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20 Aug, 2020

House Moving Brisbane: 7 Things Which Help Make Everything Easier

Home relocation is considered as one of the most stressful events, particularly if you are moving for the first time. From finding the most suitable housing option to buying packing materials, wrapping household belongings to transferring utilities, you have plenty of things to do in a specified time.

The stress automatically doubles when you are moving to the world’s most liveable cities, which is known as Brisbane. The city is best known for its plush lifestyle and beautiful abodes. Moving a house to this city needs a lot of planning and research.

To ensure a safe and sound move, make sure you hire the most professional Brisbane Removalists. They will come to your place with all the necessary materials and cutting-edge tools to lift and transit your belongings with extreme care.

However, with little planning and care, you can also move your home to Brisbane without making any blunders. Here is the list of 7 things that you should consider to simplify your moving process.

1. Create A Moving Strategy

A proper strategy can help you avoid common mistakes while packing or lifting precious household belongings. Start the process by creating a complete strategy at least 12 to 8 weeks before your moving day.

This will help you arrange things according to their priorities to avoid last-minute chaos. For example, preparing a rough budget will help you track your expenses while a proper moving checklist keeps your tasks in an organised way.

Whether it is about packing delicate items or arranging the best removalists in Brisbane, you can plan things ahead of time to streamline the entire process- from start to end.  If you are doing it on your own, rent the right size of your moving truck for the safety of your belongings.

2. Explore the New Place

Whether you are moving to Fortitude Valley or New Farm, make sure you do complete research about the area before the final move out. From buying a suitable home to finding the best school for your kids, you need to manage everything along with other important tasks related to packing chores. Exploring the affordable housing option in Brisbane requires a lot of market research and planning.

That’s why it is good to take assistance from a real estate agent who can help you know the key amenities of your new area, local school, and other imperative things related to the new residential property.

Make sure you research everything before finalising the deal so that you can easily move into your new home.

3. Search for the Best Removalists

Instead of taking assistance from your friends and family members, it is imperative to hire an experienced moving company in Brisbane that can take the stress out of your move without causing any damage to household belongings.

It is good to ask your colleagues, family and friend for genuine recommendations that they have used in the past. You can also research the best Removalists in Brisbane online. Make sure you shortlist at least three to four service providers and compare their estimates before making the final decision.

Also, look for good reviews by their previous customers so that you can discover more about the quality of their services, professional approach and other aspects that can help you experience safe and secure relocation.

Tip: Begin the searching process at least 6 weeks prior to your move so that you can find the best option at the most affordable price.

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Do not forget to get rid of unused or unnecessary items available in your home before packing your belongings. Taking unwanted stuff to the new house can increase the load of the moving truck, which in turn cost you high- which is not a good decision.

Inspect all your rooms and gather all the items that you need to toss, donate or sell before moving to a new place. This will help you save a lot of time and money while packing and transiting your household belongings.

Tip: Prepare a list of items you don’t need before starting your packing process. It is good to donate the unused items that are in working condition to the local charity in Brisbane.

5. Start Packing As Early As Possible

Packing plays a vital role when it comes to achieving a successful. Instead of waiting for the last few days, you should begin the packing process as soon as possible. After getting rid of unnecessary items, you can arrange all the packing materials, such as packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, boxes, blankets, cushions, etc to protect your delicate items from damages.

Wrap your fragile items, such as glassware, artwork and grocery in a bubble wrap before putting inside the box. Also, fill the empty spaces in the box using crumpled newspaper for extra protection. Apart from this, pack heavy items such as books in small boxes and light stuff, like pillow and blankets in the bigger one. Don’t overstuff your boxes as it makes the job difficult for removalists to lift and shift the heavy boxes.

6. Label Your Boxes

Labelling packed boxes is one of the best ways to organise the entire process, especially when you move into your new house. Use relevant names on moving boxes or different colours of packing tape so that you can keep them organised.

For example: If you have packed fragile items in a moving box. Secure it from packing tape and write ‘fragile items’ on the box using a permanent marker. This will help your mover to lift delicate belongings with extra care and responsibility.

7. Get Moving Insurance

Moving expensive belongings can be a risky process. You could lose precious items if not handled carefully. That’s why it is good to get the insurance for your moving items so that you can get the coverage against the loss or damage of your belongings. Contact your insurance company to make sure you are covered for the relocation. Always remember that moving companies don’t provide full insurance coverage. You will need to find a reliable one for your belongings throughout the process.


It is important to keep these seven things in mind while moving your home to Brisbane. Planning ahead of time will save you from potential risks and give you a sense of relief. For a stress-free experience, contact the most professional Brisbane removalists who can take care of your belongings throughout the process.