The Ultimate Change Of Address Checklist When Moving

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The Ultimate Change Of Address Checklist When Moving

Jan 18, 2021

While moving to a new home, you have a host of tasks and responsibilities to complete within a stipulated time. Among these, a major one is changing your address to inform authorities, institutes, facility centres, service providers and other vital faculties.

Changing or updating your address at different databases is crucial to maintain proper communication. This activity has to be managed while you are completing other moving-related tasks like decluttering, packing, finding good removalists in Brisbane etc., which is why it is common to get confused or forgetful.

Therefore, you should take a look at this ultimate change of address checklist. Follow it to streamline the process and prevent inconveniences caused by not informing concerned organisations or people about your relocation.

The Post Office

Changing your address at the Australian Post Office is essential for getting your mail at the right place. Homeowners and tenants can update details by visiting the authority in person or making the edits online. What’s more, if you are moving to a new property temporarily, you can get your mail redirected to your new address from your permanent address for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months by paying for the service.

Tax and Voter Registration Authorities

Ensure the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have your correct and current address in their databases. To inform the ATO, you can use the myGov portal through your account (if linked) or visit the office physically.

For updating your voter registration details, you can do it online by visiting the AEC’s website or do it in person, but you have to be living at the current address for at least a month.

Utility Service Providers

Changing or updating your address with your utility service providers for electricity, water, internet, gas, etc., is extremely important. You need to contact the providers to know if they provide their service in the area you are moving to. To avoid any inconvenience or delays, do this activity before your hired removalists in Brisbane move your belongings from your current residence and deliver them to your new house.

In case a provider doesn’t offer the utility service at your new address, you will need to get a new provider and discontinue the service at the current property. However, if they do, then you will need to update your address to get the service and the bill at the right address.

Office, College, and School

Informing your office and your children’s college or school about the address change is crucial. Updating the details is essential for receiving any communication, documents, newsletters, etc.

Medicare and Insurance Companies

Update your details at Medicare and insurance agencies to ensure your cover is provided wherever you are in Australia. Contact the facility and the agencies to know the process for changing or updating address.

Note: If your Medicare account is linked with your myGov account, then you can change the address online.

Driver’s Licence and Vehicle Registration Office

If you are changing your permanent address, then you must update the new address on your driver’s licence and vehicle registry (if you own a vehicle). You can do it online by visiting the website of the Department Of Transport And Main Roads. You can visit the authority office in person if you have hired professional removalist in Brisbane, which creates the bandwidth to do such essential tasks.

Physical Goods’ Subscription Providers

Do you get magazines, newspapers, medicines, make-up and other physical goods via subscriptions? You need to update your address with the concerned companies and decide to discontinue subscriptions if they don’t provide their service at the new address.


For maintaining proper communication changing the address at banks you have accounts in is essential. Banks can be notified about the address change online, or you can submit a form for contact detail update by visiting the bank.

Pet Microchip Registry

Make sure to contact your pet microchip registry for updating the address on pet’s chip. Microchips contain a unique number plus the owners’ contact details to get in touch with them if the pet gets lost or runs away.

Near and Dear Ones

Your family members and close friends should know about your move, and it is crucial they have the right address to come and visit. You can let near and dear ones know about your change of address via phone call, personal messaging, social media or any other medium. You can also host a farewell party before your hired removalists in Brisbane arrive to move your belongings to let people you want to stay connected with know where you are going.


Moving is a difficult and tiring process, during which you have to complete a variety of tasks simultaneously, such as packing your belongings, booking removalists in Brisbane. During this time, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and forget about specific tasks. Therefore, make sure you refer the checklist above to ensure you change or update your address at the required places and inform important people.