7 Items That Are Lifesavers When Packing Up Your Home

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7 Items That Are Lifesavers When Packing Up Your Home

Sep 26, 2019

Packing is the most challenging task when you are moving. However, if you have the right packing supplies, things can become easy. There are a few items that are a lifesaver when you are packing up your stuff. So, you need to know about these products and their utility.

If you hire experienced removalists in Brisbane, they will provide you with all the packing supplies. However, if you do it on your own, you will have to purchase them, or at least rent them from somewhere. Here are some essential items that you will need to pack your belongings perfectly. Let’s have a look.

1. Bubble Wrap

It is an essential packing supply to pack delicate and fragile items such as statuettes and figurines. It is also suitable for wrapping glasses and dishes to prevent breaking and scratches. You can buy bubble wrap from your nearby markets in Brisbane as per your choice.

It varies from small to large bubble so that you can use it for different items, and as it comes in rolls, you can easily use it. This packing supply is serrated after every 12 inches so you can easily tear it off. This is one of the must-have packing supplies which can protect your expensive items.

2. Packing Paper

Packing paper is another great option for wrapping and packing your fragile dishes, glassware and other delicate and smaller items. Apart from that, you can also use this paper as a filler to cover the space inside less-than-full boxes. Unlike newspaper, these are clean and blank. So, you don’t need to wash the dishes when you unpack after reaching your new home.

Another good thing about packing paper is that it is pretty cheap and takes up less space in comparison to bubble wrap. If you hire professional removalists, they will use it to wrap and cushion almost everything that will go inside the moving box.

3. Moving Boxes

Out of all the moving supplies, boxes are certainly the most crucial ones. Various types of boxes are available in the market, and they all have different sizes, shapes and purpose. If you have hired removalists in Brisbane, discuss with them the type of boxes you will require and their specific number. The following kinds of boxes are essential when you are packing up your home.

Wardrobe boxes

These boxes have been specially designed to transport all the hanging clothes without crumpling them while moving. It is quite easy to hang the clothes inside these boxes because they come with metal hanging bars, so they are durable. Although the wardrobe boxes are usually 2 feet wide and 3 feet long, the size of the box varies.

Mattress boxes

People often neglect the packing of the mattress during the moving process and end up damaging them. You can pack them from a nearby store in Brisbane. These boxes are a lifesaver when you are moving long-distance. These are designed to protect the mattress during the loading and transporting.

They also have a plastic mattress bag inside, which works as a shield during rain. It is available in various sizes – twin, twin XL, full, queen and king size. So, choose as per your requirement.

Flat Panel TV Boxes

If you want to protect your expensive flat-screen TVs while loading and transporting, you must have a flat panel TV box. These boxes are quite durable, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your TV. Flat Panel TV Boxes are available in three sizes (small, medium and large) as per the screen size.

Dish and Glass Boxes

These boxes are also essential for moving your expensive dishes and collection of glasses. They are quite durable and come with double-wall construction. So you can pack all your fragile items like china, dishes, crystal, and glassware in them. These boxes have cellular dividers inside which give your belongings extra protection.

4. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are one of the essential packing supplies, and thus, people use them very often. These blankets can quickly be wrapped around chairs, desks and other similar items. Secure them with tape to protect your belongings from nicks and scratches. The blankets are also useful for cushioning between your moving boxes.

They also provide extra protection in the removal truck so that your delicate items can stay in perfect condition. Moving blankets are reusable, so they are also environmentally friendly. If you hire removalists in Brisbane, they will provide some of these blankets. However, if you need additional sheets, purchase them from any nearby store.

5. Stretch Plastic Wrap

Stretch wrapping is one of the essentials when you are packing up your home. Most of the professional removalists in Brisbane use it for quick and hassle-free packing. The stretchable plastic film protects your belongings from being damaged in the transportation process due to inappropriate handling, abrupt movements, or environmental issues.

Stretch plastic wrap keeps your belongings free of moisture, dirt and dust. It also safeguards your items stored outdoors from UV rays. So, if you are packing on your own, make sure that you have enough of these wraps. They are available in different widths so you can purchase them as per your requirement.

6. Heavy-Duty Packaging Tape

You need good quality heavy-duty packaging tape to make sure that you have packed your items perfectly. Hundreds of such tapes are available in your nearby Brisbane City market in various sizes, colours and quality. As it is the responsibility of the tape to prevent the moving boxes from getting open, you must use the best possible quality.

The cheapest tape is least likely to be the stickiest. So, having the best quality tape should be your priority. Moreover, when you purchase the tape, also buy a tape gun. This can save your time and efforts.

7. Labels and Markers

Unlike other items mentioned in the list, the main purpose of these items is to keep things in an organised manner. When you have to deal with hundreds of boxes, you must keep track of all your belongings. With the help of labels and markers, it will be a lot easier for you to know what items you have packed in a specific box.

These save a lot of time during packing, loading and unpacking. Use different types of colours and markers for different rooms. The objective is to keep things organised and smooth. The labels will be of great help for the removalists in Brisbane while unloading your boxes from the truck.


Apart from these items, there are several things that can be a part of the moving process. But these are the essential items, and you must have them before packing your belongings. To get the best moving experience, you need to gather proper supplies. Use this list to ensure that you have the most important stuff with you. This way, you can enjoy a well-organised and safe move.