5 Tips For A Safer Move During A Pandemic

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Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Tips For A Safer Move During A Pandemic

Mar 30, 2020

Moving to a new home is a difficult task on usual days, and with more and more cases being reported of the pandemic COVID-19 in Brisbane if you are scheduled to move then, it will be a challenge. The state of Queensland has enforced a lockdown requesting citizens to travel or venture out only when necessary and, for many people at the end of their tenancies, moving-out is an essential step. What to do in this scenario?

Here are five useful tips by professional removalists in Brisbane for a safer move during a pandemic.

1. Ask Your Landlord or Realtor for an Extension and Change the Moving Date

In the wake of the global crises caused by the introduction of the coronavirus in Australia and the rapid growth in COVID-19 cases, everyone in Brisbane is aware of the dire situation. Therefore, professional removalists in Brisbane advise to talk to your landlord/realtor and see if they can extend the lease to let your family stay until the lockdown is over.

If they agree, then you can proceed to talk to the owner of the house or unit you were to move in to change the moving date. Communication is essential during this period as it will help avoid relocating in a time when the government is advising against travelling, especially interstate or overseas.

2. Take Professional Assistance

Due to the outbreak, removal companies in Brisbane have made their security and safety rules more stringent, and responsible removalists are ensuring they manage moves with minimum human contact. In case you have to hire a company look for ones that offer to pack and relocate belongings in a sanitary manner. Ask if their removalists wear protective gears and maintain hygiene along with using disinfected packing boxes, tools, and supplies.

If you have booked your removalists then follow up with the company to know what safety measures they are taking to complete their jobs.

3. Ask What Your Removalists’ Policies are for Refund, Cancellation or Changes

For people who have booked removalists in Brisbane and plan to make changes, the best course of action is to communicate the same to their hired removal company. Also, it is wise to gain knowledge of the company’s policies about refund, cancellation or changes in case of a pandemic. Considering it is a difficult time for everyone, a good company will be able to provide some solutions.

If you are booking a company, then make sure you ask the following questions.

• What is their booking cancellation duration? Reputed removal companies in Brisbane usually have a cancellation period of 24-48 hours.
• If you cancel within the designated period, do you get a full refund? If you cancel due to the pandemic after this period, do you get a full refund?
• Is the company flexible and has availability of removalists in case there is a change in moving plans?

4. Take Precautions and Maintain Sanitation

‘Precaution is better than cure’, abide this saying when moving during a pandemic. Take these measures advised by professional removalists in Brisbane to make your relocation safer.

• During this sensitive time, avoid getting used packing boxes or supplies. This step is necessary because in a recent study, it was found that the coronavirus can survive on cardboards/papers for 24 hours and 72 hours on plastic.
• Disinfect household items to pack along with the materials to be used for wrapping and handling them. You can either obtain wipes or a safe disinfecting solution suitable for usage on any surface. Make sure to wipe upholstery, devices, and personal belongings besides spraying packing boxes and tools with disinfectant.
• During the move, make sure the removalist crew washes their hands before commencing the process and regularly sanitise them as well. It will be excellent if you maintain optimum personal hygiene as well.

5. Ensure Children and Pets are in a Safe Place during the Move

Moving during the time of a pandemic is tiresome and requires extreme measures to ensure safety. Bearing this in mind, expert removalists in Brisbane say it would be wise for people with children and pets to ensure they are with a trusted relative or friend on moving days. This way, you can protect them from coming in contact with strangers and also keep them from disturbing the moving process.

When you drop them off, ask the caretaker to maintain personal hygiene and guarantee the children or pets are kept clean. Also, request them to ensure your children wash their hands regularly and don’t venture out to play.


Understandably, people who have to manage their house move during this dire time will be under immense stress. Therefore, following the tips shared above by professional removalists in Brisbane will help tremendously and assist in making the process safer and less challenging.