How To Choose The Right Pet Crate For A Move?

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How To Choose The Right Pet Crate For A Move?

Jan 21, 2022

House relocation for pets is challenging and extremely stressful because they have a strong sense of territory. Being uprooted from a place with similar smells and areas doesn’t help pets, especially dogs and cats. If you are considerate and careful, making the journey comfortable and less daunting for your pooch is possible.

During this time, keep an eye out for behavioural changes like separation anxiety, moodiness, bedwetting, excessive whining etc. Take the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane to manage every aspect of your move to spend time with your pet and avoid disrupting their daily routine.

Furthermore, choose the right pet crate for a move to make your pet’s travel journey safe and comfortable. Don’t know how to select a good one? Have a look at these expert tips to buy the best crate for your fur baby.

Consider Your Pet’s Size

Pets can experience severe anxiety in confined spaces, which is why you must get a crate big enough to fit your pooch and keep them comfortable. You also need to consider your pet’s growth because if your pet is maturing, it will need a bigger crate in the future. Note your pet’s height, weight, length and width before going online for purchasing the equipment or visiting a physical store.

See if you can find a crate with collapsible hinges, latch door and other features that make it customisable. Remember, the crate should be spacious enough to allow your pet to stand and move around freely.

Choose The Right Crate Material

Crates are generally made of wood, plastic, metal or fabric to meet the varied requirements of pet owners. You need a sturdy crate for your pooch to ensure it remains safe and secure for travelling and moving. Wooden crates have the best designs and variety but are unsuitable when you have puppies, rabbits or other pets who can chew through the material.

Plastic crates are suitable for long-distance moves that require you to travel for hours with your fur-baby. But, while getting these crates, ensure they have good ventilation and wire doors to allow adequate breathing room.

When you have small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets and puppies, among others that will travel in your lap and your vehicle, consider fabric or canvas crates. These crates are soft, ventilated and light-weight, making them perfect for little pets and medium distance moves.

Metal crates with wires provide the most ventilation, but they are not a good idea when you are moving. Your pet can see you, and their inability to reach you while knowing you are right there can spike their cortisol levels which is not good for their physical or mental well-being.

Find A Crate With Multiple Features & Room For Add-ons

Due to development in designs and manufacturing technologies, most modern crates come with various features like wheels, adjustable handles on top/sides, mesh or wire windows, latched doors etc.

Additionally, ensure the crates have room for add-ons for maximum comfort of your pooches. These add-ons can include snack trays, blankets, cushions, covers and much more to make the crate a great place for your pet even while your hired professional removalists in Brisbane pack and move property contents.

While buying a crate, think of its use for helping your pet travel without any hassle or stress. Additionally, it is a great tool for keeping your pooch out of harm’s way while you or the removalists manage different tasks.

Train Your Pet To Stay In The Enclosure

Pets with training to remain in crates are easier to move with than those who have never been in one. Therefore, if your pet is unfamiliar with enclosures, train them by following these tips. This step will ensure your pet can remain in the crate while your hired removalists in Brisbane arrive at your home for packing and moving. Additionally, it will keep them calm during transit.

• Introduce your pet to the crate by keeping treats inside it.
• Make it a safe space. Never send your pet to the crate for punishment because it will associate with it negatively, making it hesitant to enter the enclosure during a move.
• Keep their favourite toys and comfort items inside to make them stay in the crate.
• Make sure your pet doesn’t remain in the crate for over four hours, as they will become anxious and stressed while moving.

The Bottom Line

Pet crates are great when you move house and need to keep your pooch out of harm’s way. These enclosures ensure your fur-babies are safe and secure while your removalists in Brisbane pack and move your belongings. Additionally, the crates prevent injuries to pets during transit. Thus, follow the tips shared above to choose the right pet crate for a move and manage the process without stress or hassle.