and more people are availing packing and moving services, causing mushrooming of removal companies in Brisbane and not all of them are reliable. Scammers are ready to take advantage of the naivety of tenants and homeowners.

Therefore, you must book reputed removalists in Brisbane and do your research properly to learn about their market reputation and industry experience. Additionally, never book removalists only based on instant quotes and always ask to schedule a pre-move survey.

2. Choose The Moving Date Without Checking Weather Forecast

Summer is the peak moving season, but you can manage your relocation as per convenience during other seasons as well. However, whichever season you choose, always check the weather forecast for the week you plan to move your belongings. It can help avoid scheduling your move during extreme heat, heavy rainfall, storms, floods etc.

3. Not Following A Moving Checklist

The best way to organise and manage your relocation smoothly is by streamlining your tasks and completing them in order of importance. It is a mistake to assume you can remember to do everything because you cannot without a moving checklist. Therefore, as soon as the moving date is finalised, create a detailed house moving checklist to avoid hassle or delays.

4. Packing Everything In Your Home

Unless you have a few things to wrap and box for your house move, packing everything in your home adds to your stress. It increases the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Brisbane and adds to your moving budget because service charges are based on the weight of property contents. Therefore, declutter your belongings to get rid of broken and unwanted items and only keep things you want in your new home.

5. Not Create An Inventory Of Belongings

You have to complete multiple tasks simultaneously during a house move, and the risk for misplacement/loss of items is high if you don’t create an inventory of your belongings.

Additionally, you cannot get the right packing supplies or estimate the cost of your move accurately. To avoid stress and hassle on the moving day, list items to pack and move with details like room, category, and location in the house after boxing, etc.

6. Lift Bulky & Large Items Without Moving Equipment

During a house move, the risk of furniture, TVs and other large & bulky items toppling is high. You can seriously injure yourself or household members trying to lift them without proper moving equipment or expertise. To avoid this risk altogether, take the assistance of professional removalists for packing and moving furniture and other heavy household items.

7. Have Unfinished Packing On Moving Day

Nothing sets back your moving schedule like unfinished packing chores when your booked removalists in Brisbane arrive. Therefore, start packing as early as possible to avoid delays and inconvenience. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to avail of packing service from professionals if you lack the time and energy to manage the task.

8. Meddle With Work Of Removalists

Removalists are trained and experienced professionals who manage house moves every day. Thus, when you try to micromanage things while they are packing, loading the truck or doing other moving-relating tasks, it meddles with their work. On the moving day, make sure to be courteous and supervise without getting in the way.

9. Forget To Pack An Essentials Bag

You can face a lot of discomfort and hassle without an essential bag during travel and upon arrival at the new home. Thus, ensure to have a change of clothes, snacks, water bottle, medicines, keys, phone charger and other important things you would need on-person at all times in a bag that you can keep in your personal vehicle.

10. Let Kids Or Pets Run Around Unsupervised

Kids and pets can often feel stressed and anxious during a house move when your hired removalists in Brisbane are packing your things and loading the moving truck. To keep them out of harm’s way and from interfering with the operations of removalists, prepare a room for them to stay with food, water, books, toys and other things for engagement. Check on them regularly to ensure they are safe and comfortable while you and the removalists manage the move.


Moving house is difficult and tiresome, which is why you don’t want to add to your moving stress by making the mistakes mentioned above. By avoiding these errors, you can manage your relocation smoothly and ensure the removalists you hire can complete their work with delays or inconvenience.