How To Pack Picture Frames And Mirrors For Moving

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How To Pack Picture Frames And Mirrors For Moving

Sep 10, 2021

Several household items are easy to wrap and box during a move, but picture frames and mirrors are not among them. These are delicate items that require special attention and care while packing because the risk of breaking is high with them.

You can avail of full-moving service from professional removalists in Brisbane to ensure all your belongings are packed and transported without any kind of stress or hassle. However, if you plan to pack yourself, then have a look at this complete guide outlining expert tips to pack picture frames and mirrors for a move.

Create An Inventory

First, declutter your belongings to get rid of broken items and things you don’t need at your new home. Remove items you haven’t used for six months and don’t plan to use at least once a year.

Afterwards, create an inventory of all the picture frames and mirrors you need to pack. In list mention important details like the size of the items, the room where they belong and the boxes’ location afterwards. The inventory will help you get the right number of packing supplies and make it easier for your hired removalists in Brisbane to locate the boxes when they arrive on the moving day.

Be Prepared Before Packing

Once the inventory is complete, the next step is to get the right packing supplies for the picture frames and mirrors. Before you purchase boxes, see if you have the original boxes in your house to reuse them. For frames and mirrors, if you cannot find the original packing, here are the packing supplies you will need.

• Flat boxes in small, medium and extra-large sizes as per requirement.
• You can use telescopic picture and mirror boxes individually or attach them to another to make more space for large mirrors and frames.
• Bubble or foam wraps to cushion the items.
• Packing tape to secure the boxes and also the bubble or foam wrap.
• Newspaper, blankets, bedsheets, pillow covers, towels, etc.

Some of these supplies you can easily find in your home, the others you need to buy. If you are using professional removalists in Brisbane to manage packing, they will bring the supplies, and you don’t have to worry about getting them.

Use The Right Techniques

While packing delicate items like picture frames with glasses and mirrors, you must lay them on a blanket or cushioned surface. This way, you reduce the risk of the glasses or mirrors breaking and harming you. In addition, follow these techniques to ensure you securely pack the items.

• Tape one end of the box before putting any frame or mirror inside to ensure it doesn’t side out when it is vertical.
• You can stack multiple small frames in a big box after wrapping them with foam wrap. It helps save space and packing material.
• Make sure the boxes you use are about 30% bigger than the actual size of the frame or mirror. It allows rooms for the bubble wrap, newspaper or any other wrapping material you have used.
• Always pack frames with the glass side facing the newspaper or paper wrapper and secure the ends at the back. Similarly, when you wrap the items again with bubble or foam wrap, repeat the same technique.
• To fill the extra space in any box, stuff with crushed newspaper or packing peanuts.

Label Everything Appropriately

Whenever professional removalists in Brisbane pack delicate items like mirrors, picture frames, crockery, art pieces, etc., they label them as fragile. It helps them know which boxes to handle with extra care, load at the end and unload first.

Therefore, when you are packing picture frames and mirrors, make sure you mention on the boxes the items inside and that they are delicate. You can use a packing tap with fragile written on it or write the word yourself with a black marker.

Additionally, to ensure you know which room they belong to, choose labels with a different colour. For example, bedroom picture frames and mirrors get blue labels, but living room items get red ones.

Don’t Over Stuff Boxes

People often make the mistake of overstuffing packing boxes that causes the cardboard to tear during handling or loading/unloading. Plus, when over packed boxes are jostled or pressured during transit, the items inside are at risk of breaking, especially when they have glass components or are made of delicate material. Also, you need to ensure each box you pack does not weigh more than 20-22 kg because it is difficult to pick or move heavy boxes.


While boxing picture frames and mirrors, you need to be careful because these are fragile items that can easily break. If you lack the time, energy or expertise to pack, hire professional removalists in Brisbane to manage the task for you. However, when you want to pack your belongings, follow the tips shared above to ensure the picture frames and mirrors remain intact and damage-free.