Moving Tips For College Students

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Moving Tips For College Students

Sep 16, 2021

During college years, moving is inevitable as you have to first move out of your home and then change dorms or apartments multiple times between semesters and term-end breaks. For college students, the constant moving is physically, mentally and emotionally taxing.

It is always stressful, but you can reduce the anxiety, confusion and exhaustion related to the task. You can take the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane to partially or entirely manage your move. In addition, follow the moving tips shared below to change your residence without any hassle. Have a look.

Moving Out Of Home Effectively & Efficiently

One of the first moving experiences most young adults have is moving out of their family home to attend college. You need to take care of many things simultaneously during this period, and it is challenging. Thus, here are some expert tips to help you move out of your home effectively and efficiently.

• Only pack things you need at your new residence. Often students moving for the first time face the dilemma of what to leave or take. Therefore, you should only take the basic things like clothes, blankets, utensils, etc.
• Talk with your roommate if possible. Since most college students live in shared-accommodations, talking with your roommate will help you know appliances you can share and things you can get together.
• Before moving in, inspect the dorm or rental property for mould, leaks, water damage, and structural integrity. • Ensure utilities are set up and check them upon arrival to live comfortably in your new home.
• Try to move into your dorm room early to avoid the hustle and bustle.

Declutter Every Time You Move

Reduce your packing and moving load by decluttering your residence. You should focus on having a small load to quickly go from one place to another during your college years.

• Get rid of anything old, broken and obsolete.
• Remove things you haven’t used for six months.
• Responsibly dispose of trash or anything you don’t want.

Decluttering is also beneficial because you only keep things you have the space for in your new accommodation. It helps you settle in faster as you have fewer things to unpack and keep in the room.

Donate or Resell

You can get rid of things you don’t want anymore by donating them to a roommate or anyone else in need. Make sure the items are in good condition, and you pack them securely before dropping them at the receiver’s or donation centre’s address.

Alternatively, you can also resell things that you don’t want via a garage sale. As a college student, you need to manage your expenses and save as much as possible. Conducting a garage sale is an excellent way to increase your moving budget.

Invest In Quality Packing Supplies & Moving Equipment

Since, as a college student, you have to move multiple times, it is economical and practical to have quality packing supplies that you can reuse. Get sturdy boxes you can repeatedly use to keep books, utensils, clothes, beddings, appliances, gadgets and other belongings you have.

Additionally, you have to get equipment, especially when you manage DIY moves. You will need a harness, a dolly, furniture sliders, straps and items that can fit in a personal moving kit. Most professional removalists in Brisbane use quality equipment to manage the movement of property contents without damaging them or sustaining serious injuries.

Clean Before Moving Out

If you rent an apartment and pay a bond at the start of a tenancy, cleaning it before moving is crucial to get your bond money back in full. It is called end of lease cleaning, and you can do it yourself or hire professional cleaners to do it after your hired removalists in Brisbane move your belongings.

If you live in a dorm room, you should clean it as you can find lost items or things you have misplaced or forgotten about entirely. Cleaning can help you avoid leaving behind things you might need at the new residence or can donate/resell.

Pack An Essentials Bag

Make sure you pack an essentials bag a few days before moving to keep important items handy on the day you shift. Here are the things you should have in the bag.

• Change of clothes, towels, tissues and comfortable pair of footwear
• Phone charger or a portable power bank
• Medicines
• Water, snacks and beverages
• Toiletries
• Self-care items

The Bottom Line

As a college student, you need to prepare for moves at short notices. It is stressful whether you are moving for the first time or have done it before. You can reduce stress and complete the process smoothly by taking the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane whenever necessary. Additionally, follow the tips shared above to manage everything without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.