What Documents Do You Need To Change When Moving House?

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What Documents Do You Need To Change When Moving House?

Mar 17, 2021

Home relocation is not only about packing and transiting household belongings. The process involves plenty of things that need to be done before the final move out. Preparing for a change of address is one of the most important tasks. Make sure you know what documents you need to change when it comes to moving house.

It is better to do this as soon as possible to avoid potential problems like missed bills or important notices. First, you need to plan and prepare things according to your specific relocation needs.

Hiring professional Brisbane removalists at least 4 weeks before moving day can save you from last-minute chaos. This will ensure the safety of your much-loved possessions so that you can make changes to your existing documents.

Here is a complete checklist to help you know the number of documents where you need to make changes when moving home.

1. The Post Office

Do not forget to notify the post office of your change of address if you want to receive mails at the correct address after home relocation. You can easily update the new address online and set a specific start date.

It is good to do this at least 1-2 weeks before your moving day. There are several factors to consider before applying for the change of address. How long would you like the post office to redirect your mail? Also consider who will be receiving mail at your new address. So, mention the name of your family members in the application.

2. Electricity and Gas

Make sure you get this done as soon as you know the address of your new house and of course, a moving date. It is important to have electricity and gas as soon as you reach your new residence.

While transferring your electricity service, be sure you arrange for the shut off at your current home at the end of your moving day and transfer the service to your new place the day you move in. So, change the address so that you will get the utility service at your new home on time.

3. Phone, Internet and Cable

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. It is quite impossible to live without cable, phone and internet services when you move to a new house. Since you are working from home, make sure you change the address before the final move out.

Call your service providers and notify them about your change of address at least a week prior to your move if you want to receive the bill at the right address.  If you don’t have enough time due to the packing process, then hire professional removals company, which specialises in a high-quality packing service. This will make it easy for you to update the documents on time when moving to a new home.

4. Tax Agencies

Both the state tax agency and revenue agency should be informed about your change of address. You need to fill the online form where you can notify them of your new address. If you are moving within Brisbane, go to Queensland’s government website and look for directions. You can change the address online without a hint of stress.

5. Bank and Loan Services

If you want to receive bank statements and loan details at the right place, then notify your bank as well as money lending companies. Updating the bank document is a crucial part so avoid skipping this process, especially if you are moving to a new city or state.

6. Credit Card Companies

Most people forget to update their new address with credit card companies. It is important for you to change the address so that you will get important notices on time after home relocation.

7. Health and Life Insurance

Updating your address with health, life, and other health-related insurance will help ensure that you are covered in your new city. So, do this at least 2-3 weeks before your final relocation.

8. Renter and Homeowner’s Insurance

Since the home insurance won’t follow you when you relocate, make sure you contact them and update the new address so that you will receive the important notices without any hindrance.

9. Social Security Admin

In case you are receiving any type of social security benefits, then notify the Social Security Administration about your new address. Fill out their change of address form online or call them directly if you have any query.

10. Your Company/Employer

Even if you receive your salary via NEFT, make sure you inform your employer about your new address. The new address should be updated in the documents you have submitted to your employer at the time of joining.


Changing your address is one of the important processes when you are moving into a new home. Make a list of documents that need to be changed while home relocation to streamline the entire process. To reduce the stress and workload, you can consider hiring a dedicated moving company in Brisbane. This way, you can focus on things other than packing household stuff and transporting heavy boxes.