How To Pack & Unpack Your Pantry Like A Pro

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How To Pack & Unpack Your Pantry Like A Pro

Mar 30, 2021

When you move out, your kitchen is the most difficult room to pack. No room give you more stress than your cooking area. From kitchen utensils, pots, and cups, to plates, glassware and other similar items, there are several things to pack. When you have so many things, it is possible to forget about some crucial area like your pantry! It is one of the last spots in the house that get your attention.

When you perform the task in a hustle, you experience chaos, and the pantry items do not get packed appropriately. It also affects your unpacking process because you take everything with you, including the expired food items. That is why you should opt for reliable packaging service in Brisbane. Whether it is your clothes, electronics, or the pantry stuffs, the experts pack everything properly.

You can also perform the task on your own and in a stress-free manner. All you need is some time, so start your packing as early as possible. In case you need more time to focus on essential tasks like packing the pantry, hire the best removalists in Brisbane. They save a lot of time.

Read on to know more about how to pack & unpack your pantry like a pro.

How to Pack Your Pantry

The key to packing the pantry is to do it at the right time. Do not keep it for the last day, or you will get confused, and that will lead to chaos. Pack your pantry at least a couple of days before you move.

  • Make a List – When you are ready to pack your pantry, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a list of all the food items that you have in it. People usually have tinned tomatoes, canned tuna, powdered milk, dry spaghetti, flour, rice, rolled oats, tinned vegetables and fruits, spices, herbs, etc., in their pantry. Prepare the list to carry out the packing process smoothly.
  • Get Rid Of Expired Products – Once you have prepared the list of all the items that you have in your pantry, check for the expiry date of every item. You will be surprised to see that several food packets are already expired. It doesn’t make any sense to move such items so, toss them into the trash can. Check the bottles or packets that are about to finish and use them to prepare meals before you move.
  • Pack them Perfectly – When you are packing the pantry stuff, use medium size boxes. It will keep all the food items compact inside the box. As a result, they will remain safe during loading and transportation. If there is a ketchup or olive oil bottle, cover them properly with bubble wrap and packing paper. High-quality packing will prevent any cracks or leakages.
  • Label the Box – After packing the pantry items, put a label on the box. Many people forget to label the boxes, which can create confusion during the unpacking process. So, put a label because you need to unpack it first after the move, along with other kitchen items. The tag on the boxes will also help the removalists in Brisbane to handle and load the pantry items appropriately.

How to Unpack your Pantry

Once you have reached your new home, the first thing you need to do is to set up your kitchen so that you can start cooking. When you are organising your kitchen, you need to pay attention to the pantry. If you want to ensure the safety of all your belongings, including the food items of your pantry, hire reliable removalists in Brisbane.

  • Clean the Pantry Shelves – To make sure your new kitchen is free from dirt and germ, you should clean and disinfect every corner of the room, including the pantry area. Wipe the shelves and drawers with disinfectant wipes to hydrogen peroxide. If you do not have enough time, you can hire professionals to get the job done. After cleaning the room perfectly, you should start to organise it.
  • Unpack the Pantry Items – When you are organising your kitchen, one of the first thing you should unpack is your pantry items. From dry spaghetti, flour, and rice, to rolled oats, tinned vegetables, and ketchup bottle, take out everything from the cardboard box carefully and place them on the shelves. After all, these food items will help you to start your cooking. While unpacking, make a list of things that you need in your pantry. You can later visit the nearby grocery store and purchase them.
  • Place the Food Items Smartly – When you are placing your food items on the pantry shelves, do it smartly. Things like flour, rice, sugar, milk powder, etc. that you use very frequently should be on the front side. Items that are extra or things that are used rarely should be at the back.

The Bottom Line

Packing and unpacking the pantry doesn’t have to a daunting task. All you need to do is to plan your packing process properly and follow the ways mentioned above. If you want to save you time and energy, contact a professional removals company in Brisbane. They will help you to pack and move you stuff in a safe and stress-free manner.