9 Tips For Moving House With Pets

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9 Tips For Moving House With Pets

Apr 07, 2021

Moving is a significant life event that fills you with the excitement of living in a new home and starting afresh. It is also among the most challenging task of anyone’s life and becomes even more taxing when you have pets. Commonly, pets get distressed, sad, and experience various emotions during relocation, causing them to withdraw, eat less, or have other problems.

Your beloved pooch cannot understand the process, but you can make it easier and comfortable for it. Hire professional removalists in Brisbane to manage your move and have enough time to be there for your fur baby. Additionally, follow these nine tips for moving to a new house with pets to handle everything without hassle or stress.

1. Keep Your Pet’s Microchip Up-to-Date

As per the laws for pets in Queensland especially cats and dogs, pets need to be microchipped before being sold or put up for adoption. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the unique number, pet’s information, and the owner’s contact details are correct and up to date in the pet registry database.

The new address details on the microchip of your pooch can be updated via your licensed registry service. Therefore, make sure you do this to keep your pet safe after moving.

2. Visit the Vet

Before moving out, make sure to visit the vet and get your pet medically examined to ensure it is in optimum health to travel. You should also discuss any problems your pet may be facing due to the chaos of moving. For long-distance moves, the doctor may suggest medicines that you can administer to help keep your pet calm and well during the journey.

3. Stick to Routine

Understandably, daily routines are impacted during a move as you have to complete a host of tasks simultaneously. But, shifts in your pet’s mealtimes, walks, and other things can cause severe distress to it, which is why it is essential you stick to their routine to keep them calm, assured, and in good spirits.

4. Cuddle Your Pet Often

The chaos, displacement of things, boxes, and other things in the house can affect your pet’s mental health. Therefore, take time out of your busy schedule and cuddle them for a few minutes multiple times in a day. Lend love and support to your fur baby to let it know you are present for their comfort and protection.

5. Inform Removalists You Have Pets

Prior to booking removalists in Brisbane, ensure you let the professionals know you have pets and inquire if they have rendered their services to clients with fur babies. Reputed companies have trained and experienced removalists who can easily and quickly manage the packing, handling, and transportation of belongings with pets in homes.

6. Keep Your Pet Away From the Bustle

To ensure your pet remains calm and safe while household members and your hired removalists in Brisbane pack, shift, and move your belongings from the house, keep your pet in a well-ventilated room. Stick a label or put a sign on the room’s door informing anyone in the house to not disturb the pet. When your fur baby is away from the bustle, it would be easier for it not to get agitated.

7. Familiarise your pet with the New Home & Surroundings

Rather than surprising your pet by taking them to the new home on the moving date, get them familiar with the house and its surroundings. Take your pet along while visiting the new home to help them get used to the smell, street, park, and other aspects. When pets have to leave a place of comfort and relocate to an unfamiliar environment, it can shock, distress, and isolate them. So invest some time in familiarising them with the new space.

8. Pack an Essentials Kit for Your Fur Baby

In addition to packing essential kits for household members, pack one for your pooch to have everything it might need during the move on hand. Keep toys, treats, food, water, medicines, and other things of use and comfort to your pet to make its journey and settlement in the new home easier and quicker.

9. Load Pet Belongings Last and Unpack First

Ask your hired removalists in Brisbane to load the boxes with pet belongings last on the moving truck to ensure they are unloaded first upon arrival at the new home. Additionally, after the removalists leave and you start unpacking, open these boxes first to take our essentials like the bed, rug, eating/drinking bowls, etc. It would help your pet settle and get comfortable in new surroundings without any hint of stress or hassle.

The Bottom Line

Moving is stressful and challenging as you have to take care of a variety of tasks within a stipulated time. The process can become more demanding if you have pets and don’t know how to move with them. Therefore, along with hiring pet-friendly removalists in Brisbane, follow the tips mentioned above to comfortably and efficiently move house with your beloved animals.