What To Do With Your Leftover Moving Boxes?

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What To Do With Your Leftover Moving Boxes?

Apr 18, 2022

Corrugated cardboard boxes in every room are a common sight after a successful house move. These packing materials come in handy for keeping your belongings safe and secure during handling, storage and transit. Managing house relocation without quality moving boxes is practically impossible because you need them even when moving to the house next door.

Depending on your packing and moving load, you can use over 60 small, medium or large boxes. Thus, you have several leftover moving boxes upon arrival at the new home and while unpacking. It is not an issue when you take the assistance of a reliable removalists Brisbane to pack and unpack your things.

However, you must plan and prepare to deal with the packing materials responsibly when you do it yourself. Here is your complete guide with reasons and tips for storing, recycling, discarding or selling leftover moving boxes. Have a look.

Why Take Care Of The Boxes?

According to the national waste report 2020, about 5.9 Mt of paper and cardboard waste was generated in Australia. The country struggles with waste management and recycling, which is why you must discard, reuse and recycle moving boxes to avoid contributing to the problem. Other reasons for handling leftover boxes immediately after moving include the following.

• Reduce the clutter in your new home and settle in faster.
• Remain motivated to unpack quickly.
• Separate boxes you may need in future from ones you won’t early.

Ask Removalists To Take Them

Reputed removalists in Brisbane invested in recycling moving boxes often provide box buy-back option. You can return unused or used boxes in good condition to get a bond refund of the money you spent on these packing supplies.

The removalists will come and pick up the moving boxes you don’t want to remove them from your premises right after the relocation is complete.

Resell Used Boxes

Many people prefer to buy used moving boxes in good condition to reduce their moving budget. You can resell your boxes to them and earn back a fraction of the money you spent on buying them. This way, you prevent the boxes from ending in landfills and contribute to saving the planet.

You can sell the boxes while hosting a traditional garage sale after moving to get rid of unwanted things. Alternatively, put the boxes for sale on online sites like Gumtree, eBay, and others to get a good price.

Give Away Unwanted Boxes

You can use several moving boxes during a house move, and keeping all of them is neither practical nor feasible. To get rid of them sustainably, you can give them away to neighbours or near and dear ones planning to move out of their homes.

If you don’t have anyone around you who needs them, post about the giveaway on your social media. Alternatively, you can donate the boxes via platforms like Freecycle Network or others. You can also contact your local ACNC-registered charities if they need corrugated boxes for keeping donated items safe and secure.

Keep Boxes For Storage Purposes

Everyone has things they use occasionally or once a year and need to keep them safely in the basement, garage or attic. For storing these household items, you will need cardboard boxes that you can label and move at any time.

After unpacking, you should sift through the leftover moving boxes and keep the ones sturdy enough for storing & sorting things in an organised manner. These packing supplies also come in handy when you rent a storage unit to keep your new home spacious and uncluttered.

Note: If you avail of packing and storage services from reputed removalists in Brisbane, they will bring the boxes and take them away as per requirement. Thus, you won’t have to deal with leftover moving boxes and other packing materials.

Store Boxes For Future Moves

People who relocate for work or live in rental properties must store moving boxes for future moves.

• Make sure the boxes are in good condition without holes and tears.
• Flatten boxes and stack same sized boxes one over the other.
• Use plastic straps to keep stacks of boxes secure and in place.

Also, find a dry and termite-free storage area or unit to keep the boxes in a good state.

Creatively Use Moving Boxes

If you have small children and pets at home, you can use moving boxes for art projects, makeshift beds, toy boxes, etc. Keeping kids and pets engaged during a house move is difficult, but if you give them something to play with, you keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

You can build castles, playhouses, forts, and much more with cardboard boxes. To make them look appealing and colourful, embellish the boxes with glitter, water paints, ornaments and other decorations.


Cardboard boxes are integral when you are moving house and necessary to keep your belongings safe during handling and transport. However, they clutter your home after the move, and you must deal with leftover moving boxes as soon as possible.

Use the tips shared above if you recently moved or plan to relocate soon. Alternatively, seek the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane for packing & unpacking your belongings to ensure the moving boxes are taken care of without hassle to you.