How To Avoid Injuries When Moving House?

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How To Avoid Injuries When Moving House?

Jul 01, 2020

Moving is not only a mentally taxing activity because it takes a toll on your physical health too due to the various moving-related tasks one has to perform. These tasks include lifting, handling, shifting, and packing a host of small to large property contents. While most people nowadays prefer to hire professional Brisbane removalists to manage the handling and transportation of their property contents, there remains a requirement to move things.

Specialists are trained and experienced, making the lifting and shifting activities for them easier to manage. For non-specialists, the same actions can lead to severe injuries, strains, cuts, bruises, scrapes, etc. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know how to avoid injuries when moving house. Here is a complete guide by professional Brisbane removalists to help you move small to medium loads hurting yourself or those around you.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment & Have First Aid Kit On-Hand

Before performing any moving-related tasks that may lead to injury wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary. These would include gloves, mask, eyewear, shoes, support belt for back/shoulder, knee caps, and comfortable overalls (avoid wearing too loose or tight clothing). These gears will help you avoid getting cuts, scrapes, bruises, or other small injuries while packing, shifting, or handling different kinds of belongings.

In addition to wearing personal protective equipment, experienced Brisbane removalists advise having first aid kit on hand. It should contain antiseptic solution/cream, bandages, scissors, dressing gauze and more. In case there is any injury, it can be tended to immediately when there is a first-aid kit available.

Don’t Over Pack Boxes

As a general rule of packing when moving house, a box should not weigh over 50 pounds as per professional Brisbane removalists. When a box is overstuffed, the chances of it becoming too heavy to handle and lead to injury if not picked carefully.

Many people make the mistake of getting big boxes for packing and making huge loads to move. In case there are moving equipment available to lift these boxes, or you have hired professional removalists then it can be managed. However, for DIY moves, it is best to avoid overpacking of property contents because moving them without assistances of specialists will lead to harm.

Apply the Right Techniques

One of the prime reasons why professional Brisbane removalists lift, move, and handle heavy loads without suffering any physical harm is because they apply the right techniques. They are trained and experienced to handle packed and unpacked belongings in certain ways to avoid physical injury or strain. Here are some of the techniques which you can apply while moving house.

• Don’t lift packages, items, or anything over your head no matter how light it is to carry.
• While lifting any item, use your legs to carry the weight, not your back. One your legs, bend the knees and keep your spine straight while picking small or heavy load.
• Always keep heavy objects close to your body and balanced in relation to it
• Don’t try to rush the activity of lifting, shifting, or pushing your belongings. Take small steps when moving a load
• Gauge the weight of a box to know whether it can be lifted alone or you will require assistance

Keep Everything Organised

A lot of injuries people suffer while handling and moving boxes and items is due to poor organisation and placement of household belongings. Whether packing or shifting it is vital to keep hallways, pathways, and entrances clear to avoid trampling or tripping. Falling while carrying any load can cause severe bone fractures, sprains, joint displacement or other painful injuries.

Therefore, make sure to clear one area of the house to keep all the things that are packed and away from the ways. Don’t litter your house with packing supplies and mess as it can cause anyone in the household to sustain injuries. In addition, before moving the packed boxes and items to the truck let everyone in the household not involved in the process to stay away and keep pathways clear.

Take the Assistance of Professionals

The best way to avoid harming yourself and others during the process of packing and moving your belongings is to take the assistance of professional Brisbane removalists. Here are the reasons why hiring professionals is beneficial and a healthier choice.

• The specialists are skilled and certified with training to pack, load/unload and transport small to large loads without any problem
• They have a variety of moving equipment such as cranes, dollies, harnesses, straps, etc.
• They wear appropriate protective gear and know the right techniques to handle loads
• Professionals always perform removals in teams of two or more, lessening the chances of the burden falling on one person only.

Wrapping Up

Moving your belongings is a physically laborious activity that needs to be performed safely and carefully to prevent substantiating injuries. Therefore, for people who are moving, knowing the tips mentioned above in this guide by professional Brisbane removalists is crucial. It will help you learn how to avoid injury to household members and yourself when moving house.