Eco-Friendly Relocation: Moving Home Without Harming The Environment

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Eco-Friendly Relocation: Moving Home Without Harming The Environment

Nov 25, 2021

When people relocate, they use cardboard boxes, packing papers, tapes, stretch wraps, bubble wraps, etc., to ensure the safety of their belongings. However, they overlook the fact that millions of tonnes of such things end up in the Australian landfills and lead to pollution.

Therefore, when you make plans for your move, it is advisable to pay attention to the factors that can minimise wastage. This is how to can relocate smoothly and protect the environment. If you are opting for professional removalists in Brisbane, then make sure they follow an eco-friendly approach.

All reputed moving companies understand the significance of protecting the environment, so they carry out the moving process accordingly. Apart from hiring a removals company, there are several other things that you need to do.

Read on to know more about how to relocate without harming the environment.

Get Rid of Excess Items

The first step towards eco-friendly relocation is to get rid of all of the items you no longer use or you won’t need in your new home. You can organise a garage sale to get rid of such things. Always remember that the lesser stuff you have, the minimum packaging materials you would require. Furthermore, it will help you in avoiding unnecessary back-and-forth trips with the moving truck, resulting in less consumption of fuel.

Donate Your Things Instead of Wasting

Consider giving your belongings that you don’t want to take with you to your new house and also can’t sell. Leaving them behind or tossing them in the trash will lead to more problems rather than solving them. So, try to contact a nearby NGO in Brisbane and explain to them that you want to donate some of your belongings. If you want to don’t want to take your furniture along with you, then you should know where you can donate furniture in Brisbane. But whatever you want to donate should be in a good condition.

Use Recycled Moving Boxes

If you want to use cardboard boxes, search for ones that have been used previously. You can reach out to your neighbours, family, friends, co-workers and even go to a local recycling centre. Also, you can get the boxes from a liquor store or a grocery store in your area. Cardboard boxes can be reused multiple times before being properly discarded. It’s also a budget-friendly option for relocation.

Use Plastic Bins and Boxes

Plastic bins and boxes are more beneficial than cardboard boxes, which frequently end up in landfills. These strong plastic containers protect your belongings and keep them safe during loading, transit, and bad weather. You can rent these plastic bins from a nearby store or removals companies and return them once the relocation is over. These boxes are perfect for transporting heavy objects such as book collections and tools. The best removalists in Brisbane, Queensland, use such boxes for moving.

Avoid Packing Materials

Stretch wraps, packing sheets, bubble wraps, tapes, and other packing materials are not only expensive, but they also end up in the trash when you are done with the relocation and unpacking process. You can save money on the packing materials and avoid their wastage by using old blankets, t-shirts, curtains, towels, and other similar items. These things will also protect your fragile items.

Use Containers that You Already Have

If you have travel bags or a suitcase at home, you must use them to pack your belongings. These containers have more storage capacity than your expectations. This way, you can significantly minimise the number of cardboard boxes. It is also a good idea to borrow luggage or large travel bags from friends and family, if required. It is also a great way to accomplish a cost-effective move.

Hire Movers Who Care About the Environment

Hiring the top Brisbane removalists is perhaps the most stress-free and hassle-free option to relocate. However, before you use the removalists for the moving purpose, research properly and prefers those that provide environmentally friendly solutions. Examine the companies by reading online reviews and speaking with their previous customers. In short, research a company’s market reputation before you finalise it.

Check the Moving Truck

You must rent a moving truck if you are moving on your own. Before finalising any company, thoroughly inspect the moving truck that you will hire. It must be in good condition and have all the necessary paperwork, including a pollution certificate. You should also know the kind of fuel the truck runs on. Moving companies that care about the environment have begun to use biodiesel fuel.

Dispose of Chemicals in a Safe Way

It is not advisable to move dangerous chemicals like acid, automobile batteries, paint, thinner, pesticides, firecrackers, and other similar items. But that doesn’t mean you can leave them behind, toss them into the garbage can or dispose of them in any other similar way. Getting rid of them without planning can be extremely harmful to the environment. As a result, speak with environmentalists and concerned officials on how to dispose of them without harming the environment.


It is important for you to relocate in a hassle-free manner and ensure your belongings’ safety. However, it is equally essential to carry out the relocation without harming the environment. So, whenever you decide to relocate, follow the tips mentioned above. If you want to accomplish a stress-free and eco-friendly move, contact a reliable removals company in Brisbane.