How To Declutter Your Home When Moving?

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How To Declutter Your Home When Moving?

Aug 02, 2021

Packing your belongings and moving them to your new home is always the most time-consuming and challenging part of the relocation process. Therefore, decluttering before moving out of home is always an excellent idea. It will not only save your precious time, energy and money but also give you a chance to have a fresh start in your new home.

So, get rid of the overstuffed closets and junk drawer full of items you did not even know you own. Instead of taking clutter with you, use the moving process as an opportunity to simplify things and make your new abode more spacious.

The decluttering process can be a time-consuming task, so make sure that you start it as early as you decide to move. If you are opting for the professional removalists in Brisbane and their packing service, make sure you get rid of all the excess items before they arrive. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of confusion. To carry out the declutter process, you need to follow some guidelines.

Read on to know more about how to declutter your home when moving.

Step 1: Items to Keep

When you are decluttering, you need to start looking for useful items that you will need in your new home. Make sure you do not toss them or donate them by mistake.

Costly Furniture: It doesn’t make any sense to get rid of your costly furniture and purchase new ones. Moving is already costly, so you must avoid unnecessary expenses.

Clothes: Take out everything in your closets and decide what you will wear and whatnot. Keep clothes that are in fashion, and outfits that you wear often.

Memorable Items: You should also keep things that have a great sentimental value. Such items could be the wines glass you received on your first anniversary, bone china crockery of your mother, and so on.

Things That You Can Recycle:If an item I not useful in its original form, try to figure out if you can modify it.  An old faded coffee mug can be turned into a colourful pen stand, or an old cotton t-shirt can become a duster.

Step 2: Items to Sell

Once you have decided what to keep, it is time to keep aside items that you can sell in a garage sale. This money can help you to cover the moving cost to an extent. It is one of the creative tips for a more sustainable move.

Small and Old Furniture: If you don’t want to take small furniture like a side table, coffee table or bookshelf, then you can sell them.

Gym and Sports Equipment: If you do not use your gym equipment or sports equipment, you should sell them. You can get a good price for such items.

Kitchen Appliances: If your microwave, mixer or juicer is old and you want to purchase a new one, it is the right time to sell such things.

Electronics: You can also sell your television, computer or music system. Apart from a garage sale, you can also sell them online.

Step 3: Items to Donate

During the declutter process, you will come across several things that do not have a good resale value. You can also always donate such things to homeless people or contact an NGO in your locality.

Packed Food: If you have a lot of packed food, but you cannot move them with you, you should donate the food items to homeless people or some NGO.

Books: If you are moving to a place that doesn’t have enough space for your massive book collection, you should donate your books to a nearby school or college.

Clothes in Good Condition: If you have clothes that you have only used once or twice and do not want any more, then you should consider donating the clothes.

Kitchen Items: You might be using mismatched glass and dishes for years, but this is the right time to donate them and replace them with a new complete set.

Step 4: Item to Toss

At the end of the declutter process, you will need to think about items that you cannot take with you, sell or donate. You do not have any other options than tossing them into the garbage.

Pesticides and Chemicals: Reputed Removals Company in Brisbane will not move things like fertiliser, acid, paint and thinner, cleaning solution, etc., are not advisable to carry with you. So discard them properly.

Expired Food and Beauty Products: Expired food and beauty products can cause all kinds of health issues to throw them without any hesitation.

Broken Appliances, Furniture, and Electronics: If any of your kitchen items, electronics or furniture is damaged, tossing them is the only option you have.


Whether you are moving to a new city or the next suburb, moving with all your belonging is always stressful. However, you can reduce the stress to a great extent if you declutter your home by following the steps mentioned above. To make the moving further easy and ensure the safety of the belongings, contact reliable removalists in Brisbane. They will help you to experience a smooth relocation.