What Is The Best Season To Relocate To Brisbane?

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What Is The Best Season To Relocate To Brisbane?

Jun 28, 2018

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is the third biggest and vibrant city in Australia. The city hosts beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, modern-age shopping complexes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other high-end residential and commercial developments. People across Australia and other parts of the world are migrating to this mesmerising cosmopolitan city to embrace quality life and prosperous career. If you are also relocating from Melbourne to Brisbane, then this might be your life’s most significant decision.

Undoubtedly, interstate moves are always perplexing, and it is good to hire credible Melbourne to Brisbane Removalists to simplify the entire process. They know how to protect your possessions from damages and thus provide quality packing services. On the other side, they lead from the front and deliver your household belongings to the new residence with utmost care and responsibility.

While the safety of belongings will be on your removalists, there are some other key factors related to weather and season that needs to be considered while moving to Brisbane. It is vital to plan an entire moving process ahead, include the month and season of your move if you want to prevent your items from damages that could happen due to rain, storm and humidity. Once after examining the logistics of the relocation and completing your paperwork, make sure you schedule your moving day depending on the weather of Brisbane.

Brisbane Seasons: When to move?

Brisbane boasts a subtropical climate, which means, fantastic weather all year round. However, summers are quite hot and humid, but winters are relatively dry and mild. For those who are planning to relocate in Brisbane, make sure you do thorough research and find out the best season and month for a safe and secure interstate move. Also, have a look at the current weather conditions in Brisbane.

Summer Season (December- February)

Average temperature during summer range from 21 – 29.8 °C, and the city witnessed its highest rainfall with an average of 426.6 mm. This can lead to thunderstorms and occasional floods- which is not at all suitable for relocation.

This reason is enough to convince you that summers are not ideal if you are relocating to Brisbane. Your possessions may get damaged due to thunderstorms or floods. Though some people move during this phase of the season, they cover their moving belongings against flood and any other natural calamity.

Also, moving in December can be difficult as it is the month of festivities with many things demanding your attention. Thus, if you have flexible moving schedules, then it is better to avoid summer season.

Autumn Season (March-May)

This is one of the best seasons for relocation. You can plan your move during March to May as the average temperature drops between 15 to 25 °C –which cuts down the level of humidity and rainfall. If you want a safe, damage-free and hassle-free relocation, then schedule your move during Autumn Season.

Plan your moving process and purge out the things that are no longer in use. This will reduce the weight as well as the cost of your move. Apart from this, make sure you create an inventory list so that you can carry out the packing chore with ease. Let your moving company pack your belonging safely using top quality materials and custom boxes. Quality packing ensures the success of your far distance moves.

Winter Season (June- August)

Relocation to Brisbane during winters can be accomplished if you take safety precautions carefully. The weather in winter is dry and mild with average temperatures between 11-21 °C. It is good to avoid early mornings and nights shifting as the temperature drops below 9 °C. If you have to move during this season, then use high quality packing tape and bubble wraps to protect your possessions from damages. Moving Daytime during winters is perfect.

Spring Season (September-November)

Brisbane’s spring is similar to the autumn season. The weather remains warm, that is tempered by chilled sea breezes. If you are relocating from Melbourne to Brisbane, then it is good to pick up spring season. The level of humid is relatively low as compared to January and February.

Things to Consider During Interstate Moves

1. Planning is vital

Make your interstate move a smooth and damage-free one by creating an entire plan ahead of time. You should know the best time to move so that you can arrange the tasks accordingly. Also, make a list of items that you want to take along to the new house. Don’t forget to estimate your budget because long-distance relocations are always expensive.

2. Hire an Experienced Removalists Company

After estimating your moving budget, the next step is to find a reliable removal company that can assist you in difficult chores. Make sure the company you choose has experience in interstate moves otherwise you could lose your belongings due to their unskilled approach. It is good to do complete research and read customer reviews before taking the final decision.

3. Engage in Packing Chores

Packing is one of those processes that determine the success of your move, especially interstate ones. It is good to invest in quality packing materials and supplies if you want to secure your valuable possessions from damages. Also, buy custom moving boxes to protect your fragile items and other belongings from the uncertain weather.

4. Notify your Utility Companies

Most of the people overlook this step. If you are shifting to Brisbane, make sure you notify all your utility service providers in Brisbane as well as Melbourne, such as electricity, water, Internet, Telephone, etc. about your move. Inform them that you will be discontinuing their services at the current address and plan to reconnect at a new residence.

5. Re-check your moving date

Check your travel plans and moving date so that you can prepare an alternative accommodation plan in your new address (if required for a few days). Make sure you and your belongings are prepared well for a move.


Moving to Brisbane can be challenging if you plan it during summers and winters. The best season to move to Brisbane is autumn and spring. Make sure you prepare your relocation process ahead of time to make things accessible for you. Also, hire professional Melbourne to Brisbane Removalists if you want to ensure the safety of your belongings.