How To Move A Piano Without Professional Movers

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How To Move A Piano Without Professional Movers

Mar 25, 2022

Moving a musical instrument like the piano can be an arduous chore due to its massive size, peculiar shape and weight. Moreover, it is vulnerable to dents and scratches.

Any wrong method to lift the musical instrument or move the item can not only damage it but can also lead to shoulder and back injury. Therefore, you must learn to learn how the professionals do it. So look for topics like how to move a piano across a room, how to carry a piano downstairs, and how people move a piano on their own.

It is always advisable to hire professional removalists Brisbane to move a piano safely. After all, it is a costly item that has an aesthetic appeal, but more importantly, it can have sentimental value. Professionals are technically competent and have the necessary equipment. But what if you are moving on a tight budget? To accomplish the task perfectly, you need to follow some guidelines.

Read on you know more about how to move a piano without professional movers.

Make a Detailed Plan

You are most likely to face a lot of trouble if you try to move a piano without doing your homework. So, the first step is to figure out what kind of piano you have: a huge upright piano, a grand piano or a spinet piano. Because the size, shape, and weight of these three pianos different so you need to make your plan and arrangements accordingly.

You should have a great plan and all the essential packing supplies for the musical instrument, starting with clearing the way, the packing supplies and loading equipment.

Get the Right Equipment

To properly load your piano into the truck, you’ll need the right equipment, so don’t be hesitant to invest in high-quality loading equipment. You will be able to protect your piano and also prevent any severe injury. You can buy or rent sturdy straps to have a firm grip on the piano when lifting and packing it.

You may also require a furniture dolly to support the instrument’s weight. Certified Brisbane removalists have all the required equipment. Before hiring professionals, you should know how to find reliable removalists to relocate safely.

Take Help from Your Friends and Family

It is impossible to move a piano by yourself because it’s so heavy and delicate. Therefore, you should always opt for experienced Brisbane removalists. However, if you cannot afford to hire professionals, make sure you have enough people to help you. So, ask your friends, family, and even your neighbours for help.

Lifting and loading the piano into the truck will need at least three to four people. Talk to them at least a month ahead of time to ensure they don’t have anything else planned on that day.

Pack the Piano Properly

It is crucial to pack it carefully to prevent dents or scratches on the piano’s surface. The first step is to seal and secure the keyboard lid so that it does not open during the transfer. Because the piano key is the most sensitive part of the instrument, additional care should be taken to protect it. If you are unable to lock the lid, close it and cover the piano.

When it comes to securing the lid, many people make the error of using tape. This is a mistake to avoid since it leaves marks on the surface. If you are worried about the piano brushing up against a corner and getting scratched, take precautions. Extra towels or baby-proof bumpers can be used to cover the sharp edges of the entrance.

Measure Staircases, Doorways, and Hallways

It is critical to carefully estimate the area in your home through which your piano will pass before loading it. Check the hallways, doorways and stairwells for length, width, and height. It can assist you in determining how simple or difficult it would be to remove the delicate instrument from your home.

It is one of the most important tasks people forget when moving. The passage where the piano will move through should be free of obstructions. If you have pets or kids, keep them in a separate room; otherwise, they may get injured during the loading process.

Lift the Piano Perfectly

It is essential to follow the correct approach when lifting and moving your piano. Whether you are moving it to another room or loading it into the truck, do not lift it by its legs as they are fragile. You need to make sure that the piano remains in an upright position throughout the process. Resting it on either side is not advisable as any inappropriate position might disturb or damage the inner parts. That is why people use the best removalists in Brisbane to move such costly and delicate items.


Packing, loading, and transporting a delicate item like the piano can be risky and very stressful, particularly when you do not have any prior experience. However, you can make things easier by using removalists. Contact a reputed removals company in Brisbane to get the job done safely and without any kind of stress. If you want to carry out the task on your own, then you must follow the ways mentioned above.