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02 Sep, 2019

A Checklist For Moving To Another State

Interstate moves are always taxing and expensive, especially when you are doing it for the first time. From contacting new utility companies to hiring the best Brisbane Removalists, you have to manage everything without losing your patience.

If you don’t want to end up with the chaos, create a complete checklist for an interstate move. Do your research, prepare a moving checklist and plan ahead of time to ensure the safe and secure removal of your valuable belongings.

To make your journey a stress-free one, we have got a list of things that you need to keep in mind throughout the relocation process.

With the help of this following guide, you can easily track your progress and experience a successful interstate move.

Let’s Get Started!

Eight Weeks Before the Move

Moving to the new city or state is not an easy thing. You need to prepare your kids ahead of time. Apart from this, you need trained and experienced removalists in Brisbane who can take care of your belongings throughout the journey.

If you want to arrange everything on time, then start preparing your move at least two months before the final moving day.

1. Search for the best moving company for interstate move

If you want the safe relocation of your precious household belongings, then look for the best moving company who has experience in interstate moves. You can begin your research at least two months prior to your move.

This will give you enough time to shortlist the best companies, along with their estimated prices. There are many removal companies across the state, offering different services to meet your specific needs.

So, it will be better for you to get quotes from at least three companies. This will help you compare prices and work quality before making the final decision.

2. Create a Rough Moving Budget

Moving to the new state can be an expensive event. You need to track our expenses throughout the journey to avoid last-minute chaos. That’s why it is better to create a realistic budget so that you cut off unnecessary costs and focus on the expenses that are more important to you.

Create a moving budget on excel sheet and share your budget with your hired moving company. This will help you know how much you can spend on your long-distance move so that you can plan accordingly.

3. Explore your New Neighbourhood

Before shifting to the new place, explore your neighbourhood, local markets, hospitals, restaurants, cafe, amenities and schools. Let your kids know about the place where they want to live. Create curiosity about the new residence so that they can easily adjust and start their new life again.

4. Sort and Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Thoroughly clean your old place and purge things you won't need at your new home. Get rid of unwanted items through a garage sale or donations. Make sure you prepare an inventory of all your items before arranging a garage sale.

5. Collect Credential Documents

Once you are done with packing out of season clothing and other household items, collect credential documents and official records from healthcare providers and doctors.

Four Weeks Before your Move.

At this point, focus on your moving date so that you can wrap up all the important things and reduce the stress out of your interstate move. Below are the things you need to do a month before your relocation:

1. Update your Mailing Address

This is the best time to change the address with the USPS – done it before leaving your current residence. Update your mailing address so that you can receive important documents and other financial records at your new place.

2. Contact Your Utility Service Providers

Don’t forget to contact your utility service providers and inform them about your move so that they will transfer your utilities to a new address.
Fix the date – the day after you move in, for the installation and activation.

3. Arrange Packing Supplies

Your foremost priority should be the safety of your household belongings. For that, you need to arrange the best quality of packing materials such as packing tape, paper, bubble wraps, moving boxes, marker, mattress cover, etc.

Tip: Ask your local grocery stores and liquor shops in Brisbane for used boxes. Buy them for rent to save money.

Two Weeks Before the Relocation

This phase is all about making big decisions related to the move. Since you are just two weeks before your move, have a look at the things you need to complete as soon as possible:

1. Confirm all your relocation services

Contact your hired Brisbane Removalists or rental truck company to cross-check the reservation details, for example, pick-up time, etc.

Tip: If you are shipping your car or bike, make sure you prepare it for transport.

2. Pack your Belongings Properly

Wrap your fragile as well as precious household belongings at least two weeks prior your move. Follow the packing hacks while giving extra protection to your valuables:

Pack fragile or delicate items such as artwork, antiques, glassware, picture frame and other expensive items using bubble wrap.

• Use newspapers to give an extra shield of protection to mirrors and delicate stuff.
• Use bedsheets and covers for packing
• Prepare electronic appliances before the move
• Pack small items in plastic zip bags
• Label boxes by room for better management.
• Pack an ‘emergency’ bag, etc

Tip: Leave the packing chore to the professionals if you want a safe and secure move, especially to the new city.

Move Out Day

Finally, you are done with your moving checklist, and now you have to leave all the stress to your hired removalists. So, make sure you do the following things on your final moving day:

Clear the way: Remove all the items from your front door and clear the path so that removalists can come and move your belongings safely.

Cross-check your Home: After you have packed your items and moved them into the truck, do a final walkthrough of the house and ensure everything is along with you in your truck.


Moving to another state can be an overwhelming process. But you can simplify it with the checklist mentioned-above in this article. Plan your move accordingly and relocate your belongings safely to the new address on time and budget.

For a safe and secure move, hire trained and experienced Interstate Brisbane Removalists who can take care of your valuables throughout the journey. So get ready for a seamless interstate move!