The Complete Moving With Kids Checklist And Guide

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The Complete Moving With Kids Checklist And Guide

Nov 04, 2020

Relocating to a new place is always a stressful task. From choosing the right house and preparing a budget to pack belongings and transferring utilities, the entire process is full of challenges. Adding kids into this scenario can make things even more difficult and confusing. Thus, you need to make proper plans to accomplish the task in an organised manner.

One of the best ways to do that is by hiring professional removalists in Brisbane. They take care of the entire packing and loading of your belongings so you can spend more time with your kids. Moving is always tough for kids because they have to say goodbye to their old home, leave behind friends and disrupt their regular routine. Thus they require the attention of their parents during relocation.

There are many things that you need to take care of, and thus it is essential to follow the checklist. It will make your move with kids a lot easier. Read on to know more about the complete checklist and guide on moving with kids.

Eight Weeks before Your Move

When you are relocating with kids, you need to make your plans appropriately. Thus, you should start your preparations at least two months before your move. This is the time to take important decisions and inform your kids about the move.

Choose a School

If you are planning to relocate with your kids, then the first thing you need to is to find an appropriate school in that area.

Talk to Your Kids

Kids get attached to their home, school and friends, so they might not like the idea of relocation. Thus, it is important to talk to them about your decision at the very beginning.

Start Looking for Professionals

Moving to a new place with kids can be extremely difficult, so start looking for experienced Brisbane removalists who can execute the task flawlessly.

Four Weeks before You Move

When you are just one month away from your moving day, you need to focus on the crucial things that can make a huge impact on your relocation process. Make sure you include the following tasks in your checklist.

Get Important Documents

You will need your kid’s eye, dental and other medical reports and this is the right time to get all the documents. Also, talk to the school officials about any essential papers that need your signature.

Make Arrangements for Moving Day

If you are relocating on your own, then you will need the help of your family or friends to take care of the kids. If no one is available, you might need to look for a professional babysitter for the relocation day.

Downsize Kids Items

Before packing, you must declutter your home. Pay attention to the excess toys and clothes of the kids. Get rid of them to create more space.

Start Packing

Start your packing process at least a month ago. To save your time, you can also hire seasoned removalists in Brisbane and opt for their packaging service.

Two Weeks before You Move

By this time, you should have completed all the crucial tasks. Now, it is time to focus on certain tasks that parents usually overlook during the move. These tasks might not look very important, but it will help you and your kids to relocate and settle down in the new place smoothly.

Buy Essentials

It is time to stock up all the snacks and other important things that you might need during the journey or the first few days post move.

Pack a Bag with Essential Items

Pack an essential bag for your kids that should have items like an extra pair of clothes, their medicines, a few toys, and other similar stuff.

Make sure Kids are fine

If they look unhappy or anxious during the process, you must talk to them and help them to deal with the emotional turmoil.

Visit the new place

If your new location is only a couple of hours drive, visit the place with kids and explore the school, restaurants, markets, parks, etc.

Moving Day

This is the most important day of the moving process, so make sure that everything you have planned gets executed perfectly. If you have hired a reliable removals company in Brisbane, make sure that the professionals do not get distracted by the kids. It can delay the relocation process.

Wake up early

The night before you will move, make sure the kids go to bed early because next morning, they also need to wake up early.

Keep your kids safe

Send them to neighbours home or ask your friends, family members to take care of the kids. Make sure they do not stay in the middle of the action.

Take food and water for kids

Make plans for meals during travelling. If you prefer to make sandwiches at home, then prepare it and pack it separately along with a water bottle.

Post Moving

Once you have reached your new home, it is your responsibility to make your kids comfortable and help them to get familiar with the place. For that, you need to follow some ways and make a few efforts.

Arrange the kid’s room first

Unpack your kid’s stuff first and arrange their room so they can resume their routine.

Visit some nearby restaurants

To spend some quality time with kids and start things on a good note, visit a nearby restaurant and celebrate your move.

Talk to neighbours

Talk you your neighbours and encourage your kids to interact with other children in the locality.

Take Away

Moving process is never easy but relocating with kids is entirely a new set of challenges for both parents and their kids. Being a parent, you need to make your plans properly and follow the checklist mentioned above. It will help you can take care of your kids during this stressful time and complete the move in a hassle-free manner.