8 Important Tips To Keep In Mind During Interstate Moves

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8 Important Tips To Keep In Mind During Interstate Moves

Jan 17, 2018

Interstate moves can be quite overwhelming. Unlike moving to a house around the corner, you need to plan carefully and make a few significant preparations. With the right plan, your move should be an exciting experience. Before embarking on your journey to Brisbane, it helps to bear a few factors in mind.

Here are 8 important tips to keep in mind during interstate moves.

Plan Your Move

Start by planning as many elements of your move as you can. Sparing a few moments to organise everything will go a long way to help ease the stress of moving.Experts advise to come up with a checklist about two to three months before the move. List down all the products and services you’ll need so you can start shopping around for the most suitable Sydney to Brisbane removalist for your needs.

Take an inventory of everything you’ll be carrying with you and everything you’re planning to get rid of or sell. While it’s crucial to try and account for everything and set a budget, it’s also essential to allow for some flexibility as some things can change unexpectedly.

Select Your Removalist

Take the time to research potential removalists carefully to ensure you get the best value for money. Ask for referrals to get an overall impression of the company. You can get to know more about a company by viewing their website, checking out online reviews, viewing their social media or contacting them directly.

Make a list of highly recommended companies and choose one that best suits your needs. Ask for accurate quotes from several companies and don’t be afraid to pay a little more to hire a company known for its premium quality services and excellent customer service.

Moving Expenses

Moving expenses can quickly add up, ultimately increasing your total relocation costs. Where, many payments will vary depending on your supply requirements, make sure you have a budget. Some of the most prominent factors when computing relocation costs for interstate moves would be the load weight and distance travelled.

Australia, being one of the biggest countries in the world, interstate moves can mean vast distances. Try to be as accurate as possible when seeking estimates as the quote will only be as reliable as the information you provide.
Other costs to bear in mind include the cost of packaging, insurance, and surcharges for specialists in maintenance or disassembly.


To ensure the protection of your valuables, don’t forget about insurance. Check whether the removalist you’re hiring provides insurance cover and the extent of their coverage. A good removalist like Better Removalists Brisbane will offer a variety of policy options to suit your particular needs and belongings.

To help prevent the risk of damage to your items, indicate any fragile items and label all your belongings. Regardless of the level of expertise and experience of a removalist company, accidents can happen and insurance coverage should be a top priority.

Spread the Word

Remember to inform your change of address to all the relevant authorities. Notify service providers, insurance companies, energy providers, healthcare funds and the tax office that you are moving interstate. Each state has its laws so you may need to research about Brisbane and the process and costs involved in transferring your car registration and driver’s license to Brisbane.

You will also want to consider quarantine restrictions as some vegetable and animal species may not be allowed to enter some states. Notifying authorities of your planned move ensures everything runs smoothly during the move and you don’t miss out on anything when you eventually move.


If your removalist is going to help with the packing, they’ll probably supply you with packing materials. Moreover, you can never underestimate the value of smart preparations. Avoid throwing everything into moving boxes as it will only add to the mess when you arrive at your new home.

Clearly label your boxes and pack items from the same room together. Start by packing fragile and delicate items and wrapping them carefully in bubble wrap or other safe packing material. You may consider packing things based on how frequently you use them so you can have an easy time unpacking. If you have expensive jewellery, documents and other valuables, you may want to keep them with you as opposed to packing and moving them with all your other possessions.


Your Move Moving interstate as a family is no walk in the park. All family members and friends will be affected. If you have kids, you’ll need to prepare them. Involve them in the decision-making process and tell them that you’re planning the move interstate with plenty of time in advance.

You might have an easier time breaking the news to younger kids, but teenagers and young adults may need some time to warm up to the idea. If possible, try and visit the areas as a family before the move. You want to learn more about the area and put your kids’ minds at rest. Find out all about the new city, what sites to visit and what activities you can enjoy together as a family.

The Moving Day

When the moving day comes, you should plan your travel schedule and itinerary. Spend the day at home with the movers to ensure they load everything as per your instructions. Use your inventory checklist to ensure everything is packed and accounted.

Take note of any dents, marks or damages that you’ll need to doublecheck once you get to your destination. Bear in mind that an interstate move may take longer than expected, so make arrangements for alternative accommodation or storage for your belongings in case your house is not yet ready for occupancy. Starting life in a new state can be an exciting experience.

Wrapping Up

Planning your move strategically and keeping the essential factors in mind will help to ensure you enjoy your new home. Hiring the right removalist like Better Removalists Brisbane and following these important tips will give you plenty of ideas of what to expect and leave you with more time to enjoy your exciting life change.