7 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Brisbane

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7 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Brisbane

Feb 03, 2022

Are you moving to the capital city of Queensland with your family? From picturesque landscapes to welcoming ambience, high-rise apartments to world-class schools, Brisbane is the perfect place to live and build a career.

Whether you are coming from Queensland or other states of Australia, there are certain things to consider before relocating to Brisbane. Thorough research and preparing precious belongings for home relocation require time and energy. It is good to hire professional Brisbane Removalists at least 2-3 weeks before your final moving day.

This will give you enough time to discover more about this metropolitan city, such as climatic conditions, housing prices, best suburbs to live and potential locations.

Here is a list of 7 things everyone should know before moving to Brisbane:

1. A Subtropical Climate

With over 2 million population, Brisbane is ranked as the third biggest city in Australia. The city boasts of a beautiful river, landscapes and stretched beaches.

However, most people often overlook its subtropical climate. It is one of the places where you can enjoy awesome weather all year round. If you don’t like chilly winters, move to Brisbane anytime. Although summers are hot and humid, winter is quite dry and mild.

In simple words, it is a sunny paradise. So, while packing your clothing, make sure you start by packing your winter wear as you don’t need them after relocation.

You can also donate pre-loved sweaters, jackets, and warm suits to Brisbane’s underprivileged children and families.

2. Look for Affordable Houses

The Sunshine State Capital has the most substantial property market in 2021 as many locations witnessed over 30 per cent growth in house prices. Experts believe that the property market will boom further with the increasing demand for apartments, spacious homes, and units in the current year.

The median house price is $757,194, while the average rent is $500 per week. According to property investors and real estate experts, Brisbane is still affordable compared to the other east coast cosmopolitan cities.

It is good to do proper research and find the ideal location for your new home. People who want a laidback lifestyle, spacious homes and affordable houses can move to the suburbs. If you want a luxury apartment, you can look for properties close to the CBD.

3. Know More About Liveable Suburbs

It is good to know everything about the family-friendly suburbs in the capital city of Queensland. You can contact the real estate agent or research online to find the best suburbs where you can relocate with your family. Here are some of the best small towns where you can live a quality life:

(a). Carina Heights

It is one of the best suburbs for young families and couples. It boasts open space, lush-green streets, close vicinity to schools and hospitals.

(b). Chermside West

Located just 10km north of the CBD, Chermside West is a great suburb because it has spacious homes, high-end amenities and top-rated primary and secondary schools.

(c). Kalinga

The inner north suburb of Brisbane is best known for its lush green areas, beautiful homes and vibrant shopping hub. You can come and live in this beautiful suburb with your family.

Make sure you hire trained removalists in Brisbane for the utmost safety of your household belongings.

4. Get Your Go Card ASAP

When it comes to public transport, Brisbane’s TransLink will solve your problem. It is an integrated system of trains, buses and ferries. Make sure you get a rechargeable go card as soon as you research Brisbane and enjoy the TransLink service, especially if you are a working professional. It connects you well with Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich regions.

Note: You can easily top-up your go card over the phone online if you are new in the city.

5. Find a School For Your Kids

It is important to find a good school for your children before moving to Brisbane. This should be done as soon as possible. Whichever location you choose to live in, you are likely to have your pick of best or top-rated schools.

Take your kids’ input, ask a reliable real estate agent, and search for the best schools near your new abode. Compare at least three to four schools and make the right decision depending on your specific needs.

You can also book a good removals company in advance and make they can relocate kitchen appliances safely along with heavy boxes and large furniture.

6. Focus on Your Health

You can get Medicare if you are eligible, as it will provide you with free and reliable health care.

Many big cities like Brisbane has unlimited medical centres, healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics and emergency departments.

7. Discover Weekend Getaways Spots

Packing household belongings and transiting them to the new place is a stressful experience. If you are moving to Brisbane, it is good to do some research and discover entertainment hubs and weekend getaways.

The is home to Glass House Mountains, National Part, islands, landscapes, shopping strips, restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, etc. You can plan your weekend after moving into this electrifying city.


Brisbane is a perfect city to live and raise a family. You can do proper research and keep these things in mind while moving to a new home in the Sunshine Capital. You can also hire a good removals company in Brisbane for your precious possessions because they can transit everything without causing any damage.