Ultimate Apps That Help To Ease House Moving Burden

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Ultimate Apps That Help To Ease House Moving Burden

May 19, 2021

Leave the hassle of managing multiple paper lists/sheets and digitise the planning of your move. The advancement in mobile technology and the availability of smartphones has made it easier than ever to use applications to control every aspect of your relocation.

Today, you can easily create checklists, look for properties, book removalists in Brisbane, and do much more on your phone. There are various applications that help ease the house moving burden and make the process smoother. With these apps, coordination with household members and sharing tasks plus other information is also stress-free. Thus, if you are planning to move soon, consider downloading the following apps.


Homely is a popular website and application that serves as a guide for Australians and people planning to migrate here. You can use the app for finding properties for sale and rent in Brisbane or any other city. You can:

• Look for agents
• Read suburb, region, and street reviews
• Post questions and get answers to questions people have posted
• Find tips, news, and lifestyle information


This website and its application are among the most reckoned for searching properties in any state of Australia. People also use the platform for finding agents, research about suburbs, look for home loan options and get real estate news. If you are planning to move, download the application to learn median house and unit rates for buying or renting. It can be your complete real estate guide for residential and commercial properties in Brisbane or any other Australian city.

Moving Checklist Pro

As the name suggests, it an application used for creating checklists to control every aspect of your move. Its features include a prep-programmed list with 30+ tasks, custom notes, reminders, and the option to save progress. Use Moving Checklist Pro to organise your tasks like buying packing supplies, booking removalists in Brisbane, paying pending rent and more according to importance and urgency. Having this tool is beneficial to avoid confusion and delays, which are common during the hectic weeks of packing and moving.

Move Me Out

For people renting a house or unit in Brisbane and ending a tenancy, this app is the best for getting important things done. You can use it to:

• Communicate with your agent
• Book end of lease cleaners and removalists in Brisbane or any other region
Update your address
• Cancel/change utilities
• Get your bond back

Tenants often use this tool to complete and streamline these important tasks and get the required assistance.

Moving Van

During a move, creating an inventory is crucial to pack necessary property contents correctly and track the boxes. With this app, you can identify the items in each box whether you are managing the move yourself or have hired professional removalists in Brisbane to handle and transport your belongings. You can input the details of contents for boxes and assign unique names or numbers to them, making unloading and unpacking smooth when you reach your new home. If you are an Apple phone user, then you can use this app to organise.

Google Keep

It is an application for making notes and getting reminders for tasks. It is a versatile tool you can use for planning any small or big event in your life. Many people download it for relocation planning as it can:

• Keep notes, lists, voice memos and photos
• Helps share ideas, tips and information with family and friends
• Colour code and label notes for easy organisation
• Set location-based reminders

This application works on phones, tablets, computers and android wearables, making it user friendly.

Moving Planner

It is another application that can help identify and plan tasks to manage your move effectively and efficiently. The app includes over 200 items and provides the flexibility to add more, as per the requirement of the user. In addition, you can colour code and categorise tasks plus sort them according to priority.

With the app, it is easier to share task lists with household members and keep track of things that are done.


It is a useful removal application that thousands of people use to getting home renovation and decoration ideas. The app has pictures from which you can get inspirations for setting your new home, which can be stressful. Additionally, the app helps users get in touch with interior decorators, professional removalists, cleaners, and other experts. You can download the app to make settling in your new house easier and comfortable.

The Bottom Line

The applications mentioned above were designed to make your move hassle-free and less cumbersome. Therefore, consider using them for streamlining your tasks like finding a suitable property, booking good removalists in Brisbane, updating your address, creating an inventory, packing, and many others. Using digital tools for managing your move is wise and practical because they are user-friendly and accessible at any time.