5 Traits Of A Professional Removalists Company In Brisbane

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5 Traits Of A Professional Removalists Company In Brisbane

May 05, 2017

Moving can be very exciting at times. You get to meet new people, experience a new way of life, and also get out of your comfort zone, but as interesting as that sounds, it could also get very stressful due to the planning, packing and moving involved. But the interesting part of it all is that you don’t have to do it alone, there are movers who can help you.

Choosing the best Removalists Brisbane that you know you can count on is essential to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Highly-trained and professional movers will come to your place, lift the heavy boxes and large items, load them onto the truck and safely transit them to your new abode. They bring all the necessary equipment and strictly follow the safety measures to avoid physical injuries and damages.

However, choosing the right company can be crucial as there are tonnes of options available on the market. Some are good while others are scam ones.

To be able to choose the best company; you must first know about the qualities a professional removalist company. Here are 5 Traits of a Professional Removal Company in Brisbane:

1. Extra Services And Features

While there are straightforward services like packing and transport, reputable companies like Better Removalists Brisbane offer a comprehensive range of service offerings like box provision, packing accessories,  If you find yourself running short on time as moving day approaches, you’ll be thankful to have a mover that offers these additional services.

Often, they will either include these additional services in their packages or offer them to you at a competitive rate. The ability to offer services beyond the basic is a measure of a company’s ability to innovate and provide an all-encompassing service to customers.

Here are some key things to remember when contacting the potential moving company:

  • Ask Necessary Questions:

    Do not forget to ask relevant questions about extra services and other key features.

  • Check Their Pricing:

    This will give you better idea and you will be able to calculate your estimated moving budget.

  • Packing and Unpacking Services:

    Most companies won’t pack your belongings until you book a professional packing as an additional service. So, ask anything and make a well-informed decision.

  • Storage Facility:

    Many good companies offer short as well as long term storage facility to let customers store their extra belongings in a safe and sound warehouse. So, have a clarity about it.

2. Experience

In this particular industry, the experience of the team behind a removalist company is very important. While some new companies may also provide great service, it would be a bit risky on your part to hire a company with the least experience.

First time movers tend to make common moving mistakes, which can be costly, so making sure the team you hire is fully trained and experienced to handle difficult moves, and expertise in using the required equipment, is essential for a quality removalist company.

Ideally, it would be best to go for a company that has at least five years of experience in the field. If the company is established enough to survive for more than that period of time then they must be reliable.

Their expertise and technical knowledge allow them to help you move without a hitch. Instead of executing the move abruptly like an amateur, they plan everything to the finest detail, which lends perfection to their work. So, go for professionals.

3. Licensed, Accredited And Insured

It is the license of a company that verifies its capability to transact a business. It is a strong proof that they are qualified for rendering the services that they offer since it means that they have passed the evaluation and assessment conducted.

This is issued by the authorities in the state and federal to industry standard. Good removalist companies like Better Furniture Removalists Brisbane will usually have an updated license.

This will protect you if things ever go wrong. If they have services they promise and will not be complied, then you can file a complaint to the designated agency.

Also a professional removalist will usually have ISO accreditation, particularly Occupational Health and Safety, and Quality Assurance. If a moving company makes an effort to keep their employees and customers safe, chances are they will also be more careful with your treasures.

The removal company should also be able to offer a detailed insurance policy for a wide variety of items that they transport. Anything can happen during the removals, causing damages to your luggage. Accidents and injuries, theft, misplacements of items can always lead to serious losses of property during a relocation process. It is for this reason that good movers will have pre- arranged insurance cover against such losses.

4. They Give Estimates

Although it may be impossible to give an outright costing until after the service, a professional removalist company will give you a rough estimate in terms of time and money. If they know their business well, they can give you a run-down of things and give you a report. More or less the final cost will be around the same price.

Their price quotations will usually be fixed. The worst thing is getting a reasonable quote from a House Removals Brisbane company, only to be hit with hidden costs later. That’s why it’s always safer to choose a professional company since they offer fixed prices. This way you know what you are paying for and can budget for it more effectively.

Note: Many companies offer cheaper rates to attract customers but ask them to pay hidden charges in the middle of the process. So, be aware of such scams and choose the budget-friendly removalists Brisbane wisely.

5. Customer Service

From the initial phone call you make to a company, you should expect to be treated respectfully by people who maintain the highest level of professionalism. Whether you are working with a customer service representative over the phone, or a professional mover at your home, you should be treated fairly and be confident that any questions you have will be answered knowledgeably.

A professional removals Brisbane company will also guide you throughout the relocation process. There are companies that do not have patience with their customers. So make sure to choose a company that is willing to provide you with the required assistance. Professional moving companies are not only great with their services but also with their character. They only provide staff and movers that are respectful to customers.


These are five key traits to look for when choosing quality removalists Brisbane. An experienced company with a good customer service, transparent pricing policy and fully-insured team will give you peace of mind throughout the moving journey.