10 Important Tasks People Forget When Moving

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10 Important Tasks People Forget When Moving

Nov 12, 2021

Moving home is considered as one of the stressful events, and you may feel burdened due to the countless number of tasks involved in the process. From arranging moving boxes to packing delicate items, you have to manage everything on your own.

Lack of planning and preparation makes room for silly mistakes, and you may also lose valuable belongings. Fail to accomplish an important task before the final moving day may lead to losing precious time and money. That’s the main reason why people prefer hiring proficient Brisbane Removalists. They carry out tasks according to the moving checklist to give peace of mind throughout the journey.

If you are planning a DIY move, keep a few things in mind and streamline your process. Here are the 10 important tasks people forget when moving. Make sure you remember these tasks for a smooth home relocation experience.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Preparing a Moving Checklist

Planning is one of the crucial aspects that can determine the success of your home relocation. It is important to know the number of tasks that need to be performed during the process. Whether it is about de-cluttering a home or packing up belongings into boxes, you need a proper checklist to organise everything.

Most people skip this task, start packing up their household belongings and end with blunders on the final moving day. If you want everything in a streamlined manner, prepare a complete moving checklist at least 8 weeks prior to your final move.

2. Comparing Moving Companies

This is one of the significant tasks most people overlook while booking removalists for their household belongings. You may outsource an overpriced moving service if you don’t compare quotes and other important aspects before making the final decision.

Although choosing the right moving company is the toughest task, you can simplify the process by comparing quotes and services of at least three companies. Discover everything about the companies, read online reviews, and contact previous customers for a hassle-free home relocation.

3. Collecting Important Documents

Of course, packing large furniture and precious belongings is pivotal, but you can’t overlook your important documents while moving a house. You can’t afford to lose credential documents and records in the hustle-bustle of your relocation. Here is the list of papers you need to collect and store properly:

• Birth certificates
• Passports and visas
• Driver’s licenses
• Credit and debit cards
• Medical reports and prescriptions
• Property papers
• Insurance papers
• School certificates
• Job related letters
• Lease copies, or loan papers, etc
• Bank passbooks, chequebooks etc.

Keep a folder with you when moving to a new home.

4. Donating Unwanted Items

People often forget to donate unwanted household items to the local charity in Brisbane. While de-cluttering your home, keep those items in a donation category that are in working condition. Instead of tossing everything, you can help underprivileged or needy people by sending them pre-loved items, such as old furniture, clothes, blankets, boots, etc. It is good to know places where you donate your old furniture when moving.

5. Taking a Pet for a Check-up

Having a pet at home is a big responsibility. You can’t overlook the health of your four-legged friend during the packing and moving process. Make sure you take your cat or dog for a thorough check-up. They may feel sad and anxious if you are not giving them enough time or changing their daily eating, playing, and sleeping routine. So, it is good to take your pet to the vet and do a proper check-up.

6. Changing the Home Address

This is one of the most common things people forget while moving to a new home. Make sure you change the home address with the local Postal Services to receive important documents and postals at the right address. Updating the new address is often given the least priority, which proves to be the biggest mistake.

7. Transferring School Records

If you are shifting to a new city or location, you may be looking to move your kids to a new school. Searching and Short-listing the best schools should be the topmost priority.

However, if you want to keep your kids in the same school, make sure you inform them and update the records with your new home address.

8. Defrosting Your Freezer / Fridge

Most people move their refrigerator without defrosting the freezer. If you are planning to move your fridge, make sure you defrost it, and this will prevent water from spilling during the moving process.

9. Labelling Packed Boxes

Never forget to write down the box’s content when you have a lot of belongings to move. Label each box with the relevant name so that Brisbane removalists can handle it with extreme care during the lifting process.

10. Packing an Essentials Box

A moving-day kit or an essentials box can be a life-saver if you move across a new city or state. It includes everything you may need, such as a first aid box, snacks, water bottles, toiletries, toys for your kids, pair of clothes, pet food, bedsheets, etc. So, don’t forget to pack your essentials bag and keep it with you on a moving day.


Do not forget these important tasks while moving to a new home. Make sure you hire the best removalists in Brisbane for the utmost safety of your belongings throughout the journey. They will simplify the process and help you reach the new abode without giving you a hint of stress.