Where To Donate Old Household Items & Clothes Before Moving

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Where To Donate Old Household Items & Clothes Before Moving

Dec 21, 2021

Limiting your packing and moving load is crucial during a house move, as it lessens your stress and makes your relocation less challenging. Besides discarding or reselling old and unwanted property contends, you must recycle/reuse things in good condition.

One of the best ways to do so is to give away belongings to local charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission. Thus, here is a complete guide outlining places where you can donate old household items and clothes before moving. It will help get rid of unwanted things plus decrease the number of things to box and transport for your hired removalists in Brisbane. Have a look.


A reputed not-for-profit organisation, GIVIT is a reliable platform where you can give away things you don’t need, but someone else does. Reputed support groups across Australia list things those in need require on the organisation’s website. Alternatively, you can list the items up for donation on the website yourself and whoever needs it can put a claim request.

Since GIVIT provides benefactors with various options for the delivery of items, it is a great platform for giving away things during a house move. You can choose to drop off things to an organisation nearby, courier/post them, ask the organisation for collection from your address, etc.

Freecycle Network

Waste management and recycling is the need of the hour, as plastic and household waste, among others often end up in landfills. Freecycle is a platform where people from 5,000 local towns across the globe give and get things for free. You can browse the website and post about things to give away to local residents of your town or those in your Friends Circle on the platform. Thus while helping someone in need, you also reduce your packing/moving load and contribute to solving the waste/recycling problem in Australia.

You can become a member of the non-profit organisation free and must give away household items and clothes at no cost. Additionally, everything you post about should be legal and suitable for all ages.

Local Vinnies Shop

Set up by the St Vincent de Paul Society, the Vinnies Shops are places where you can donate multiple household items to help people in need, recycle things and save the environment. Thus, search for a local Vinnies Shop if you have the following things to donate.

• Clothes and accessories
• Utensils, home decor items, bed covers, curtains and other homeware.
• Children’s toys
• Books and electrical goods (check with the shop if they take them).
• Furniture

To make the process hassle-free, ask the shop to arrange a pick up for things or drop them yourself in the donation bins outside the shop, if possible. Additionally, don’t give away anything broken, soiled, stained or damaged.

Salvos Stores

These are reliable places where you can give away furniture, clothing, accessories, bric-a-brac, homeware, toys, and books, among other things. Authorised and operated by the charitable organisation the Salvation Army, these stores generate funds for programs that help Australian people. Most of these programs aim at helping families and communities, reducing hunger, and aiding the homeless.

Thus, by donating household items and clothes to a Salvos Store, you can prevent wastage and contribute to good causes. You can book a home collection of your things, arrange a drop-off or post your donations, as per convenience and time.

Other Charities You Can Explore

Besides the organisations mentioned above, you should explore the following charities for donating household items and clothes.

• RizeUp
• DonateDirect
• Animal Welfare League Queensland (for giving away your pet’s toys, furniture and other items)
• Substation33 (for recycling/reusing and repurposing electrical items)
• Lifeline
• Suit of Change

Browse The ACNC Registry

Look for excellent and reliable charities near you by browsing the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit registry. Start the search after decluttering your property contents and before booking good removalists in Brisbane to manage the process of donating household items and clothes in time. Through the information available on ACNC’s website, you can contact charities directly and ask what goods they take to make effective donations. You can also learn more about their programs and initiatives to know your things are going to the right place.

Donating to an ACNC registered charity or not-for-profit organisation is safer. The government body regulates its members and ensures they meet their obligations towards the people and community it takes from and serves.

The Bottom Line

Donating household items and clothes during a house move is a noble and environmentally-conscious act. What’s more, it not only reduces the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Brisbane but also helps prevent recyclable things in your home from ending in landfills. Thus, before moving out of your house, make sure to donate goods to the organisations mentioned above and help the environment and someone in need.