When Is The Best Time To Plan Your House Move?

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When Is The Best Time To Plan Your House Move?

Feb 17, 2022

Moving to a new home is always stressful, as finding the right time to plan and execute a house move is challenging even when you have the choice to relocate anytime. If you signed a lease agreement and it is ending, you don’t have much flexibility to choose the right time to move.

Hiring reputed removalists in Brisbane can reduce your moving stress and help manage its different aspects smoothly. However, you still need to know the best time to plan the house move. Here are expert tips that will help do that by providing useful insights. Have a look.

Do It When You Are Ready

A house move is a major life event, and it drains you mentally, physically and emotionally. Unless your circumstances don’t give you much choice, plan to move only when you are ready. It is essential when you are relocating for a job, higher education or a better standard of living. Planning a local move is easier and requires less consideration, but when you move long-distance or interstate, never do it in a hurry.

Do your research before moving to ensure it is in your best interest and beneficial for your family when relocating with them. Leaving a familiar environment and people you know is difficult, which is why only plan a house move when you are 100% sure it is a good decision.

Moving During Summer

Usually, the Brisbane property market is extremely active from November to February as many people move during this time. Here are the reasons why.

• During this time, annual lease agreements come to an end.
• People with school-going children want to move their children before a new school term starts.
• New graduates take job positions.
• The season is mostly sunny and pleasant.

Since many people feel summer is the best season to relocate to Brisbane, you can face various obstacles during this time. For example, booking good removalists in Brisbane early during peak moving season is vital to avoid their unavailability. Additionally, most reputed removal companies elevate their prices due to increased demand.

Furthermore, you need to start looking for a home to rent or buy at least a few months before you plan to move. Create a budget to manage your expenses and ensure you have more than the required amount. If you have a tight budget, plan your move during another time of the year.

Moving During Less Busy Seasons

Moving during every season has its pros and cons, and if you have the flexibility to choose when to relocate, you should take your time. Spring and autumn seasons in Brisbane have pleasant weather, and they are not as busy as summer.

Moving in winter is also a good idea when ending a six-month lease agreement after a semester or managing a small-scale or local relocation. You can look for a home with less urgency, but the renting and buying options are fewer.

The best part about moving during non-peak seasons is removalists in Brisbane are readily available at reduced prices. This option is the best when you are low on money and need to move house for any reason.

Avoid Moving During Extreme Weather

Before finalising the moving date and booking removalists in Brisbane, check the weather to avoid extremely hot, humid, rainy or cold days. Harsh climates can affect your health and make it difficult to complete moving-related tasks. You can experience dehydration, headaches, nausea, and other issues.

What’s more, the chances of your property contents incurring damage during severe climate are high. Excessive heat, moisture and rain can damage cardboard boxes and items inside them during handling and transit.

Prefer Weekdays Over Weekends

Moving during weekends is the first choice for most people, but you should consider weekdays because it is more beneficial. Since people are at work and there is less traffic on roads, moving anytime from Monday to Thursday is easier and less cumbersome. You will need to take time off work, but you can avoid hassle to or from neighbours.

Additionally, removalists charge less on weekdays than weekends because most people make bookings for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Due to this reason, the availability of your preferred removalists in Brisbane is also not an issue if you are not moving during a busy week or month.


Planning a house move is stressful, as you have to complete various tasks simultaneously. Therefore, prepare for it with plenty of time to spare and move only when you are ready. Letting professional removalists in Brisbane manage every aspect of the process is a practical solution. Additionally, use the tips shared above to know the best time to plan your house move and do it smoothly.