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17 May, 2017

8 Commonly Forgotten Items When Moving

Many people often refer to moving as 'an absolute nightmare’. The thought of going through the whole moving process can be overwhelming to some and may even be what stops most people from moving. There’s an old adage that states, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”. And even when it comes to moving, shortcuts should definitely not be taken – because the most essential things can be forgotten!

Our moving experts at Better Removalists Brisbane came up with this helpful list of some of the most commonly forgotten things to keep in mind when planning a move:

1. Small Electronics

This can include but is not limited to DVD players, VCR, Gaming systems and accessories, blenders, toasters, rice cookers, microwaves, etc. Often enough, these items are sitting out and can “hide” in plain sight.

You may also forget the coffee maker because you need it for you morning cup of coffee. While you had every intention of packing it along, it still got left behind on the counter. If you are a caffeine-a-holic, it is fine to leave it out, but put your keys right in front of it, so you remember to grab it when you are walking out the door.

Schedule a reminder to have your Removalists in Brisbane call to remind you to take your electronics with you. Anything that will fit into a box should be packed beforehand and/or taken in the car to avoid having to pay for them to be packed on the spot.

2. Tools

We use tools for everyday fix-it projects, but we rarely think to pack them. Tools are important but, because they are not something that’s used on a daily basis, they are easy to miss when packing for a move.

3. Personal Records and Documents.

Identity records, medical and insurance records, health and other official information is critical to you and your family’s well-being, so make sure to pack them along and keep them handy during travel. Also, inform the utilities in Brisbane for your change of address in time.

4. Pet Bowls

Your pet dog probably used his bowls up until the morning that you moved, but don't forget to bring them with you when you leave your space for your new home. Our Removals Brisbane experts suggest packing up those bowls when you pack up the room they are in and simply using disposable bowls and plates for a few days. This will ensure you don't forget about a beloved food dish and will keep you and your pet well-prepared for the moving day.

5. Keys

On your moving day you often have two sets of keys to manage for both your old and new property, meaning they’re twice as likely to be forgotten. Always put your keys either in your purse. If your keys accidentally get packed in some unknown box at the back of the moving truck, it will seriously derail your move.

You may have hidden a key around the exterior of your home in case someone needed to get in or you forget yours. When you move, it's important to gather these up to pass onto the next resident. Ensure you collect keys you might have given to neighbors for emergencies as well. Also, have our House Removals Brisbane experts take your garage door opener out before leaving.

6. Unfinished Errands

Moving takes up all of your attention. Make sure you don’t forget that your bills still need to be paid, even in the midst of a move. Forgetting to pay them or bring them with you can cause big headaches later on. Also, don’t forget the library books! Typically people tend not to forget to pack their bookshelves and books, but they do forget that some of these books are library books and are, in fact, due to be returned.

Make sure to return all lent and borrowed library books to their proper library. Also, send the old electronics items for recycling along with other things that you do not use anymore.

7. Toiletries

Your shampoo, toothpaste, and soap are necessary items in your daily routine. Since you will have to pack them last minute, you may leave them behind on moving day—especially since they are often concealed in the shower or medicine cabinet. If they are nearly full or expensive brands, simply portion them into travel-sized bottles several days before the move for your continued use.

8. Jewelry and other valuables

If you have hidden any jewelry or other valuable around the house, ensure you collect them before you leave. You should keep valuables in a safe deposit box rather than packing them in the moving van.

Even if everything seems to be going smoothly during your move some things just slip through the cracks. The best thing you can do to ensure nothing is left behind is being organized come moving day. Preventative measures such as making a packing list, packing in advance, and having a game plan for moving day are all smart moves to make prior to moving day.