Complete Parents Guide To Moving With A New Baby

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Complete Parents Guide To Moving With A New Baby

Feb 07, 2022

Moving home is laborious and becomes next to impossible when having a newborn baby with you. New parents should understand their responsibilities and take care of a toddler while managing home relocation chores.

Most parents wrap household belongings or de-clutter their room during their kid’s naps. They simply can’t let you juggle moving boxes. If you are also a young parent and don’t want to lose your mind, you need to plan things at least 7 weeks before your final moving day.

To minimise your stress, hire the most reliable Brisbane removalists who can lift heavy boxes and furniture for you. This will help you create baby-proof strategies for your home relocation.

Here is a complete guide for parents that will help you move with a new baby:

1. Plan In Advance

Having a baby at home is itself an adventurous experience that parents lose their minds while preparing for a move. From de-cluttering rooms to packing up belongings into boxes, you can’t manage everything when you have a toddler.

So, it is better to create a complete plan and focus on different tasks and a deadline to streamline the entire process. Never compromise with the safety and comfort of your baby, and that’s why planning in advance is a great thing.

If you have a dog or cat, choose the right pet crate for a move. This will keep your pet protected throughout the process.

You should know when to de-clutter rooms and when to pack household belongings. There should be a timeline as per your availability and free hours to manage your parental responsibilities with ease.

2. Keep them Safe While Packing

All kinds of stuff aren’t safe for your little bundle of joy while packing your home. Heavy furniture, glassware and sharp objects can harm your baby if they crawl or play around you. So, it is good to begin the packing process during their nap time when a kid is with your partner.

If the baby is awake, create a safe area where they can play within the boundary. You can also hire a good removals company in Brisbane that can offer you a quality packing service at the best price.

3. Pack Baby-Essentials

After packing all household belongings and baby’s non-essential items, arrange the essential stuff and pack them in two separate boxes or bags. Pack items you will need during the moving journey and when you reach the new home.  Here is a complete list of items you need to pack in a baby-essential kit:

• Wipes
• Diapers
• Pair of clean clothes
• Toys
• Favourite stuffed animal
• Security blanket
• Breast pump and feeding pillow
• Water bottle
• Sippy cups
• Stroller and carrier
• Extra bags for used diapers
• Medications if any
• First aid box.

You can try helpful tips to move heavy boxes during home relocation, especially if you are moving with a baby,

4. Stick to the Same Routine

When raising a baby, always focus on a consistent routine. Strictly follow the napping and feeding schedule when preparing for a home move.

Consistency gives a sense of security to the toddler and keeps them relaxed throughout the process. This helps parents to focus on important tasks related to home relocation.

Note: Spending quality time with babies is a great stress-buster, especially during the busiest phase of your life.

5. Visit your Paediatrician

Do not forget this while moving to a new home with a baby. Make sure you take care of the following things during the visit:

• Stay updated on any vaccinations for your kid
• Prescriptions as well as preventive care
• Get a copy of their health records

Make sure you tell your doctor about the travel concerns like car sickness, sleeping issues, etc. Also, ask them for recommendations in a new pace. They may have connections to good doctors or medical care centres in Brisbane.

6. Hire a Childcare Specialist

Despite planning from the core, it is easy to forget things when moving with a new baby. Ask your friend or hire a childcare specialist who can keep them safe when you are busy with removalists on a moving day.

You can also discover online sitting services or ask your neighbours to give you reliable names. This is one of the best ways to manage the home relocation process with a baby.

7. Baby-Proof a New Abode

This is a crucial step that can keep your baby away from potential hazards.  You can follow these tips and baby-proof your home:

• Do not put boxes and furniture on staircases. Put them aside
• Place child-resistant locks on cabinets and drawers
• Keep Chemically-laden cleaning products or a vinegar bottle out of their reach
• Cover electrical outlets
• Secure cords
• Keep packed boxes in the store room


This is a complete guide for parents moving with a new baby. You can hire professional removalists in Brisbane for household belongings safe and sound transition. This will give you enough time to take care of your new baby while professionals pack and load your boxes into the truck.