Key Points To Remember While Moving Antiques

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A man packing an antique vase

Key Points To Remember While Moving Antiques

May 30, 2018

Relocating precious artworks and delicate antiques is a serious job. When you are packing and moving your other household belongings, make sure you give extra attention to your fragile items. They are delicate and can easily get damaged during the transit. In order to ensure the highest level of safety, it is pivotal to use robust packing hacks while wrapping your antiques for a house move.

While some people engage in DIY packing, it is good to hire reputed and experienced Removalists in Brisbane who can offer you a range of packing and moving solutions at the most reasonable price. When you get professional assistance, you will get peace of mind throughout the journey. But, if you are packing your fragile stuff alone, you may find difficulties, and that’s where you need the following tricks while moving your antiques. Below are some key points that you should keep in mind while packing and relocating your delicate household items.

1. Make a list of Inventory

Antiques are expensive and precious. They need extra care during the packing and moving processes. So before moving them, create a list of all of your valuable antiques and items. In fact, take some photos of them so that you will provide evidence if something mishap happens during the moving process. But before creating an inventory list, inspect every room in your home and see which belongings you need to take along with you.

You can sort all household belongings and get rid of unnecessary stuff. This will organise the entire process and help you create an inventory list of all your antiques and other precious items with ease.

Tip: Don’t forget to give a copy of inventory list to your removalists company in Brisbane.

2. Acquire a trusted antiques appraiser

It is vital to know the worth of your antiques and other precious treasures. While moving your house, you can’t overlook hiring a reputed appraiser that can appraise your valuable items and help you request protection against damages from your removal company or an insurance policy. In fact, most of the insurance companies won’t grant their services if you don’t have an appraisal for your antiques.

3. Moving Insurance is a must

Whether you are moving locally or shifting to a different city, make sure your antiques are fully-insured against loses and damages. You should contact your insurance company and discuss your requirements. And choose suitable liability coverage for the safe and secure transit of your antiques.

Tip: Be aware of additional exclusions that may be included in your cover.

4. Accumulate Essential Packing Supplies

Moving antiques can be overwhelming, and that is the reason why proper packing becomes a vital process. With the use of most-apt and high-quality packing supplies, you will be able to transport your precious antiques to your new residence without the fear of losing them. Below is the list of packing materials you will be needed for safe and secure antique removal:

  • Cardboard
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble Wraps
  • Custom boxes
  • Polystyrene
  • Wooden crates
  • Furniture blankets
  • Furniture dollies for smooth moving

You can buy these packing supplies from reputed removalists in Brisbane as most of the moving companies offer a comprehensive range of packing materials at the most reasonable cost.

5. Pack your antiques carefully

Packing is one of the essential tasks that can determine the safety of your antiques during the transit. Use best tricks and techniques to pack your most valuable and precious items for your move. Below are some tips that you should remember while packing the following things:

Paintings and artworks

Make sure you wrap each piece of your paintings either in linen or paper and then protect it with tape across the entire frame. Cover the frame with packing tape to provide extra protection during the loading and transiting process. It is good to cover the front side of the painting with the cardboard. When it comes to choosing a moving box for your artwork, make sure you use a slightly larger box – it should be large than your stuff.

Tip: You can use high-quality boxes and corner protectors, designed especially for storing paintings and other delicate treasures.

Glassware items
It is advisable to use extra bubble wrap and tape to provide extra coverage to glassware items during the move. Like paintings, wrap each glassware item in two layers of packing tape followed by bubble wrap.While storing them in the boxes, use cardboard between each item. This will provide extra security when you move the boxes from one place to another.

Tip: Use crumpled newspapers to fill empty space inside the box. And don’t forget to use three layers of tape on the bottom of the box.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture also comes under fragile items. That means you need to give special attention to the antique furniture during the moving process. Use protective padding, line crates and blankets to protect your furniture from damages. Don’t forget to wrap furniture legs individually. Ask your moving partner to bring dolly while moving heavy and expensive antique furniture from one place to another.


Wrap them using two layers of packing paper and bubble wrap. Now cover the surface with cardboard and place tape on the edges to create X from all the four sides. Also, add padding to the corners for additional protection.

6. Supervise loading & Unloading Process

Once you are done with the packing process, your responsibility is to supervise the entire loading and unloading of your antiques. Make sure they load last on and unload first off from the moving truck. It is done to minimise the chances of your antiques or delicate items being knocked around during the loading and unloading process. That’s why it is advised to hire experienced removalists in Brisbane who can safely lift and load your antiques without giving you a hint of stress.


With the right tricks and tips, you can also provide an extra level of protection to your artwork and other antiques during the house move. You can also hire well- recognised removalists in Brisbane for safe and secure removal of your precious, expensive and delicate belongings.