How To Find A Great Removalist Company In Brisbane?

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How To Find A Great Removalist Company In Brisbane?

Jan 05, 2018

When it comes to moving, no matter how big or small it may appear, one of the essential things on your to-do list should be to hire a great removalist company in Brisbane to help you out in the process.

Although, it may seem that your friends and relatives can offer some help in packing and moving but the truth is that they are not trained professionals and thus it is imperative to take help of an experienced removalist.

Hiring professional removalists will ensure that your possessions are adequately packed and reach the destination safely. The entire process of moving takes not only time and energy but also knowledge about the place; you are relocating to. The best removalists in Brisbane know that the city enjoys a very mild weather throughout the year, but it is better to plan your move in Autumn (March-May) or Spring (September – November) as these seasons will provide you more dry and mild weather with appropriate temperature conditions for a smooth and comfortable move.

So, whether you are moving interstate or intrastate, book your move well in advance, for these months. In order to help you find a great removalist in Brisbane, here are some points you should contemplate while making a choice.

Start searching online

Start searching early for a reliable removalist in Brisbane as the process of finalising one may take some time. You can go online or ask for references from friends and relatives.

Their experiences can help you a great deal in making a choice as the first-hand experience is the best recommendation. Even after getting a recommendation, you should search online and shortlist a few companies which have a good track record and positive customer reviews.

Visit their website and thoroughly examine the details regarding the facilities they provide and the charges for the same. Remember, recent referrals for any company is a must and try to keep such removalists in Brisbane on your priority list.

Check Credentials

Once you have short-listed some removal companies, that suit your need, it is the time to research about them. You should not miss this step as for interstate and international removals it is vital for you to hire an experienced and licenced mover.

Also investigate that the removalist you are choosing is registered with AFRA or not. In Australia, the Australian Furniture Removers Association is the principal governing body for removalist companies. Focus on hiring a moving company which has been in the business for at least ten years or more like the experience of the company can make or break it for you.

Removals Insurance

While an experienced removalist will take all the precautions to keep your belongings safe and undamaged, you cannot deny the fact that accidents can happen anytime. So to be on the safe side, you should inquire about the insurance options from your chosen list of moving companies.

There are many types of covers available like specified events insurance, which gives protection for specific events and damages. Or the Insurance of transit, which covers goods in transit and not the ones lying in your old or new home.

The most appropriate is the one which gives cover for the whole moving process, including any damage caused to the goods in the form of scratching, chipping, denting etc. A good removal company will offer you an appropriate insurance for your belongings, whether they provide it themselves or third party insurance for your goods. So, it is in your best interest to find a removalist who offers the best cover for your belongings and thus give you peace of mind.

Ask for Quotes

After you have checked all the credentials of the shortlisted companies, call them for a quote. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from the representative about the charges, services, GST or any other storage charges etc. Also inquire about the policies about call-out fee, waiting charges etc. and then shortlist the companies that fit your budget and requirements.

Ask for in-home survey

The in-home survey is imperative before landing on the final quote. It is necessary to let the movers know and see in person not only the things you want to move but also the location of your new and old home.

By an onsite inspection, your removalist will get a chance to plan your move in advance and note down the difficulties such as restricted access, tight staircase, items that require special handling etc. You must show your mover everything you wish to move to your new home as every single thing will affect the moving cost and thus help in calculating the accurate price estimate.

Also, in some cases where delicate and fragile items are involved, your removalist may demand special packing to keep the things safe. Once your removalist gives you an accurate quote, ask for interpretation in writing, to ascertain how much you are paying for packing, insurance, hourly rate, and any storage costs. This knowledge will help you compare quotes more accurately and make a wise choice.

Confirm who will perform the job

It is essential to know who would perform the task on your moving day as in some cases, Brisbane removalists act as a middleman and subcontract moving jobs, thus shifting the actual responsibility to the third party, and in a matter of any dispute, you don’t know who has to be held responsible.

Moreover, you had trusted a company by thoroughly examining the website and word of mouth. So, it is better to hire a removalist who performs the job by themselves like Better Removalists Brisbane.

Extra Services and Features

A reputed and experienced removalist in Brisbane will offer you an extensive range of services in their package like packing and unpacking, moving supplies, packing accessories etc. according to the need of the customer. The competence of the company to offer additional services along with basic ones speaks volumes about its knowledge and experience of the industry.

By hiring such professional and experienced moving company like Better Removalists Brisbane, who provide you such wide range of services, you will make sure that your move is completed smoothly, in time and without any loss or breakage.

Wrapping Up

If you keep all above points in mind, you will surely be able to find a great removal company in Brisbane.