5 Pro Tips To Protect Your Valuables During A Move

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5 Pro Tips To Protect Your Valuables During A Move

Aug 13, 2019

Moving precious belongings from one place to another always involves a risk factor. There is no denying the fact that accidents happen, and you can’t even control anything after loading your valuables on the moving truck. So, the best you can do is to follow some pro tricks that can protect your valuables during a move.

To keep good vibes rolling, make sure you hire highly-trained and verified Brisbane removalists who can protect your belongings from start to end of your relocation journey. It doesn’t matter where you are moving; you should always be careful about the safety of your precious items, especially that are expensive to repair.

Today, we’ve got five pro tips that will protect your precious belongings during the relocation process. Let’s get started!

1. Wisely Choose Your Removalists

Do your thorough research and find the best removal company in Brisbane who can handle your valuable possessions with care and responsibility. Make sure they are reliable and highly-experienced, especially when you are relocating expensive and precious household stuff.

If you don’t want to trap into any moving scams or end-up hiring inexperienced removalists, then don’t forget to check whether the company is properly licensed or not. All trusted interstate moving companies should have a license number issued by the Australian department of transportation.

On the other hand, local moving companies in Brisbane should be licensed by the state. You can check it before making the final decision. Also, look for the customer reviews so that you can get some idea about their previous work. If everything is according to your requirements, then ask them to provide you with estimated quotes and choose the one that best fits your safety standards and moving needs.

2. Take Inventory

Your valuable items, such as major kitchen appliances and other electronics, need extra attention during the packing stage so that they remain safe while transiting from one place to another. So, before getting into the packing phase, go through your household items, and make a list of valuable ones.

Take inventory of everything that has both actual and personal value. It can be anything smaller items like jewellery or a huge plasma TV. Pick out a space to store your precious belongings before the move. Pack them carefully and keep them safe. Tip: Take pictures of all your valuables packed up so that if anything goes missing, you can show it to the insurance company to get coverage against the loss.

3. Know Everything About Valuation Coverage

Do you know that valuation coverage is different from moving insurance? This is information important when it comes to protecting valuables during the relocation. Before transiting your belongings, do your research on insurance options and find out what it does and doesn’t cover.

Since valuation coverage doesn’t cover all household belongings, make sure do evaluate everything and safeguard only your precious items. For example: If you pack your moving boxes, then it may be tough for you to claim against the moving company for any damages. Plus, your removalists may not be responsible for the damages caused by natural calamity. You can ask your moving company in Brisbane about the different valuable coverage offers. It can be either full value protection or released value.

Full Value Protection

Under this, your moving company is liable for the repair or replacement value of damaged or lost items during the move. This is a better plan that can help you get coverage against the loss. They will either repair the item or replace with a new one (similar) or make cash settlement depending on the current market replacement value.

Released Value Protection

Under this plan, the protection of belongings is minimal. The removalists are liable to pay not more than 60 cents per dollar per belonging. This means you won’t be getting the current market value price if they damage any of your belongings.

4. Go for Additional Moving Insurance

Despite your removal’s liability options, you should also consider buying additional moving insurance for your expensive and precious household belongings. Since valuation coverage has some limitations and it can’t provide full compensation against the damage, it may be an excellent decision to go for the third-party moving insurance in Brisbane. This step is crucial especially when you are relocating across the state because moving insurance policies cover belongings for a period of around 90 days when they are in storage.

5. Pack your valuables Carefully

One of the easiest ways to protecting your valuable belongings is to pack items safely and securely. Instead of engaging in last-minute packing, it is advised to start wrapping your belongings at least 6 weeks before your move. Arrange the best quality packing supplies. Buy bubble wraps to secure fragile items. Look for moving boxes and don’t forget to label them. This will help your removals team to take extra care when loading or unloading valuable items.


These are five pro tips that will help you take the right steps when it comes to protecting valuables during the move. You can consider these tips and follow them in your next relocation. If you need complete safety and quality assurance, then look for the best Brisbane Removalists.