7 Essential Moving Day Tips To keep It Safe: COVID-19 Moving Guide

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7 Essential Moving Day Tips To keep It Safe: COVID-19 Moving Guide

Apr 21, 2020

Moving is ranked among the most stressful life events by most people under normal circumstances. However, people planning to relocate to a new place are under more duress than usual due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There is increased confusion and apprehension because most people who wish to honour their lease agreements are clueless about how to manage packing and transportation of belongings without risking contagion.

According to experienced removalists in Brisbane, the process of moving can be completed safely with preparedness, awareness and proactivity. For people who have to shift to a new home – here is a COVID-19 moving guide by experts consisting of essential moving day tips to keep it safe.

1. Research and hire reliable removalists

There are instances when people get scammed by cheap removal companies who advertise about providing excellent services at low rates. But on the moving day, impose hidden charges, do a shoddy moving job, or don’t have the necessary resources to manage everything properly. And, during this time of duress, many shady companies are willing to take advantage of people’s helplessness.

Therefore, do your research to find good and reliable removals companies in Brisbane. Learn about their market reputation, industry experience, years of operation, availability of resources, services etc. Hiring reliable removalists in Brisbane will help take off the burden of moving and provide you time to focus on completing other responsibilities.

2. Arrange for a contact-less move

Adapting to the current circumstances, most reckoned removals companies in Brisbane have started to offer ‘contact-less’ moving services. It means usually there is no face-to-face interaction with the removalists on the moving day as the customer can provide a floor map of the new home for putting things and provide instructions on phone/video calls.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, more people are opting for customised contact-less moves which can include not being present on-site during the move to being present but at a required distance to provide assistance.

While performing a contact-less move, the professionals don’t wear protective gears, only touch the items to pack/transport, don’t shake hands, and maintain the required distance from anyone present on-site. These types of moves help people have peace of mind and get their belongings handled and transported without fearing contagion.

3. Use brand new packing supplies

Whether you are availing services of professional removalists in Brisbane for packing or doing it yourself, ensuring new brand packing supplies are used is imperative. When moving during a pandemic, rather than getting used boxes, sheets, and other items for packing, you should get things that are new and sourced from a reliable shop.

You can order them online from a reputed e-commerce site or ask your hired removalists to get supplies from a trusted provider. Taking this step is necessary to avoid transmission of coronavirus and risking getting the infection.

4. Disinfect Everything

Stock on a disinfectant that will be suitable for killing germs on different surfaces, especially cardboard, plastic, glass and metals without causing damage. While moving, it is essential to disinfect below-mentioned things.

• Recently bought items and tools
• Items that are delivered to your home
• Something that will come or came in contact with the surfaces of the moving truck or other equipment used by the removalists

It would be wise to make a list of things to disinfect and ensure the right product is used to kill any bacteria or viruses on their surfaces. What’s more, after disinfecting leave the items untouched for a few days if possible to eliminate any possibility of contracting COVID-19.

5. Keep an Essentials Kit on Hand

When you have to move during a pandemic, it is more required than ever to have an essentials kit. Besides having personal items of need such as medications, snacks, keys, first-aid, charger, ID cards, and money, among other things – it is practical to have the following items on hand.

• Hand-washing liquid or a bar of soap
• Sanitiser with 60% alcohol and above
• Disposable masks
• Gloves
• A change of clothes
• Disinfecting wipes
• Disinfecting solution in a spray bottle

These items will help you to stay protected, maintain personal hygiene and sanitise whenever required.

6. Maintain hygiene at all times

Besides taking essential precautions like hiring professional removalists offering contact-less moving services and getting unused packing supplies, it is wise to maintain hygiene at all time when moving during a pandemic. Some of the steps that should be taken to keep yourself and others around you safe are listed below.

• Wash your hands after touching delivery packages, packing supplies, vehicles, etc. Also, wash them immediately upon entering the house after running an errand.
• Ask everyone in the house to wash their hands regularly and use a sanitiser when soap and water are unavailable.
• Don’t shake hands with strangers or touch things that don’t belong to you
• Keep disinfecting wipes, sanitisers, and cleaning supplies on hand to use whenever required

7. Reschedule/Cancel if Necessary

Moving is an essential activity amid the lockdown for people honouring their lease agreement and not impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. However, being flexible during this tough time and be prepared to reschedule your move due to any unforeseen circumstances is required. While preparing for a move, booking removalists in Brisbane who offer solutions for rescheduling and cancellation is necessary.

Before hiring removalists, ask about their refund policies in case of cancellations and availability of resources for rescheduling. Most reputed removals companies in Brisbane offer a full refund when cancellations are made within 24hours and can arrange removalists in case of rescheduling.

The Bottom Line

Moving during the COVID-19 pandemic may seem daunting, but it is manageable with planning, guidance, and awareness. If you are moving to a new home soon, then this COVID-19 moving guide will tremendously help because it has seven essential to keep safe. The tips are shared by professional removalists in Brisbane and will make managing your move smooth.