Do’s And Don’ts When Packing Furniture For Moving

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Do’s And Don’ts When Packing Furniture For Moving

Mar 22, 2022

You have a ton of things to manage during a house move, among which packing furniture for transport or storage is a major task. It requires attention to detail, patience and expertise because the risk of bulky and large furniture items toppling is high.

An estimated 2,600 Australians need medical treatment for injuries caused by toppling furniture and televisions annually. Therefore, it is best to let professional removalists in Brisbane handle and move your furniture to avoid hassle, stress or injuries. Besides taking their assistance, look at the following do’s and don’ts of packing furniture for moving safely and securely. You can save a lot of time, energy and effort by being proactive and smart with furniture packing.

Furniture Packing Do’s

Professional removalists in Brisbane offer complete furniture packing and moving solutions for homeowners and tenants. However, if you don’t wish to avail of their services for packing your couch, shelves, bedside tables, dresser, TV trolley etc., then here is what you must do.

Create An Inventory

Furniture is expensive, and misplacement or damage to it during a house move means more financial burden on your household. Therefore, create an inventory of every piece and outline important details like type, weight, size, location, etc. Do this activity after reselling or donating furniture you don’t need at the new home. Using the inventory, you can speed and streamline the packing process.

Dismantle When Necessary

Unless the items are small and easy to move in one piece through pathways, doors, stairs and hallways, you should dismantle them before packing to increase ease of movement. Take pictures and videos of furniture with multiple parts to reassemble it successfully upon arrival at the new home.

Clean & Treat Furniture

Wooden furniture can accumulate dust, dirt, grime, and even termites if you don’t clean and treat them before packing. Thus, inspect the furniture to ensure it is sanitary and pest-free to avoid degrading its structural integrity in storage or introducing contaminants/pests in your new home.

Use Moving Blankets & Plastic Wraps

These packing supplies come in handy whether you have to pack large items or small ones. Moving blankets offer cushioning to the items protecting them during loading/unloading and transportation. Plastic wraps are necessary for keeping moving blankets in place and prevent moisture, dust, and grime on the items.

Protect Corners

Banging corners against walls, doors frames, stairs, and other things is common during handling and movement. Therefore, you must protect them with cardboard or Styrofoam cubes, packing tape and bubble wraps. It is a professional trick removalists Brisbane use to prevent scuffing of furniture corners.

Furniture Packing Don’ts

A lot can go wrong when you pack and move furniture without proper planning and preparation. Here’s what you mustn’t do when packing household furniture items.

Handle Items Incorrectly

The risk of physical injury during furniture handling increases when you don’t use proper techniques. For example, use the strength of your legs to lift instead of your arms to avoid muscle pulls or other injuries.

Not Using Quality Packing Supplies

You need quality materials for securing furniture items during a house move. Ensure to get superior-grade moving blankets, bubble/foam wraps, packing tape and plastic wrap in abundance to avoid hassle while packing.

Lifting Furniture Instead Of Sliding

To save time and energy while packing furniture, avoid lifting items and use sliders or other moving equipment to handle furniture like an expert. If you have to pick bulky items, ensure one person lifts them from one side and another from the other side. It is a professional technique removalists in Brisbane employ to avoid injury during furniture packing.

Pack Delicate/Furnished Only With Plastic/Bubble Wraps

Don’t make the moving day mistake of wrapping furniture directly with plastic or bubble wrap, as they can stick and ruin finishes. This mishap can occur, especially during hot and humid seasons. Always secure furniture with packing paper then a moving blanket or sheet (if necessary) while packing. Also, make sure the initial layer of protection is blank, and its colour doesn’t leak.

Rush the Packing Process

Wrapping and securing furniture is time-consuming and requires the usage of proper techniques. Therefore, you cannot rush the process and entirely rely on an item’s sturdiness to ensure it reached the new home without damage. You must dedicate time, energy and patience to carefully pack furniture without leaving exposed parts. Take the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane if you are moving at short notice or cannot pack furniture meticulously for any reason.

The Bottom Line

Packing furniture is challenging and back-breaking, especially when you do it for the first time. Therefore, most people prefer taking the assistance of furniture removalists in Brisbane to manage the strenuous task of furniture packing for storage or transportation. However, if you are up to the task, follow this guide outlining the do’s and don’ts of furniture packing during a house move.