How To Pick The Right Moving Truck Size?

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How To Pick The Right Moving Truck Size?

Aug 16, 2021

Choosing the right moving truck size is as imperative as proper packing of precious household belongings. A wrong truck size can damage all your stuff during the moving journey.

On the other hand, renting a big truck can cost you a lot, especially if you are under a financial crunch. So, focus on preparing a budget before opting for the right moving truck for your home relocation.

It is good to hire the best Brisbane removalists because they bring a moving truck after evaluating your belongings. So, make this wise decision or if you are moving on your own, then consider the following tips.

This guide will help you know some basic aspects that can help you pick up the most suitable moving trick size for the safe and sound relocation of your valuable items.

Importance of Choosing the Right Truck

Getting the right moving truck size is crucial for a hassle-free moving experience. The process can be quite daunting for those who are moving for the first time. You could end up losing your precious belongings if you choose the wrong size.

For instance, if you choose a moving truck with too little space, you are going to have to either unload the belongings or rent a larger truck. Choosing a very large truck also means breaking of delicate items. That’s why it is good to choose the ideal size of moving truck after considering the tips shared below.

1. Know the Types of Moving Trucks

There are mainly two types of trucks or vehicles used to move household and office belongings. They are:

• Box Trucks, &
• Pick-Up Trucks

Box Trucks

They are one of the most common moving trucks in Brisbane. However, they are more expensive as compared to other types of trucks, but they are perfect if you are moving heavy furniture and delicate items. Boxes trucks are also available in different sizes, including, small box trucks, medium box trucks and large ones.

Pick-up Trucks

If you have lesser belongings to move or a few bulky furniture items, then a pick-up truck is an affordable and reliable option for you.

2. Choose a Slightly Larger Truck

Every moving truck is designed with the sole aim to hold a certain amount of items, which is measured in cubic feet. Take this measurement into consideration while choosing a truck rental for your home relocation. Consider the available space of the truck from floor to roof. This will decrease the amount of available cubic feet because you are not a professional packer.

Therefore, it is good to choose a truck which is slightly larger than your requirement to avoid breakage or damage.

3. Evaluate Your Household Belongings

Moving truck rental companies mention the size of their trucks to make  it easy for you to know whether the selected truck is capable of loading your household belongings or not.

To know the right size, you need to determine how much belongings you have to move. These estimates are based on the minimums for each room, like chair, sofa for a living room.  Make sure you declutter your home and toss unnecessary items.

You can take an inventory of your household belongings and get an idea of how much you have to relocate. Consider the following tips for better results:

• Determine the type, size and number of furniture
• Number of large appliances, cupboards and shelves
• The total number of delicate items
• The total volume of all household belongings you are moving
• The right number of carton boxes you have to relocate.

You can hire the best removalists in Brisbane to safely pack and transport your precious possessions.

4. Get into the Details

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose the right size even after knowing the different types of trucks. For better understanding, you should get into the details.

Small-sized Trucks

These are the most common vehicles having a length of 7 to 9 feet

Usage: Transporting household goods locally.

Ideal For: Studio apartments or 1-bedroom unit.

Accommodation: 1-2 rooms of belongings

Moving Distance: Within the City or Local moves.

Medium-sized Trucks

These are also popular when it comes to moving household items from one place to another.

Length: 14 fee to 19 feet

Usage: Transporting household belongings, industrial relocation and moving offices.

Ideal For: 2 BHK to 3 BHK belongings

Accommodation:  3 to 5 rooms of items.

Relocation Distance: Local & Interstate Removals

Large-Sized Trucks

Length: 20 to 24 feet

Usage: Transporting household and office belongings

Ideal for: 2-5 bedroom houses or independent villa goods

Accommodation: 5 to 7 rooms of household belongings

Moving Distance: Interstate moves


These tips will help you pick the right moving truck size for the utmost safety of your household belongings. Make sure you get rid of unwanted stuff  that are in good condition by donating to the local charity before looking for moving trucks. For a professional assistance, hire trained removalists in Brisbane and streamline your home relocation journey.