9 Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Move

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9 Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Move

Jul 13, 2021

Often during a house move, people declutter to remove unwanted things from their homes. Additionally, there is paper, cardboard, plastic and other types of waste, which is unavoidable. But, you can limit trash when you change residence by being responsible.

Find and book professional removalists in Brisbane offering sustainable removal services at affordable rates. Professionals can help pack and transport your belongings in an eco-friendly manner and ensure everything reaches your new home without damage or loss.

Also, follow these nine creative tips to make your move less impactful on the environment. Have a look.

1. Use Old Newspapers, Blankets & Towels As Fillers

According to The National Waste Report 2020, 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste was generated in 2018-19. Households contributed to 47% of the waste, which is why you need to be careful and limit the use of bubble wraps, plastic sheets, styrofoam moulds and other box fillers while packing.

You can use blankets, towels and sheets to wrap almost any of your property contents before placing them in boxes. Additionally, you can use old newspapers for filling gaps and cushioning items to prevent damage during loading and unloading.

2. Create An Inventory

Use a good inventory application like My Stuff, Sortly, Magic Home Inventory or any other to create a detailed list of items you need to pack and take to the new residence. Refer to the list when getting packing supplies, as it prevents you from buying extra materials.

The list will also help keep a proper record of your property contents and come in handy when your hired removalists in Brisbane arrive on the moving day.

3. Source Used Or Reusable Boxes

Besides plastic waste, there is paper and cardboard clutter during packing and relocation, but the good news is cardboard boxes are reusable and recyclable. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, paper and cardboard are among the categories with the highest recovery rates. In 2018-19, 65% of this category’s waste was recovered for recycling.

Therefore, you should either arrange used boxes for packing or purchase reusable ones. If you plan to hire professional removalists in Brisbane for packing, ensure they use recyclable supplies before booking.

4. Get Greenwrap

Say goodbye to bubble or foam wraps and get Greenwrap which is a bio-degradable alternative. It is 100% recyclable and offers high-performance protection and cushioning to household items. Many green removalists in Brisbane use this sustainable product for packing residential and commercial property contents.

5. Dispose Of Waste Responsibly

When you move house after staying in a place for a year or more, there are broken or old items, chemical products and other types of trash. To manage your relocation sustainably, ensure you dispose them off carefully and responsibly.

• Read the label of chemical products for disposal instructions.
• Contact your local Resource Recovery Centres for guidance. Brisbane has several Waste & Recycling Facilities across the city.

6. Resell Or Donate

Consider reselling things in good condition that you don’t need at your new home or never used. You can host a garage sale at your home on a weekend and notify people about it on social media. For online selling, use websites or applications like Gumtree, Garage Sale Trail, Cracker, Trading Post, Gazza’s Garage Sale etc.

Alternatively, you can donate non-perishable household items to a local charity or organisations such as RizeUp, GIVIT, The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society etc.

7. Don’t Waste Food

Buy and consume food or drinks carefully two to three weeks before the move to avoid wastage. Make sure you make a groceries list for the last weeks in advance and get supplies in moderation.

It is necessary, as your hired professional removalists in Brisbane cannot move fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and other perishable eatables.

8. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Since you need to clean and sanitise household areas and things before packing and moving, it is best to use eco-friendly cleaners. You can buy organic and non-toxic cleaning solutions, powders or pastes from reliable brands. Additionally, you can use common household items such as white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, essential oils and others to make natural cleaners at home.

9. Be Mindful Of Vehicular Emissions

While renting a moving truck, ensure it is fuel-efficient or uses eco-friendly fuel alternatives rather than petrol or diesel. In addition, make sure to:

• Take public transport for errands
• Plan your visits to the new house before moving to avoid unnecessary trips
• Carpool whenever possible

If you book professional removalists in Brisbane, then ensure their moving trucks meet the Vehicle Emission Standards set by the Australian Government.

The Bottom Line

Move to your new home sustainably to preserve the environment and keep your surroundings clean and green. Follow the tips shared above to relocate responsibly and lessen your move’s impact on the planet. Additionally, hire professional removalists in Brisbane offering eco-friendly removals services.