What To Do When Removalists Are Moving Your Things?

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What To Do When Removalists Are Moving Your Things?

Oct 18, 2021

Delegating the difficult task of moving property contents to a professional removalist is an economical and practical solution when moving house. Since they are specialists with years of experience and extensive knowledge, removalists in Brisbane can effectively and efficiently handle boxes and load them on the moving truck.

Moreover, they can safely deliver your belongings to the new house and unpack the boxes, helping you settle in quicker. Therefore, hire them immediately after your plan to move is finalised and the moving date is set.

When your hired removalists in Brisbane arrive on the D-day, make sure you do the following when removalists move your things.

Before They Arrive

One of the biggest mistakes tenants and homeowners make is procrastinate doing important tasks until the last day. It leads to unnecessary delays and inconvenience for the professionals, disturbing their schedule. Therefore, before the removalists arrive, make sure you and your household members are ready to leave immediately.

A day before moving, do the following.

• Inspect the boxes and ensure everything is labelled correctly.
• Check the essentials bags, especially for your kids.
• Lay out clothes to wear the next day.
• Fill the fuel tank of your vehicle for travel.
• Ensure the refrigerator is empty.
• Note measurements of the furniture, bulky items and doorways.

Additionally, donate and resell everything in good condition you don’t need and discard the rest of your belongings responsibly that don’t serve a purpose. Only pack things you need at the new home to reduce the moving load for your hired removalists in Brisbane.

Keep A Parking Spot Ready

Professional removalists in Brisbane can refuse to make a booking or move your belongings on the decided date if there is no secure parking spot available for the moving truck. Thus, you need to obtain a permit for on-street parking if you don’t have a private space for the removalists’ vehicle to be at your house. Usually, residents of Brisbane can apply for a short-term visitor parking pass without any cost.

Greet The Removalists

On the moving day, you should be present at the address provided to them to greet them and avoid delays. You can show them where the boxes are and explain the property’s layout to start the moving process. Additionally, offer them refreshments to show your appreciation and help the removalists stay hydrated and fresh. Keep light snacks, cold drinks, water bottles and other items ready when the professionals arrive at your home.

Note: If you have scheduled a no-contact move due to COVID-19, connect with the removal experts via phone or video call to guide them.

Keep Small Children & Pets Away

Set up a room in the house for your small children or pets to stay comfortable while the removalists take the boxes from your home and load them on the truck. This way, the removalists can do their work without disturbance, and your loved ones remain safe. Young children and pets can get in the way of operations, causing injury to themselves or the professionals.

You can also ask a family member, neighbour or friend to take care of your child/pet for a few hours or a day while the removalists are moving your things. It will keep them out of harm’s way, and you can focus on the move without stress or hassle.

Don’t Give Unsolicited Advice or Instructions

Professional removalists hired via reputed removal companies in Brisbane have a moving checklist and follow procedures according to safety requirements and industry standards. They have experience and training to manage moves expertly and in time. Therefore, refrain from telling them what to do and giving unsolicited advice or instructions.

You can express your concerns politely while booking the professionals or on the moving day before they start working. Don’t order them around or get in their way, as it creates a bad moving experience for everyone involved and delays the process.

Remain Available Throughout The Move

While the removalists move your belongings, remain on-site to answer any questions they have regarding the boxes. Additionally, assist them with inventory checking and tricky situations. If you have to run an errand during the move, ensure a responsible household member is present at the property to oversee the operations, pay the removalist and take care of other things.

For a contact-less move, share the inventory details, property layout, and other information before the removalists arrive on site. Additionally, remain connected with them remotely via voice or video call.


Managing every aspect of a move is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why many people hire professional removalists. It is a practical solution when you don’t want the hassle or worry of handling the boxes and transporting them without damage. Thus, if you plan to move soon, book professional removalists in Brisbane and follow the tips shared above when they are moving your things.