Moving With Pets: The Do’s And Don’ts

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Moving With Pets: The Do’s And Don’ts

Oct 31, 2018

Are you planning a local or an interstate move? If yes, then you must be making all possible arrangements to make it a rewarding experience. You would be hiring reliable removals company in Brisbane, organising the tasks, notifying people about the changed address and so forth to make the process as smooth for you and your family as possible.

But, while you’re at it, remember that your furry friend needs some attention too. The burden involved in the transition can provoke the same amount of anxiety in pets as humans. Animals react in diverse ways when introduced to a changing environment such as – peeing outside the litter box, aggression, lurking or even trying to escape.

Fortunately, just by applying some tricks while planning the move, you can keep your dear friend peaceful and calm throughout the journey. Refer to the following list of do’s and don’ts when relocating with your pet.


1. Consult Your Vet

Begin by requesting your vet to prescribe the necessary medication and furnish a copy of his health records. It is always advisable to carry extra packs of medicine in case the travel takes more time than intended. Additionally, get him checked by a vet in Brisbane before you put him through the trip. Seek advice on how to take care of your pet and tackle the signs of stress on the move.
Inquire about the pet facility in the new location, for it’s better to switch to the new vet on a recommendation.
Investigate the health risks in the new place and get him vaccinated for the same.

2. Acquaint him with the new home

Pick up a location that is pet-friendly. Failing to do so will draw unnecessary hassles while you are struggling to settle in the changed area. Make sure that your pet loves the new home as much as you do.

3. Hire Pet Movers

Even the full-service moving companies are forbidden from transporting pets. However, they can help you find the most reliable pet transporters in Brisbane. These pet handlers pick up your pet from home and deliver them to the location that you chose – your new address or a kennel. Also, you need to go through the guidelines for importing pets to Australia in case you are planning to relocate here.

4. Prepare A Travel Kit

In case you wish to travel with your pet in your car, keep an essentials kit handy. It should ideally include:

• Regular food. Carry an extra amount in case the journey takes longer than expected.
• Litter box/ scooper or elimination bags, depending upon whether you’re moving cat or dog.
• His favourite toys/beddings to make them feel comfortable.
• Leash
• Grooming equipment

ID tags/microchip updated with the details of the pet’s name, your name, destination address and phone number.

Medication and record of vaccination. Also, carry a picture of your pet to help trace him, in case he gets lost.


1. Don’t keep them around all the time

Keep your pets away from the action while you take care of the moving chores. Resist the temptation of having them around all the time as they can mess with our packaging material and fail your packing strategy. Instead, opt for a kennel or have a friend sit him for the day.

2. Don’t let the pet out too soon

Getting acclimatised to the new neighbourhood takes time. Even the most well-behaved and compliant pets tend to get lost if released from the kennel a bit too early. Restrict them to a secluded section of your house and allow them time to adjust to the modified surroundings.

Wait for a few days before you allow them to roam freely. Start training them to stay indoors ahead of time to make the transition simpler.

3. Don’t introduce a new habit

Travelling is indeed not the right time to experiment especially with the pets. Try to cling to the routine as strictly as possible. Feed him with the usual food. Any changes made to the food habits may result in digestive disorders and upset their health.

Similarly, adhere to the same set of treats, toys and blankets. Doing this will make them feel “at home” through the quest.

4. Don’t Forget to Pet-proof The New Home

Secure your new home space for the pets before settling in. Screen the windows and keep the tangled cords away to keep him from getting stuck. Try to look for any potential threats like harmful chemicals, toxic plants, pest-control poisons, inflammable sprays or solutions lying in the house.


It demands time and patience to accommodate the pets in the new environment. Make the switch gentle; introduce them to one side of the home and gradually progress further. With years of delivering unmatched moving services, the most reliable removalist in Brisbane, Better Removalist Brisbane, have gathered tricks to help you glide through the move seamlessly.

Rely on their robust customer service, efficient workforce and tested moving techniques to make a fulfilling and successful move along with your best friend – your pet.