How To Pack Your Collectibles For A House Move

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How To Pack Your Collectibles For A House Move

Jan 24, 2022

Relocating fragile collectibles tend to be the most strenuous task. The humidity and heat can ruin or damage your precious possessions during the move. In addition to this, some collections have monetary value, and you don’t want to lose them due to silly mistakes.

You can hire professional Brisbane removalists to pack valuable collectibles. They will bring high-quality boxes and necessary tools to transit your household belongings as well as delicate collections without causing any damage. The best thing is that they strictly follow COVID-19 precautionary guidelines while packing and moving your stuff.

However, most people want to pack their valuable items on their own. Whether you have wine glasses, vinyl records, or other delicate collectibles, you need quality materials and the right packing tricks for their utmost safety.

Here are some helpful packing tips to keep your collectibles safe throughout the moving journey.

1. Get Quality Boxes

Delicate household belongings need special boxes for damage-free relocation. You should stock up on corrugated cardboard boxes because they are sturdy, thick and available in different sizes.

Get boxes that have a larger flute size, especially while packing breakable items. It is good to buy new boxes instead of asking grocery stores for used ones. Why? Because you need stronger boxes, but used ones tend to lose their structural strength.

Arrange special boxes for packing wine bottles and glasses. They are different from regular moving boxes, and that’s why you need to gather them before getting to the packing process.  You can also arrange the best moving boxes to pack every room ahead of time and streamline the process.

2. Arrange Necessary Packing Supplies

You will need the necessary supplies to pack delicate and valuable collectibles for safe and sound transition. Make sure you arrange:

• Shipping tape
• Acid-free paper
• Protective bags
• Bubble wraps
• Packing paper

You can also use blankets, old towels, and other eco-friendly materials for the relocation of valuable collections. Make sure you do a thorough research and hire the best removals company in Brisbane for a safe and sound experience.

3. Pack Your Collectibles Carefully

Depending on the type and nature of your household collections, you can pack up them using proper materials. Here are some quick tips for wrapping different valuable items:

A. Ceramics, Glass and Pottery Items

• Pack each piece in bubble wrap or sheets of packing paper
• Add cushioning at the bottom of each box using peanuts and paper.
• Fill the empty gap with paper
• Put items upright
• Secure the box using tape.

B. Wine

Wine bottles can be very risky to move. Not only they are highly-breakable, but fluctuation in temperatures and humidity can ruin your exclusive wine collection.

• Use shipping box sets that include 12 smaller boxes for 12 bottles
• Make sure the box does not weigh more than 40 lbs.
• Place bottles horizontally so that the cork remains throughout the journey.
• If possible, book a climate-controlled moving van. Contact your Brisbane Removalists for more details.

C. Documents and Posters?

• Make sure you pack credential documents and papers in one folder.
• Keep album, frame and posters in one box.
• Pack them using bubble wrap and packing paper.
• Posters can be wrapped into poster tubes.

It is good to follow proper tips and tricks to move moving paperwork and important moving documents for a stress-free experience.

4. Don’t forget Magazines and Comic Books

It is easy to forget these collectibles while packing more valuable and expensive household items. Well, you can pack comics and magazines in sturdy plastic sheets, also known as Mylar bags. This will protect your books from moisture, general wear and tear, and insects.

5. Protect Metal Collectibles

Certain metal items, such as silverware, tin toys and brass lamps, are prone to damage and scratches during the relocation process. Pack them using an extra layer of bubble wrap and packing paper. Place them in a box filled with Styrofoam peanuts. You can also pack them using an old towel and blankets.

6. Fill the Hollow

Most antiques, such as vases and ceramic items, have a hollow inside. According to professional removalists in Brisbane, you should fill in their hollow centre using crunched newspapers as well as bubble wrap.

7. Pack Collectibles Ahead

It is good to pack your antiques and collectibles ahead of time. These are delicate items, and you need time to wrap such fragile items. Plus, these are family treasures, and everyone wants to pack them with love and care. So, plan things at least 5-6 weeks before your final moving day and prepare your collectibles and other valuable items for a home relocation.

8. Label Them

Label your collectibles boxes using a relevant name, such as “fragile items”, on every side of the box. This will allow professional removalists to take extra care while lifting and loading these boxes.


Are you planning to relocate valuable collectibles? Keep these tips in mind and pack fragile items and other collections with extreme care. You can also hire trained Brisbane removalists for a safe and secure moving experience.