Planning To Move? Check Out The Coolest Suburbs Of Brisbane!

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Planning To Move? Check Out The Coolest Suburbs Of Brisbane!

Jul 20, 2020

Hundreds of Australians move to suburbs from cities every year in search of a stress-free lifestyle, healthy environment and low cost of living, and Brisbane is no different! Besides providing a high-quality standard of living, some of the suburbs of Brisbane has transformed into coolest spots to eat, drink, shop as well as dance.

That is why these places are attracting a lot of youngsters and young families. If you also want to move to the suburbs, you can do it in smoothly with the help of experienced removalists in Brisbane. However, before you do that, you should do your research. Here is a list of the coolest suburbs of Brisbane. Let’s have a look!

Brisbane City

Brisbane city is one of the coolest suburbs in this region and attracts a lot of youngsters from all over the country because the Brisbane CBD is hardly 1 kilometre. That is why the predominant age group in this place is 20-29 years.

If you move to this place, you will have plenty of things to do on weekends like visiting QUT Art Gallery and Museum of Brisbane, relax in botanic gardens shop from Brisbane Twilight Markets and Edward Street, enjoy live and local music. Here you can also satisfy your craving for coffee, cheese and chocolate. It also offers some fantastic steak restaurants, an extensive range of delicious food and some stunning rooftop bars.

South Brisbane

It is an inner suburb of the City of Brisbane, Queensland, that offers a happening environment to its people. So, if you are moving to this place, you can expect a lot of things. South Brisbane is home to some of the biggest festivals, shows, seasonal community conferences and events.

This place also offers fantastic parklands, the man-made Streets Beach and the Wheel of Brisbane, which is a perfect place to relax on a hot summer’s day with friends and family. You will also find Fish Lane, which is a brand-new laneway that has some of the excellent restaurants in that region. The median house price here is $495k. You can easily move here with the help of professional removalists in Brisbane.

Fortitude Valley

If you move to Fortitude Valley, you can witness on the best nightlife in Brisbane. It is also an ideal place for youngsters who have a passion for music. BIGSOUND is Australia’s leading new music festival as well as an industry conference that held every year in Fortitude Valley.

Moreover, from live music bars, small and medium-sized venues to DJ sets and large venues, you will find everything here. You can also go for a party in Valley Fiesta, dance at The Beat MegaClub and Cloudland, swim at the Valley Pool or go for shopping. As far as food and drinks are a concern, it has BYO restaurants and cafes, casual dining, bars with food, cafes and several late-night options.


This place has one of the best heritage pubs as well as the historic German club. A suburb that was once popular for its antique shopping has transformed into a place that offers kick-ass pizza, exceptional cocktail bars and some of the best breakfast spots of the city.

The reason why it is considered as one of the coolest suburbs is because there are numerous things that you can do. You can experience the adventure climb of Story Bridge, Enjoy live music at the Brisbane Jazz Club, and go for a picnic or barbecue while enjoying the scenic beauty of the river.

When it comes to food, you can find an extensive range of breakfast options, excellent wines and Asian cuisine. If you are planning to move Woolloongabba, the median house price here is $768,900.


Only 3 kilometres away from Brisbane CBD, Paddington is an excellent suburb that offers a lot of exciting things. If you are a foodie, this pace is not going to disappoint you. This place has one of Brisbane’s best cafe cultures and some excellent place where you have a coffee meeting. Paddington also has some excellent restaurants like Grappino Trattoria, Marinara, Paddington Social, Kettle & Tin, Moga and Naim.

Also, if you are looking for quick and cheap eat, you will find several options. Besides the restaurants and bars, there are several options where you can go for shopping. If you are moving to Paddington, you will have research a lot. So, spend more time on your research and hire experienced removalists in Brisbane for hassle-free relocation. The median house price here is $1.2m.

West End

West End is one of the original suburbs of Brisbane that is continuously growing as well as changing. If you move to this part of Queensland, then you would be able to explore the Greek culture and explore their delicious food. The cafe culture is quite popular in this part so you can find different types of cafes here. Only 3 kilometres away from Brisbane CBD, West End is not that large, so you can explore it on your cycle.

This place is diverse and vintage, with the restaurants, shops and entertainment venues exemplify the eclectic atmosphere. The predominant age group of this suburb is 20 to29 years, and it has a total population around 10,000. The median house price here is around $998k.

Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point is a popular and inner southern suburb of Brisbane and vastly popular for its nightlife and shopping points and extensive range of fantastic restaurants. If you want to spend quality time in this place, then you can listen to live music at the Brisbane Jazz Club, enjoy the scenic view at the Eagle’s Nest, visit the Kangaroo Point Cliff, visit the Queensland Multicultural Centre and there are many more things to do.

Apart from that, you can visit some exceptional restaurants such as Wau Kitchen, One Fish Two Fish, Medley Restaurant, St James Crabhouse and Kitchen, Mitoki and so on. Before you move to this place, get to know everything about the place like the median house price is $1.1m. So, it is advisable to visit the place and do your research first. You can always take the help of removalists in Brisbane for a hassle-free relocation.


This inner northern riverside suburb is quite popular among the beer lovers for its excellent craft beer. However, it is considered as one of the coolest suburbs in Brisbane because it offers many more things. If you move to this suburb, you can go for the picnic in New Farm Park on the weekends, visit numerous vibrant theatres, Jan Power’s Farmers Market, wander along the riverside, and so many other places to visit.

You can also find many cool restaurants that will fight for your attention. Whether it is the gluten-free doughnuts at Nodo, delicious Middle East food of Gerard’s Bistro or the excellent pizza of Beccofino, this place has every option for a real food lover.

Bowen Hills

Bowen Hills is an inner suburb and only 3 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. This place organised the Royal Queensland Show (known as Ekka), which is one of the largest and most loved annual events in Queensland and attract around 400,000 people.

So, if you move to this place, you won’t miss this event. It is also home to home to some super trendy restaurants and bars. You can visit Montrachet for French food, Banoi to explore Vietnamese food, The Lamb Shop to taste Greek dishes and Il Verde for Italian.

The Bottom Line

Brisbane is one of the best places to move in the country because it has some fabulous suburbs that offer everything that you will require to live in a stress-free manner. Before you decide to move to Brisbane, consider the suburbs mentioned here so that you can live the life to its fullest.