Is It Always Best To Hire A Cheap Removalist?

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Is It Always Best To Hire A Cheap Removalist?

Jul 04, 2018

Moving is one of those processes that need proper time management, a well-integrated moving checklist and right decision-making approach. It is not just about shifting belongings from one place to another – it is beyond moving possessions. You have to ensure that your valuable treasures remain safe throughout the journey no matter how far you are relocating.

To drive the process in the right direction, you may have to choose experienced, reliable and cheap removalists in Brisbane that can ensure 100 % safe and secure relocation. However, you may get overwhelmed when you see thousands of removalists companies in the market. Sorting out the best one can be challenging for you, especially if they are offering you their services at cheap rates.

Though the hiring process entirely relies on your estimated moving budget, it is always good to choose a reputed and credible company over cheap removalists. Cheap is not always beneficial when it comes to relocation services. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to Brisbane, Sydney or Gold Coast, if your shortlisted removal service provider has very low moving rates, it could be a sign of danger.

In such scenarios, it is imperative for you to acquire a company that provides transparency while offering their local and interstate moving services and holds a licence in Brisbane. Make sure that they render you services at the reasonable price without charging any hidden cost.

To help you make the right decision, we bring you a list of few tips that will assist you in finding your choice of a moving company within your estimated budget.

1. Do Thorough Research

Word-of-mouth recommendations are always genuine and trustworthy, especially when it comes to hiring and using a removals company in Brisbane. Ask your friends, peers and family members who have recently relocated. You can ask them which company they hired.

In Brisbane, many companies have been serving their client base for over a decade. So, it is good to opt for recommended removalists. However, it is good to dig a little deeper and research more about their previous projects, track their performance and look for the customer reviews before making the final decision.

2. Review Client Feedback Online

What if you don’t have anyone to recommend you tried and tested removalists? Worry not! You can read client reviews online to determine which of the moving company is perfect for you. Make sure you consider genuine reviews. Also, check out the number of stars they got and even figure out if there are any negative comments. This will help you choose the most reliable removalists for your house relocation.

Tip: There are many credible online review websites where you can read reviews from previous customers.

3. Shortlist your choices and get estimates

Make a list of companies that suit your specific moving needs and can offer you the desired services. Once you are done with this step, then it is good to contact them and get estimates. If there is a service provider who gives you a quote that is cheaper than the other estimates, then you should avoid them. The reason is simple and straightforward.

Cheap removalists often offer low-cost service but include the other hidden charges either in the middle or at the end of the process. That is why it is good to choose the company that offers transparent pricing policy without charging extra costs. Stay away from those who provide vague information about their moving packages.

4. Check whether a company is insured

Since you are going to move heavy furniture and other precious items, make sure you ask the company whether they have an insurance in Brisbane or not against any damage before making the final decision. If any of your belongings get damaged during the transit process, your company will pay for the loss if they have reliable insurance. But you can’t get any compensation for any damage if the company is not insured. So, do ask this question before paying for your removal service.

5. Always Ask Right Questions

It is important to clear your doubts before paying them any amount. Since you are handing over your precious belongings to them, make sure you have better clarity about their moving plan, packages and other resources in Brisbane. So, make sure you ask the following question:

  • Do you charge the moving cost by the hour?
  • Do you have a fully-fledged moving truck?
  • Are your movers verified?
  • Do you use high-quality packing materials?
  • Is there any provision against the damage of belongings during the transit?

Ask some of these questions and decide whether they are perfect for your house or office relocation process or not.


Relocating a house or office from one location to another is a big responsibility. If you want to ensure safe and secure transition process, make sure you don’t fall for cheap removalists. Do the thorough research, shortlist your options and choose the professional removalists in Brisbane that can offer you custom-made moving solutions at affordable rates. In a nutshell, prefer quality, professional and reliable moving solutions over cheap and inexperienced removalists and find your choice of moving partner within your estimated budget.